Here we are, gathered in our love for our home, this beautiful planet Earth. Often, we find ourselves lost in thoughts about our daily tasks, personal struggles, or feelings of inadequacy. Today, let’s shift our awareness from ourselves to our Mother, the Earth, and recognize what she needs from us. It’s time to thank her for all she provides and offer ourselves as helpers in the great task of healing the world.

Sit quietly and connect to the nature around you. Can you hear the wind rustling the leaves outside your window? Do you smell the flowers on your altar? Can you feel your cat curled up beside you? Notice the sounds and sensations around you.

Now, turn your attention inward, to your center, to your heart chakra. Breathe gently in and out of your heart. Rest here as you start your journey deep into the earth.

Long ago, ancient peoples lived in harmony with the earth. They knew that Earth was a living, breathing being, just like them. There was no separation between the sacred and the secular; all life and creation were sacred. But over time, especially during the industrial revolution, we began treating Earth badly—polluting her soil, waters, and air, and exploiting her resources.

Breathe in the sorrow of what we have done to Earth. Connect to her suffering. Feel her pain.

In Judaism, there’s a concept called tikkun olam, which means “repairing the world.” According to the mystical tradition of the Kabbalah, God made the world but left it incomplete. Humans were meant to finish the creation, but instead, they sought to exploit every resource. This made the work of tikkun much harder. Every human being is called to help heal and restore the soul of the world.

To repair the world, we first need to repair our consciousness, to see the world and each other as Source intended. Breathe in a strong intention to be of service in helping to repair the world.

How can we help repair the world if we are not firmly grounded on the earth? Often in meditation, we focus upward to commune with Spirit, raising our energy out through the crown of the head. Today, we will travel in the other direction. It’s in the lower chakras, the feet, and below, where we need to connect with Earth’s energy.

The Earth Star chakra, located about 12-18 inches below our feet, is our key connection to Earth’s energy. Through this chakra, we put down roots into the earth’s core. This is the doorway that allows us to receive energy from the Earth and be supported by it.

The chakras in the soles of each foot allow energy to flow in and out. Visualize a cord of energy, like the roots of a tree, going down from the bottom of your feet and connecting to your Earth Star.

Feel your connection to the earth. Ground your energy by plugging into the Earth Star. Go deep below the crust of the earth, into the core, beneath the shifting tectonic plates, and the floor of the mighty oceans.

Ask Mother Earth to help you stay grounded and stable. Talk to her. Thank her. Honor her. Promise to help her by remembering to water your plants, hug trees, and listen to the messages she sends through the natural world. Remember this space, and tune into it whenever you feel ungrounded, flighty, or too much in your head.

Go into the darkness of the earth, its rich, nourishing soil, to reconnect with the parts of yourself you have tried to hide. Bow low before the powerful dark energies you have split off from. Now that your roots are planted in this nourishing earth, now that you are stable in your grounding, you can acknowledge what you have tried to hide, ignore, or pretend isn’t part of who you are.

You are light and dark, yin and yang, earth and sky, male and female. You are one with it all. There is only One. You are whole and holy. From this place of Oneness, you are now ready to repair the world.

May every day be a day to honor the Earth.

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