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Communicate with Your Pets through Energy Healing

animal energy healing coursesI love animals with all my heart, and I know many of you share this same deep passion.

At any given time, I have had a menagerie of pets at home in all sizes and shapes.

When my husband, Eric and I lived near Lake Tahoe, we eventually found our way to a great piece of ranch property in the mountains that was perfect for raising animals. The place was like Noah’s Ark, complete with llamas, a playful pig, Mr. Goat (who traipsed along freely when my beloved horse, Influence, and I went riding up the steep mountain trails), peacocks, Bessie the cow, plenty of chickens pecking their way around the barn, and even a pond of fish. These animals were some of my finest teachers; they taught me so much about how to listen to what they had to say below the level of human speech, how to lovingly treat those we live with, and how to heal with touch, and later, with intentionality.

There are no shortage of health benefits that come with pet parenthood. From elevated serotonin and dopamine levels to lower blood pressure, the medical community agrees: your pet is always actively healing you. In fact, animal therapy has become so popular that it is now regularly used in hospitals, children’s recovery centers, and long-term care facilities for the elderly.

When you open your home to an animal, be it a teacup poodle or a tortoise, you realize how receptive they are to energy. Although invisible to the naked eye, your energy field blends with the energy field of others, including that of your pet.

People that struggle with depression, anxiety, and other mental health diseases understand the role that a pet can play in alleviating disabling symptoms so that healing at a deeper level can take place. Conversely, when you heal your own energy system, you are also caring for the energy field of your furbaby. In fact, clearing and balancing your own energy system positively impacts your pets. Your pet is always actively healing you. Especially your cat!  You can do the same thing for them!

As an energy healer, I spent many years studying and practicing a variety of methods and techniques specifically for animals. This helped me to be there when any of my own loving animal companions were in pain and in need of my healing hands. Below, I’d like to share a few of these methods so you can be equipped for any animal that might live with you or come through your doors as a practitioner. By the way, many of these methods can cross over into the human realm as well.

You may not be able to chat out loud with your animals, like in animated movies, but don’t underestimate an animal’s keen ability to communicate. Animals respond and connect with you in many ways, such as through body language, tone, speech, and appearance. When you listen to your pets, especially in a quiet state, you may receive subtle thoughts, feelings, or images from them. By having a positive, open, and honest state of awareness, and by noting their body language and their expressive faces, it is possible to communicate with them. After all, that’s how animals communicate with each other in nature, by sensing intuitively what is happening in their environment and with other beings. You can trust that they will be honest with you.

There are four ways you can activate your intuitive power to communicate with your pets:

1. Sending and receiving feelings (clairsentience)

One of the easiest senses to develop when communicating with an animal (or person) is called “clairsentience” (clear sensing); it is a great way of “feeling into” another living being.

To use this communication method, you will tap into the energy centers of your second, third, and fourth chakras. Next, tune into your pet and simply receive the information you need about him. As with everything related to energy, it might take a bit of practice. However, the payoff will be well worth the effort: you will be able to sense what your pet is feeling.

If an animal is in pain, you may even be able to tell where that pain is and what’s causing it. But remember, this is intuition, not an expert medical diagnosis. Always bring your pet to the vet to verify what’s going on and to be advised if medical treatment is recommended.

2. Sending and receiving through the auditory channel (clairaudience)

In the same manner that you use clairsentience, you can also send thoughts mentally to your pet – and receive them back. We call this method “clairaudience” (clear hearing) because you can hear words and phrases from your pet in your mind.

By listening and being in-tune with the vibrations of your pet, you’ll be able to hear them loud and clear.

Recently, a student of mine (Ellen) was telling me about a health scare her beloved standard poodle went through. One day, Ellen noticed that Joujou (French for “toy” and “play”…because that’s all he ever wanted to do) was a little off; he was still energetic, but she felt that Joujou was telling her something wasn’t right – because she kept hearing the words “stomach”– and she immediately took him to the vet. It’s very good she listened because Joujou had a twisted stomach (a breed-specific problem that can strike dogs with big narrow chests, like standard poodles and German shepherds) and had to have emergency surgery.

While Ellen was using clairaudience, she did not understand what drove her to act that day. She was worried her reaction was simply a freak accident…what if something like this happened again and she did not recognize it?

To demonstrate the power of clairaudience, I told her about how I would always hear my horse, Influence, tell me when he needed to stop and take a break from the hot weather on rides through the desert. Your pet is always speaking – be sure to listen!

3. Sending and receiving visual images (clairvoyance)

When you can send and receive mental pictures and images between you and your pet, this type of communication is called “clairvoyance” (clear sight). This type of communication is extremely helpful when you are physically separated from your pet and searching for them. Tune in deep within your energy field and you’ll be able to “see” the approximate area to which your pet has wandered.

Clairvoyance is also helpful if you adopted your pet and want to discover what happened to them in the past. All you have to do is establish a connection and ask this pet to show you images of previous experiences. When using clairvoyance, remember to go beyond the scope of logic as you process the information. Also, keep in mind that sometimes the images you receive are symbolic.

It’s important to remember, especially when a pet had a different owner prior to you, that the things you see may be upsetting. Sadly, just as people abuse other people, they also abuse animals. If you do discover your pet has past trauma, it is 100% within your power to help them heal. I dedicate an entire chapter to healing your pets in my book Heal Yourself – Heal the World.

4. Knowings

As your eighth and higher chakras open, you may find that you begin to receive information that is commonly referred to as “knowings.” With this ability, you can immediately receive the information you need to help your pet. However, for now, assume that this isn’t the channel you are working on, as it’s more likely that you are receiving information from a pet or a person in one of the three ways described above.

If you think you’re receiving knowings, be suspicious that the information is instead coming from your personality; if it is, that information is not coming from a place of trustworthiness and should be questioned. I often find that newer practitioners incorrectly believe they are receiving knowings, when it’s actually their personality doing the speaking.

But for future reference, when you have been initiated to above the third initiatory level (which is pretty high), you may well begin to receive knowings. This is the method that I use the most in obtaining information. In this case, the information simply flows into your mind without you even asking for it, and you are given all the information you need to help that pet or person.

Which method you start using with your pets depends on your individual intuitive power. If you’re one of the 40 percent who are kinesthetic learners and do best when you’re “hands on” and can feel or sense information, then you’ll use clairsentience. If you are one of the 20 percent who prefer processing information by hearing it, clairaudience will be the way to go. If you are one of the approximately 40 percent who learn best by seeing, you will most likely lean toward clairvoyance in your communication with your pet. Finally, if you’re in that 1 percent group of people who have knowings, you’ll get the information that way. As you work with your pets and other animals, always remember that each of these beautiful creatures wants to be understood in the same way as humans.

What better reason to develop these intuitive healing skills than to help a pet?

With all that our pets do to keep us happy and healthy, it’s important that we do the same for them whenever we can.

If you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into energy healing for your pet, be sure to join me in my course Energy Healing for Pets and Animals.

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