Supermoon Sturgeon

Three Ways to Celebrate the Sturgeon Moon (and The Bounty of Nature)

Supermoon Sturgeon

August’s Sturgeon Moon (aka Green Corn, Fruit, Barley, Grain, and Red Moon by other tribes) is the last supermoon of 2022. It is a time for reflection and gratitude for the many ways in which nature provides all of the essentials to sustain life in all its diverse forms in every season on our home planet.

It is called a Sturgeon Moon because it was during this time of the year in eras long past when the sturgeon in the Great Lakes were plentiful enough to provide ample sustenance for indigenous people. Native tribes caught, ate, and dried sturgeon in sufficient amounts to carry them through a series of the harsh fall and winters that followed on the heels of summer. The Indigenous peoples who inhabited the Great Lakes region followed the fish, which were a major food source. Sturgeon were so plentiful that the Potawatomi and Ojibwe tribes’ legends “tell of rivers so full of sturgeon that a person could walk across the water on their backs.”

Supermoon Sturgeon

Every ounce of the sturgeon was used by Indigenous tribes. It provided fresh meat. Later, when it was dried, it tasted similar to pemmican and could be kept for years. Bones were used for spears for hunting and needles for sewing; parts were used to make paint and glue for teepees; their oil was used for healing; bags and containers were made from the skin of the fish; and the stomach lining was used as drum coverings. So critical was the lake sturgeon to the Indigenous people that they called it “Buffalo of the Water.”

The August Sturgeon Full Moon testifies to the final days of summer and signals the beginning of harvest season. This is the perfect time of year to acknowledge and celebrate the rewards of your hard work.

Indigenous peoples on all continents generally have a far healthier respect than Industrial Age cultures do for the provisions that nature provides entirely without help or management by humanity. August’s Sturgeon Moon gives us the chance to meditate on Nature’s provisions and on our responsibility as stewards of the planet to do as much as we can to maintain its ability to continue to provide for all of the beings who live here.

Now is the perfect time to harness the natural energies that surround you during the Sturgeon Moon and focus them on taking care of yourself, your family, and all the other beings who contribute to your well-being across the globe, from honey bees to blue whales.

3 Ways to Celebrate the August Sturgeon Full Moon

Soak in a relaxing, spirit-soothing herbal bath.

Use chamomile, lavender, rose, and peppermint in your bath if peace and comfort are immediate goals. Add in heather, jasmine, or lemon balm to receive an extra dose of relaxation.

Supermoon Sturgeon

Light candles and play your favorite songs. Let your mind be quiet. Rest and recuperate so the tasks ahead can be undertaken with a renewed mind and spirit.

Supermoon Sturgeon

Participate in the Feast of New Bread Ritual

The Feast of New Bread was celebrated by ancient peoples after they had harvested their grain. They were celebrating the fact that there would be a storehouse of available food during the upcoming harsh winter and early spring months.

Bake a loaf of bread like your ancestors did (over an open fire or in a clay oven, if possible) and meditate with the intention of taking yourself back to simpler times, when modern day hassles didn’t exist, and artificial stressors were few and far between. Create something from scratch in memory of them and then thank them for persevering, for without their successful navigation of natural and manmade challenges, we wouldn’t even be here today!

Erect an altar, visualize your goals

An altar space is crucial if you believe, as I do, that putting positive, loving energy into the world can help you achieve your most cherished goals. The August Sturgeon full moon is a sign of empowerment, of creating and saving nutritional stores for an adequate abundance during leaner times.

Supermoon Sturgeon

Choose a small table, a shelf, or a windowsill to transform into your altar for August and beyond. Its very existence will remind you to meditate on your gratitude for the adequate provisions that frequently arrive in your life, either “just in time,” or for a less-plentiful time in the future.

Create a dream board, or pin images of places you hope to visit on your altar. Or simply scatter onto it positive quotes to remind yourself about the happiness and inspiration that are available to you at a moment’s notice.

As long as you remember to embrace the fact that you are powerful and worthy of ample provision, you will receive everything the August Sturgeon Full Moon offers you.

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Near Death Experience


Near Death Experience

Light, Love, Levitation, Longing and Enlightenment

Today, I want to share with you what I’ve learned (and experienced myself) about Near-Death Experiences (NDEs), which profoundly change our understanding of life and death. It’s a fascinating field, well worth our time, and it can teach us a great deal about living.

I’ve lived through two Near-Death Experiences myself due to my life-long fascination with high-risk sports. After an NDE, nothing is ever perceived by the mind quite the same again. The paradigm shift following an NDE is so dramatic that even atheists have become believers in a future existence after death filled with love and light; an existence where there is no space left to entertain any of the lower emotions and opinions that confound and irritate us on this side of eternity.

Near Death Experience

Although no two NDEs are identical, the vast majority consist of the sensation of being surrounded — or flooded internally — by a bright light, levitation from the surface you are on (with an ability to watch first responders doing everything they can to “bring you back” initially, or subsequently), and sights and sounds that are reassuring, calming, and filled with a palpable sense of lovingkindness.

On far rarer occasions, NDEs carry the unlucky guy or gal to a dystopian nightmare and back. Again, these occur only rarely, the ecstatic versions of NDEs are more common. It appears that NDEs can be influenced by your religious upbringing and your take on whether the Creator is benevolent and forgiving or, not so much. But even some’s strict authoritarian beliefs about the Creator have been extinguished entirely during ecstatic NDEs.

The subject is endlessly fascinating, especially for those of us who have experienced an NDE!


My first Near-Death Experience happened when I was a student in law school on my very first date with Eric, who was so exciting, I soon married him, and am still married to him to this day! He was a mountain climbing guide from Chamonix and in the French Special Forces, and he wanted to take me on my very first climb, even though it was February, which, I learned later, is an inauspicious time to go mountain climbing. He outfitted me in heavy climbing boots, a winter coat, and a 165-foot rope that he tied on my back. Being French, he drove like a madman up to winter snows high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and parked next to the Cosumnes River—an awesome sight as it frothed and foamed like a wild animal.

Eric started hiking very rapidly up the trail along the river and I valiantly did my best to follow. I didn’t want to tell him I didn’t have any wilderness experience and I wasn’t exactly physically fit back then, I was more of a bookworm; my obsession with mountain climbing, ski racing, and all things outdoors and dangerous came later, thanks to him. The one sport I had mastered, however, was swimming, and as I hurried alongside this mighty river, I could clearly see that it wasn’t swimmable. As we got further up the trail, the river completely disappeared under granite, sometimes for hundreds of feet, before it would reappear downstream. We passed a good-sized waterfall. At one point, Eric must have decided to cross the river as, up ahead, I could see him running across the granite. Trying to keep him in sight, I too ran across the granite but as I crossed the wet rocks, I slipped and slid into a small pothole. For a moment, my shoulders caught and I thought I was safe, but a second later, the massive current of the river pulled me under.

Near Death Experience

I was sure I was a goner as I was tossed about like a ragdoll in the underground river. I saw submerged trees and giant boulders all around me. I tried desperately to untie the climbing rope that was strapped to my back, knowing that it would catch on a limb or a rock, but it was hopeless in the freezing cold water and strong current, half the time I was upside down. I soon ran out of air and started to take in water when suddenly my extreme panic shifted to an incredible state of calm. Despite the icy water, I started to feel warm and peaceful. With quite a bit of detachment, I saw the highlights of my short life pass before me. I felt tremendous empathy for my parents and my brother, and regretted my previous unenlightened view of things. Then I heard a voice—it felt like it came from both within and without—saying, “Go back, you still have a lot to do.” I suddenly popped up into a pool just above the big waterfall. I managed to scream, and a couple of nearby climbers threw me a rope and pulled me to shore just before I went over the edge of the waterfall. Meanwhile, Eric was upstream and unable to see me, was wondering what had happened to his date and what in the world he would have to tell my mother!

In the weeks and months that followed, I noticed that life looked different somehow. I felt a lot more love for myself and for everyone I met, and I had a clearer sense of my true purpose. It wasn’t until some years later that I realized I’d had a Near-Death Experience.



Near Death Experience

With NDEs, we want to understand how something that is initially traumatic — a sensing of our own imminent demise — can resolve into the confirmation that there is no actual death, merely a transformation to something bigger and better than what we experience here far too often on earth: discord, disease, politics, pollution and – well, you fill in the blank!

Pre-COVID, more than 13 million Americans are believed to have had Near-Death Experiences. And the number of NDEs has escalated exponentially since the frequent use of cardiac defibrillators came on the scene during the pandemic. But other things besides heart attacks can trigger NDEs: rapid blood loss, electrocution, near drownings, traumatic injuries, and suicide attempts.

Most often during an NDE, individuals feel detached from their bodies and serenity, security, and warmth replace their fear of death. A life review may take place, and there is frequently a sensation of being inside a tunnel that is transporting you to a light or to beings of light. At the tail end of an NDE, the experiencer is told to return, or decides to return, to their life on Earth. The process is the same across the globe, except that the light beings one encounters are the ones associated with the individual’s specific culture and upbringing.

For those who experience a life review, incidents from their time on earth flash before them as if on a TV or video screen, complete with emotions, especially regrets for moments when their actions or the lack of appropriate actions caused someone else to suffer physically, mentally, or emotionally.

Near Death Experience

Some NDE experiencers meet a Being of Light, an inner guide, or a deceased loved one who kindly sends them back toward a life they’re perfectly willing to leave, now that they’ve experienced what life is like on the other side of the veil. Then, suddenly, they’ll find themselves back in their body, awestruck by the enormity of their experience and lacking the words to explain the unparalleled adventure they’ve been on.

The fascinating thing about NDEs is the way in which they reveal that consciousness continues even after the heart stops beating and brain activity has flatlined. But far more intriguing is how an NDE changes your life.

Those who return from the dead possess a renewed appreciation for their existence and an intense drive to help others. Many of us suddenly recognize, for the first time, our purpose for being alive, and we embrace the responsibility of becoming a better person and a reliable conveyor of profound wisdom. In a nutshell, an NDE brings with the same experience that people experience when they have a spiritual initiation.

I specialize in helping people have spiritual initiations, which I used to do just in person, but in the past few years, out of necessity, I’ve been doing a lot of them on Zoom. It’s uncanny how much the after-effects of an NDE are the same as an initiation. Maybe I needed to have a couple of NDE’s in order to become a better initiator!

Near Death Experience

If you take a look at The Tibetan Book of the Dead, you’ll see that the central message that Near-Death Experiencers bring back from their encounter with death is the same as that of Buddha and the bardo teachings: that the essential and most important qualities in life are love, compassion, and wisdom. In this respect, both the NDE’ers and the Tibetan Book of the Dead seem to focus not on death, but on life — on how we live our lives.

According to current research, the rate for NDEs among those who have survived a close brush with death is around 20%. That’s a very high number for shared experiences. Many experiencers of NDEs say that during the event, they felt “one” with the universe, and that they intuitively understood the “why” and the “how” of everything in it. There was no separation between them and everything else. They had a spirit body, but it didn’t appear to have a defined shape since it seemed infused into everything else.

There was a palpable sense of peace, presence, compassion, and lovingkindness. Their lower emotions were completely gone. There was no ego to sabotage them into delusion of their separation from others.

There were dead relatives in some cases, some of whom had passed before they were born, or beings of light. All communication was telepathic; knowing what was in their minds was as easy as knowing what was in your own.

Many met beloved pets who had passed away before their NDE. And not infrequently, they met their pets before they encountered people. What does that tell us about our pets!

There appeared to be no space or time but, upon returning to their bodies after their NDEs, many felt they had been away for hours, days, months, and sometimes even years, so profound had been their leave-taking.

They all agree that “dying is easy.” No matter how traumatic the experience that delivered their NDE, the moment they “died”, they were released from the trauma or pain, and they floated blissfully free of the fear or anxiety they’d experienced just milliseconds before. It is for this reason that most NDE’ers say they no longer have any fear of death.

Near Death Experience

I am firmly convinced — after having personally experienced two NDEs — that they are as real (if not more real!) than the lives we’re living right now. They appear to expand the human mind in ways that spirit-led sages have, for years, called “enlightenment” or ultimate wisdom. But instead of taking decades (or a lifetime) to become enlightened, a NDE serves as a rocket ship to the splendor of embracing our existence as the treasure and opportunity it is to become all that our hearts, minds, and souls are capable of.



There are, thankfully, a variety of ways to gain the same appreciation for life, love, compassion, and wisdom other than going through a near-death experience — among them meditation and doing the sutras that I teach. By the way, I am currently teaching this over at Shift Network, this week and for the next few weeks). Come join me there to get on the fast track to spiritual development.

Even the simple act of witnessing the wonder and excitement of a child as they encounter their first vein-lined leaf, green tree frog, or caterpillar turning into a butterfly, and spend long moments hunkered down examining the phenomenon, like a wee scientist completely immersed in their moment of discovery, offers a window to the adult watching this all unfold.

Near Death Experience

In fact, striving to regain our child’s-eye view of a world that we have somehow learned to take for granted is a great starting point for enlightenment! The opportunities, from that vantage point, are literally everywhere you look.


My second NDE, again with Eric (hmmm…I should have seen a pattern there with Eric, mountains, and accidents), occurred as I was mountain climbing, in the French alps, and a rock the size of a Volkswagen came careening down from above.

As it headed right toward me, panic stricken, I leapt off the cliff, 3,000 feet up, hoping the climbing rope I was on wouldn’t get cut by the rock and that it would hold my fall. Those climbing ropes, by the way, are actually pretty theoretical, they often don’t work as intended.

I looked down and noticed that my pant leg looked oddly empty, and with a weird sense of detachment noted that my leg muscles had simply been destroyed when the rock hit. Then I must have fainted as I swung out over the abyss, suspended by the rope that should have been cut by the rock fall, but miraculously wasn’t.

But in that instant when the near disaster happened, everything seemed to slow down for me – the boulder seemed to fall very slowly, and I felt almost nothing (until later!) as it crushed my knee on its way past.

But there, swinging out into space, for just a moment, I felt completely at peace. I just knew that everything was unfolding as it should, in super slow motion so I could appreciate and remember all of it. Once we got to the top of the peak, which I managed by pulling myself up, arm over arm, we could see the ominous weather coming in from the other side, and within a few minutes, we had lightening striking all around us, lighting up the rack of metal climbing gear I had over my shoulder and the ice ax I had in my hand.

Just a tip: it’s always harder to descend a mountain than climb up it.

In this case, it took over 24 very exhilarating and exhaustive hours, as, arm over arm, I managed to get back down to the bottom. I had plenty of time as I languished in a French hospital the rest of the summer to revisit this most recent NDE in my mind, and glean from it the increase in spiritual wisdom I so craved.

During both of my NDEs, I just felt intuitively that the end of my life during this incarnation wasn’t going to reach its conclusion. I had some inner or external guidance gently reaffirming, “It isn’t your time yet. You haven’t completed your assignment here.”

I hope this information on near-death experiences reassures you that death is a fantastic doorway, not a final destination for any of us.

Although what lies beyond remains largely a mystery, the vast majority of NDEs suggest that whatever we’ve learned during this life that makes us fear death is based on misinformation or outright disinformation from authority figures.

Near Death Experience

Speculation is nearly always fear-based because we all have a primitive fear center called the amygdala in our brain that shrieks “Red Alert!” whenever we speculate about potential outcomes. Somehow, a NDE either bypasses or overrides the amygdala and shows us there is nothing to lose and much to gain as our present lives seem to be coming to a close.



Fortunately, you really don’t have to get close to death to experience the light. Each tradition has “enlightenment stories” from their masters. If you are searching for the perfect master to guide you through to enlightenment, you might consider the story of the great Sufi mystic, Hasan. When he was dying, somebody asked, “Hasan, who was your master?” He said, “I had thousands of masters.

One was a thief. Once I got lost in the desert, and when I reached a village, it was very late, everything was closed. But at last, I found one man who was trying to break into a house. I asked him where I could stay and he said, ‘At this time of night it will be difficult, but you can say with me — if you can stay with a thief.’ And the man was so beautiful, I stayed for a month! And each night he would say to me, ‘Now I am going to my work. You rest, you pray.’ When he came back, I would ask, ‘Did you find anything to steal?’ He would say, ‘Not tonight. But tomorrow I will try again, God willing.’ He was never in a state of hopelessness, he was always happy.

When I was meditating and meditating for years on end and nothing was happening, many times the moment came when I was so desperate, so hopeless, that I thought to stop all this nonsense. And suddenly, I would remember the thief who would say every night, ‘God willing, tomorrow it is going to happen.’

Near Death Experience

And my second master was a dog. I was going to the river to get a drink of water and a dog came. He was also thirsty. He looked into the river, he saw another dog there —his own image — and became afraid. He would bark and run away, but his thirst was so much that he would come back. Finally, despite his fear, he just jumped into the water and the image disappeared. And I knew that a message had come to me from God: we have to jump in, in spite of all fears.

And the third master was a small child. I entered a town and a child was carrying a lit candle. He was going to the mosque to put the candle there. Joking around, I asked the boy, ‘Have you lit the candle yourself?’ He said, ‘Yes sir.’ And I asked, ‘There was a moment when the candle was unlit, then there was a moment when the candle was lit. Can you show me the source from which the light came?’ And the boy laughed, blew out the candle, and said, ‘You have seen the light go. Can you tell me where it has gone? If you can tell me where it has gone, I will tell you where it came from, because it has gone to the same place. It has returned to the source.’ My ego was shattered, my whole knowledge was shattered. Since then, I dropped all my need to be knowledgeable.

It is true that I had no master. That does not mean that I was not a disciple — I accepted the whole of existence as my master.

I trusted the clouds, the trees. I trusted existence as such. I had no master because I had millions of masters. I learned from every possible source. To be a disciple is a must on the path. What does it mean to be a disciple? It means to be able to learn, to be available to learn, to be vulnerable to existence. With a master you start learning to learn. The master is a swimming pool where you can learn how to swim. Once you have learned, all the oceans are yours.

Right now, I am teaching a course at The Shift Network: you can join here and this course will reveal to you how you can uncover a whole new source of guidance that isn’t readily available to us here in this realm. You can learn from Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Figures, Ancestral Guides, and more. This allows you to tap into the wisdom a Near-Death Experience can offer without having an NDE! If you’re interested, click here to register.

Reaching Tough Goals


Reaching Tough Goals

Today, I want to share with you ten tried-and-true steps to reaching your most far out and toughest goals. I know you have future goals. I’ve certainly had more than my share of what seemed to other people to be daunting, pie-in-the-sky goals, like deciding I was going to be a lawyer when there weren’t any women lawyers at the time, or climbing Mount Everest, or having New York Times bestselling books, or my most recent goal, forming my own band. When we reach our goals, there is absolutely no better feeling of achievement to be had. I want you to have that same feeling of awesome self-satisfaction when you reach a long sought-for goal. And because I’ve had repeated successes orchestrating my own future, I want to give you the roadmap that has worked for me, and for many others.

Reaching Tough Goals


The first step is to acknowledge whether you are Comfort Zone Prone. If you are, you will need to convince yourself that your life will only change when you become more committed to your goals than you are to your comfort zone. That’s step one for so many people.

It’s all about becoming more comfortable with, well, discomfort. For you, that may mean anxiety: perhaps sweaty palms, a racing heart, and the feeling you might die at any moment. That’s how I used to feel if I thought I was, God forbid, going to have to speak in public. And you may know how much I love public speaking so I sure made that goal happen! Or you may experience discomfort as a series of internal voices (frequently not your own) that raise all kinds of red flags. They say things like, “I don’t even know where to begin to get from where I am right now to where I want to be, and I don’t know anyone who can guide me,” or “You have a ridiculously high opinion of yourself. What gives you the idea anyone will be interested in what you want to achieve or plan to offer to the world?” Or even, “Changing the world — or even one other precious life — is a tall order. What makes you think you can do it? And what will make others think you can do it well enough for you to gain followers, fans, or paying clients?”

You know those voices. The naysayers, internal and external. They can all conspire to convince you to stay in your comfort zone, to stay in your own lane, to get your head out of the clouds and your feet back on solid ground.

Here’s how to wean yourself out of your Comfort Zone and silence the negative voices in your head and life.

Change up your routine regularly. Try something new as often as you can. Go to a new theatre or church or 12-step group. Read a book by an unknown author on a new topic. Visit exotic restaurants online or in person and try new foods. Listen to new music. Call someone you barely know.

Be selfish how you spend your time. The biggest obstacle I’ve learned to reaching your personal goals is your family. You’ve probably been taught that you should be spending a sizable amount of your time doing stuff with them and feel guilty when you don’t. That is not the way to reach your goals; all your doing then is wasting time to make other people happy that you stay small and unsuccessful, so they don’t feel threatened. You absolutely must dedicate the bulk of your time to your goals, whether you’re trying to excel at tennis or master the keyboard or write a book – goal achievement takes a ton of time and you’ve got to be selfishly dedicated to make it happen.

Reaching Tough Goals

Sign up for personal and public challenges on a frequent basis: maybe a 5K run or walk, a karaoke night at a bar, or learn an unfamiliar dance step, musical instrument, language, or sport. I had to crash-learn French when I went to France the first time with my French husband and knew not one word of French.

Reaching Tough Goals

Watch consciousness-and-confidence-boosting shows, like my live show with live band, that confirm that you can be the ultimate creator of your destiny.

Taking these steps will, over time, quiet your amygdala, the part of your brain that sends out alarming red alerts so you can silence the naysayers inside your mind, until they realize they aren’t welcome or having success immobilizing you anymore. Here’s what some of the best thinkers have had to say about the importance of becoming less Comfort Zone-prone:

As C. Joybell said, “I have realized that it is during the times I am far outside my element that I experience myself the most. That I see and feel who I really am the most! That’s why I enjoy taking myself out of my own comfort zone and hurling myself out into the unknown. Because it’s during those scary moments, those unsure steps taken, that I am able to see that I’m like a comet hitting a new atmosphere: suddenly I illuminate magnificently and fire dusts begin to fall off me! I discover a smile I didn’t know I had, I uncover a feeling that I didn’t know existed in me… I see myself. I’m a shooting star. A meteor shower. But I’m more like a comet because I’m just going to keep on coming back!”


The second step to reaching your farthest goal is to decide/intend/commit to changing the trajectory of your life. This may be even more daunting than stepping outside your comfort zone in the ways I just mentioned because it puts you squarely in the driver’s seat, firmly in charge of what will happen to you, and in which order.

No long-term goal can be achieved quickly. You can’t simply pole vault your way to the future you want. You have to take the steps, or at least the escalator. I am just one of many possible escalators. By this, I mean I can make the process to reaching your goals more straightforward and a little easier to get where you’re going, but you have to commit to stepping on and taking the ride to the top. For example, I have a course called Level IV in my LifeForce Energy Program where I guarantee I will personally lift you out of your comfort zone. But every one of my students has to be willing to go out on a limb because, after all, that’s where the fruit is!

Reaching Tough Goals

So, for example, if you want to move to another country or another city where you’ll be a total stranger for a while, or if you need to triage your existing friendships to determine which of them are going to encourage and support you and which are going to try to stymie your forward progress, or if you decide you have to jettison the career you have because you know that ladder is leaning against the wrong wall as far as where you want to be five years from now, you must commit to taking the steps to achieve those goals. As soon as you make your goal a commitment, an intention, and not just a “nice to have” daydream, your life will begin to change in the direction you want.

Reaching Tough Goals


For Step three, before you commit to the changes, identify WHY you want to make them. Ponder them so intensely that you can see, hear, feel, smell, and even taste what your life will be life when you have achieved the goal you will be setting for yourself. When you can put that on tap to draw on at will, you will always have the encouragement and impetus you need to keep going. Your WHY will serve as your motivator.

Simon Sinek, the author of Start with Why, said, “If you want to feel an undying passion for your work, if you want to feel you are contributing to something bigger than yourself, you need to know and focus on your WHY.”


The 4th step is to define the exact changes that you want to make. Whether that’s starting a business, moving to a new place, changing your career, traveling, growing your self-confidence, or sticking to a morning routine that will carry you slowly but surely to what you want to achieve, this is when the voices in your head will get louder and more insistent. But by now you will have mastered the skill of minimizing the damage they can do because your WHY will claim dominance and your past experiences of having stepped faithfully outside your comfort zone will reassure you that, in FDR’s famous words, you have nothing to fear but fear itself. Your cherished goal is NOT stupid, unrealistic, or doomed to failure. You know that’s all nonsense, coming from the acronym F.E.A.R.: False Evidence Appearing Real. You are entirely capable of getting where you want to go next. As Madonna famously said, “No matter who you are, what you do, or where you’ve come from, you can always become a better version of yourself.” Dreaming big is the ticket to your success. So, shoot for the stars.

Reaching Tough Goals

“I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul,” William Ernest Henley wrote at the end of his Victorian era poem, Invictus. And so are we all. We just have to name it and claim it to release its power to revolutionize our lives. I invite you to do that right now if you haven’t already.

Reaching Tough Goals


The 5th step is to identify the things that may be holding you back. Are you aware of any habits, persistent limiting thoughts, or people that threaten to derail your plans?

Here are several examples of what I’m talking about. Do you tend to procrastinate? Are you addicted to unhealthy, unhelpful food, social media, or any other useless time-consuming pursuits? Do you spend hours every day mindlessly playing games on your electronic devices, or, my personal guilty pleasure, watching Netflix? List whichever roadblocks currently steal precious hours from your waking moments and commit to doing them no more than an hour a day, so you can free up your time and your energy to focus on the future you want.


The 6th step is to choose your Daily One Thing. Because changing your life is a process, very unlike flipping a light switch to get an immediate result, it’s important to keep in mind that you can’t get where you’re going by focusing on too many aspects of the change process. So, focus on a singular significant change agent at a time, like moving to a new location or changing jobs, or reducing the amount of time you spend in fruitless activity. Pick a keystone habit that needs changing, the one habit that will positively support and influence the subsequent One Thing that you will add to the mix as the days pass to eventually achieve your most cherished goals. I clearly remember cutting way back on my beloved time outside to become a New York Times bestselling writer – the fact was, I just had to put the time in, indoors, at my desk, writing, in order to make that happen. Yard by yard, life is hard. Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. On the other hand, don’t over commit, or you’ll risk exhausting yourself and giving up.

Reaching Tough Goals

One great keystone habit for you, if you aren’t already doing it, is to establish a non-negotiable exercise routine. In his book The Power of Habit, Charles Duhigg writes (I’m paraphrasing here) that typically, people who exercise regularly and start eating better become more productive. They smoke and drink less, do fewer recreational drugs, and show more patience. They use their credit cards less and feel less stressed. And each of these positive changes carries the person toward their ultimate personal and professional goals.

Two other keystone habits that I can wholeheartedly suggest, if you aren’t doing them already, are practicing gratitude and journaling. You can even combine these two keystone habits by writing a gratitude journal.

S.M.A.R.T. goals


The 7th step is to create a S.M.A.R.T. goal. By this, I mean create a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound.

Your specific goal should have a set finish line, so you know when you’ve achieved it. That’s what practitioners of the SMART Method mean by Measurable. It should also be a goal that is realistic, given the time you’ve established to achieve it. It should be relevant, something that will enhance and further the ultimate change and goal that you want to make in your life, and it should have a deadline to make sure you keep actively working toward its achievement.


Step 8 is Prepare for Static, Storms, and Stress-Inducing Situations.

There will be challenges ahead. Nothing truly worthwhile is ever free of hiccups. Look for ways to anticipate and mitigate against them. For example, you might want to join an online community of like-minded people who are pursuing or already enjoying the achievement of the same goal you’re heading for. If you decide to change your eating habits, eliminate from your fridge and pantry the foods most likely to sabotage your efforts to succeed and replaced them with foods that will help you reach your goal.

Reaching Tough Goals

The idea here is to create ways to ride out the challenges that will present themselves along the way until the clarity of your thoughts and your focus can return to taking the next practical step, and the one after that.

Remember, as Margaret Thatcher (former UK Prime Minister) said, “You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.”

Reaching Tough Goals


Step 9 is invite the Yaysayers in your life into your tribe. Choose supportive people to talk to – people that say “yay” when they hear your goal. As soon as anyone in your tribe suggests that you might want to choose a more realistic goal, send them packing. Chances are, they’re afraid of how the achievement of your goals could alter your relationship with them, or they are jealous. Either way, time to quit that relationship.

As Joyce Rachelle advised, “You don’t have to live happily ever after with every single person in your life to live happily ever after. Some unfortunate endings are necessary.”

Some friends and family prefer the weaker, sadder version of you. Once they see that you are stronger, richer, doing well, happier, and useful, these people feel threatened.

So, yes, you may have to change your family and close friends here and there to get the tribe you need, one that will cheer and clap and offer you sustenance along the way and then shriek with delight as you cross the finish line. The people you spend significant time with are an absolute key to the achievement of your goals.


The last step is Go the Distance. As co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates has said (and I’m paraphrasing here again) most people overestimate what they can do in one year and under-estimate what they can do in ten years. So, take the long view whenever you establish long-term goals.

To do this, simply focus on the process as it unfolds before you day by day and step by achievable step. Develop the muscles and the stamina that will carry you to the Mount Everest of your goals. It is the training, preparation and actual climbing that gets you where you want to go.

Reaching Tough Goals

So, there you have it: my well-researched, firmly adopted, and personal tried-and-true ten-step plan to reaching the summit of your goals. It isn’t easy, and it’s most likely outside your comfort zone much of the way, or you’d have reached your goals already, but it’s what I do, and what you can do to push aside everything that stands between you and what you want to achieve. As a member of my tribe, I am confident that you can do it. And I will be among the first to heartily applaud when you succeed, so keep me posted along your journey!

If you’d like to join a community of “yaysayers,” a group of people that will support and encourage you on your path towards achievement, consider joining our Level I course. It gives you the foundations for healing, so that you can go forward towards your goals without the extra burden, and gives you access to our Soul Family (a group of like-minded healers, seekers, and achievers). You can do so by clicking here >>

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Mystic Julian of Norwich

Julian of Norwich, one of England’s Most Important Mystics

Mystic Julian of Norwich

Today, I continue my series introducing you to some very special mystics that can be a great source of guidance for us. In the first part, I introduced you to Meister Eckhart. And today, I want to introduce you to Julian of Norwich.

Julian, a woman, was born in 1343 and died in 1416. Her writings are the earliest surviving works by a woman (not counting Anonymous!). They are also the only surviving English language works by a female religious recluse.

Mystic Julian of Norwich

At age 30, Julian became so seriously ill that she believed she was on her deathbed. It was then that she received a series of visions of the Passion of Christ. Recovering from her illness, she wrote two versions of her experiences, the first of them almost immediately. The longer version, known as the Long Text, was written later. Julian lived in permanent seclusion in her cell at St Julian’s Church, Norwich.

Julian was a well-known spiritual authority within her community, where she also served as an adviser. Living in her cell, she played an important part in her community, devoting herself to a life of prayer to complement the clergy in their primary function as protectors of souls. During her confirmation ceremony, psalms from the Office of the Dead were sung for Julian (as if it were her funeral), and then she  was led to her cell door and into the room beyond. The door was then sealed, so she remained in her cell for the rest of her life.

Julian of Norwich is recognized as one of England’s most important mystics.

Despite living in tumultuous times, Julian’s theology was optimistic and spoke about God’s benevolence and love. According to Julian, God is our mother and our father. 

Among my favorite quotes of Julian of Norwich are these:

“All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.”

“He said not ‘Thou shalt not be tempested, thou shalt not be travailed, thou shalt not be dis-eased’; but he said, ‘Thou shalt not be overcome.”

Mystic Julian of Norwich

“If there is anywhere on earth a lover of God who is always kept safe, I know nothing of it, for it was not shown to me. But this was shown: that in falling and rising again we are always kept in that same precious love.”

Would you like to connect to this mystic (and others) for direct guidance and wisdom? It’s possible. These Ascended Masters are standing by, ready and willing to help you. You just have to learn how to open the communication channel. And that is exactly what I will be teaching you how to do during a free video event on July 14th at 5:30 PM PDT/ 8:30 PM EDT. Space is limited, so be sure to register now by clicking here >>

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

Meister Eckhart: Meet this Key Mystic

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

There are times that you might be seeking some additional guidance in your personal, professional, and spiritual life. Maybe you are feeling anxious about a decision, big or small, that needs to be made. What if I told you that you had a source to life-changing wisdom readily available to you? By learning to connect with Ascended Masters, you can receive the direct guidance, love, support and healing you are seeking. The roles of the many different Masters may be varied, but they have all acquired vast knowledge, mastered the spiritual, mental, and physical aspects of their lives and now, want to serve as your spiritual guide, healer, and teacher.

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

A key mystic and Ascended Master to consider is German theologian and philosopher Meister Eckhart, who was born around 1260 and died about 1328. He was born in what is now central Germany while it was still a part of the Holy Roman Empire. Although he fell into disfavor after he died, in the 19th century there was renewed attention to him and his sermons. He gained a status as a great mystic and has attracted enormous interest from scholars interested in medieval scholastic and philosophical histories.

The central theme of Eckhart’s talks is the presence of God in the individual soul, and the dignity of the soul of the just man. He rarely spoke about anything else. Here is his own summary of his central message: “When I preach, I usually … say that a man should be empty of self and all things; and secondly, that he should be reconstructed in the simple good that God is; and thirdly, that he should consider the great aristocracy which God has set up in the soul, (so that) man may wonderfully attain to God; and fourthly, of the purity of the divine nature.” What he’s saying is that when we initiate to higher levels of consciousness, we reach God consciousness, where we are all one.

Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras
Spirit Guidance & Sacred Sutras

Carl Jung

Eckhart was one of the most influential 13th-century thinkers of his day, and he was widely read through the later Middle Ages. Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung summed up his view of Eckhart this way: “The world-embracing spirit of Meister Eckhart knew … the primordial mystical experience of India as well as of the Gnostics and was itself the finest flower on the tree of the ‘Free Spirit’ that flourished at the beginning of the eleventh century. Well might the writings of this Master be buried for six hundred years, for ‘his time was not yet come.’ Only in the nineteenth century did he find a public at all capable of appreciating the grandeur of his mind. 

Would you like to connect to this mystic (and others) for direct guidance and wisdom? It’s possible. These Ascended Masters are standing by, ready and willing to help you. You just have to learn how to open the communication channel. And that is one of the things I will be teaching you how to do during a free video event on Thursday, July 14th at 5:30 PM PT/ 8:30 PM ET. Space is limited, so be sure to register now by clicking here >>

Manifest future

How to Make Manifest the Future You Want

Manifest future

Three Keys that Show Source You’re Serious about Achieving Your Goals

Today, I want to share with you the three main ingredients that Source requires of you before it can agree to unleash its power to deliver you the future you want.

The first ingredient is forgiveness, both of yourself and of those who have harmed or thwarted you in any way.

The reason forgiveness is required is because as long as you hold a chronic grudge against yourself or anyone else, you are diverting too much crucial energy pursuing an unhelpful and counterproductive result. Unforgiveness causes your vibrational level to plummet as your mind and body become badly polluted by a toxic brew of rage, shame, and blame. Unforgiveness is like drinking poison with the expectation that someone else will die.

Manifest future

Forgiveness may seem a bridge too far, but if you can remind yourself that, in every instance, you signed on to learn valuable lessons during the incarnation you’re experiencing this time around, it’s easier to get to forgiveness. Whatever you are not forgiving has been set before you by fellow teachers who are challenging you to learn the lessons that they incarnated to teach you. They are not adversaries. They are beacons. They are saying, “Here’s where you’re stuck. Get beyond this to free up your energy to pursue what you want, instead of staying stuck because of something that happened to you that you didn’t want, or didn’t think you needed, to get where you are today.” By forgiving, you are acknowledging the “blessin’ in the lesson” and the fact that you are now wiser and more resilient than you would otherwise have been had the lesson not occurred.

The second ingredient is fearlessness. Human infants are born with just two innate fears: the fear of falling and the fear of loud noise. All other fears are learned as the result of experience or indoctrination, and indoctrination is the usual culprit.

Most fear is an illusion. Think of the acronym for F.E.A.R: False Evidence Appearing Real.

Albert Einstein famously pondered, “I think the most important question facing humanity is, ‘Is the universe a friendly place?’


“If we decide that the universe is an unfriendly place, we will use our technology, science, and natural resources to build bigger walls to keep out the unfriendliness and bigger weapons to destroy all that which is unfriendly.

“But if we decide that the universe is a friendly place, then we use our technology, science, and natural resources to create tools and models for understanding. Because power and safety will come through understanding.” Einstein ended by stating categorically — and let me underscore this: “God does not play dice with the universe.”

Manifest future

Albert Einstein and I consider the universe friendly because Source is unconditionally friendly and loving, and we all came from, and are a part of, Source; it allows everything to be here that is here. Source loves all of it and all of us. Love can only love. It can and will produce, or offer, nothing beyond its own essence.

That’s our lesson, too. We’re here to find unique, personalized ways to manifest pure, unconditional love via the work we do, the people we influence, and the skills and talents we possess, to enrich our lives, our loved ones (which includes everybody: animal, vegetable, mineral, and human!), the planet, and the universe.

Manifest future

That’s why it’s counterproductive to lug fear around. Go ahead and remain fearful of loud noise and of falling – that’s built right into your DNA – but do whatever you can to rid yourself of every other fear, because fear, like unforgiveness, converts crucially needed energy into unhelpful imaginings that keep you from boldly acting to achieve the results you want and that the universe needs. Embrace your life, embrace your lessons, and your goals fearlessly!

The third ingredient — keeping with the alliteration to help you remember the three crucial ingredients to manifesting your destiny — is Future-Telling. Another term for that is Vivid Visioning.

The universe wants to see your blueprint. In fact, Source MUST see your blueprint to deliver what you need to help you reach the goals and the future you envision. One of the questions most frequently posed to me as a teacher is, “What if I don’t know what I want?” THAT’S why some people aren’t getting results. When they can’t see what they want vividly enough to be able to describe it and ask for it, Source has no order to fill. So, figuring out what you truly want is step one!

Then be specific. For example, don’t just say you need a car when you genuinely need one. Vividly imagine the car you want: its make, model, color, and accessories, and don’t forget to mention that you want a working engine and everything else in working order. Don’t leave anything crucial out.

If the make or model isn’t important to you, ask for a good car that runs well and leave it up to the universe to deliver what you need. But if you don’t want a tractor or an airplane or a boat, get more specific than saying “a vehicle”. Source requires specifics. Source wants to deliver your vision, but it needs to be able to see your vision as clearly as you do! And hear this: if Source delivers something you didn’t ask for, THAT’s the vehicle that will get you where you’re going. Trust the answer more than you trust your request! Source knows the best vehicle to attain your goal!

Manifest future
Manifest future

One other piece of advice. Source won’t get for you what you are perfectly capable of getting for yourself. You can’t just put in an order and sit there waiting for the giant vending machine in the sky to drop it in your lap. You have been given immense energy, skills, and latitude to make manifest whatever it is that you want or need. As long as your goal is one prompted by goodwill and a desire to use it to benefit all concerned, Source will be willing to respond — sometimes in truly miraculous ways! Do everything you can do unilaterally to reach your goals and leave the rest to Source. But remember to request the additional help! God is not a gatecrasher.

You will want take a sec to write down your vision. Put it in large, beautiful font. Frame it. Put it on a wall, or near your desk. Read it often.

That’s your future. You can make it happen. And I will be here to applaud you when you do, so keep me posted!

On the face of it, these three essential steps may seem simple. But this is a clear case of easier-said-than-done. Even figuring out what you want in the first place can be a daunting task. That is why getting some help is a great idea.

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Unleash your powers

How to Unshackle your Ability to Heal Yourself and Others

Unleash your powers

T oday I intend to blow your mind by sharing one surprising fact and several subsequent insights that promise to leave you eager to make the most of the rest of your life. And what I share should certainly help unshackle your innate ability to heal yourself and others.

I’m going to prove to you that we are all connected energetically, and why this fact can revolutionize the way you think, see, and interact with everyone you knowingly come into contact with – and why you are, in fact, in contact with everyone at every moment, no matter how far apart you are from them, or how predisposed you are as to how you feel about them.

So, let’s get started with a few quotes, to establish this premise that we’re all connected.

In “Cosmos: A Personal Voyage,” a thirteen-part, 1980 television series written by astronomer Carl Sagan, Carl Sagan assures us that, “We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

Unleash your powers

As astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explained more completely in his book “Astrophysics for People in a Hurry,” “What we do know, what we can assert without hesitation, is that the universe had a beginning, and it continues to evolve. And every one of our body’s atoms is traceable to … the thermonuclear furnaces within high-mass stars that exploded more than five billion years ago. We are stardust brought to life, then empowered by the universe to figure itself out – and we have only just begun.”

And, finally, to help you get an even better handle on the romance that encircles this fact, Lawrence M. Krauss wrote in his book, “A Universe from Nothing: Why There is Something Rather than Nothing,” “The amazing thing is that every atom in your body came from a star that exploded. And the atoms in your left hand probably came from a different star than your right hand. It really is the most poetic thing I know about physics: You are all stardust. You couldn’t be here if stars hadn’t exploded because the elements for life – the carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, iron, all the things that matter for evolution – weren’t created at the beginning of time. They were created in the nuclear furnaces of stars, and the only way they could get into your body is if those stars were kind enough to explode.”

I’ve repeated this established fact three times simply to underscore that you and everything else in the universe is energetically connected because all of what’s here now came from the same source. In physics, this is what is known as Quantum Entanglement: whenever something begins as a whole, even though it is physically separated, energetically it is still connected.

Now, let’s simply linger with this fact for a few more seconds, whether it’s old or new to you, so you have a chance to embrace not just the fact but the potential for global transformation that it suggests.

“Whenever something begins as a whole, even though it is physically separated, energetically it is still connected.”

Some of my favorite quotes refer to this fact. A Serbian proverb states, “Be humble for you are made of earth. Be noble for you are made of stars.”

And in her book “The Puzzle Ring,” Kate Forsyth writes,
“There’s a flame of magic inside every stone & every flower, every bird that sings & every frog that croaks. There’s magic in the trees & the hills & the river & the rocks, in the sea & the stars & the wind, a deep, wild magic that’s as old as the world itself. It’s in you too, and in me, and in every living creature. Even the dirt I’m sweeping up now is stardust. In fact, all of us are made from the stuff of stars.”

Unleash your powers

I can just imagine your reaction to what I’ve just shared. I’m sure you are breathless, speechless, gob smacked, if you’re learning this fact for the first time in your life, or if you’ve never really pondered it as profoundly before. Or maybe you’re nodding your head so fervently that you’re perilously close to giving yourself a mild case of whiplash! Whatever your reaction, I hope it will remain robust as I continue, because this insightful fact carries enormous implications.

Unleash your powers
I believe the immense and increasing consciousness of this fact that we are all energetically connected is nearing the tipping point, the 100th monkey moment (defined below), that is required to create the kind of world we envision as a sort of nonreligious heaven on earth, where all human beings are beloved, welcome, heard, respected, and treated the way all sentient beings should be.

And yes, I know this may come across as Pollyanna-like naivete, given the current political and corporate climate in which the authorities are dedicated to trying to keep us all in separate silos so we think we have nothing in common with each other that could make us decide to join together to establish a common good for all.

But, in my opinion, the authoritarian and patriarchal personalities among us are on the brink of losing, and that’s why they’re scrambling right now to support and pass laws and to insidiously create internal strife and silos that seek to separate us from each other to maintain a status quo that has kept them in the catbird’s seat for far too long.

However, in order to prevail, we have to remember that these folks are not enemies. They are a part of the same energetic stardust fabric that we are, and therein lies our path to transforming them.

If you know how a tuning fork works to tune musical instruments, then you have a sense of what our task is. It is to combine our higher vibrational energy fields until they become purer and greater than theirs. When this happens, those minds will begin to vibrate at higher, more truly spiritual levels and shift them into higher consciousness, so they can finally realize that equity and lovingkindness are the quintessential forces in the universe and that they have been defeating their own best interests by continuing to exploit other beings (all of whom they are related to) and this planet.

Unleash your powers

Yeah, it’s a lot to take in. But it’s the only way we can survive long-term. Countless Indigenous populations have known about their connection to earth, to the cosmos, and to each other for eons. It’s time the rest of us figure it out and embrace it, too.

And that’s why so many of you are here right now, and why I’m here. We’re here to love and guide the authoritarian powers and their fear-based supporters to change their basic assumptions and shift them from a mindset of scarcity and lack, to a mindset of abundance, joy, self-healing, inclusion, and lovingkindness.

To put this magnificent spiritual and energetic plan into action, it’s crucial to make sure that you and I and everyone else who is proactively involved in this endeavor are operating from within an energy field frequency that vibrates to the energy of lovingkindness.

It isn’t always easy to enter this higher energy vibration, but unless we position ourselves here, there is the very real risk that we may be derailed by an intense, far less helpful emotion like frustration or anger. If you’re familiar with The Hawaiian forgiveness meditation of Ho’ponopono, which I taught a few months ago, that’s a good place to start. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can practice it with me here:

Understand, here, that the lower-vibration folks you’re attempting to influence and assist are misguided and fearful, standing in their own way of enlightenment, no matter which position they hold in society. Although some are indeed sociopathic — lacking the ability to experience or understand empathy, the concept of fair play, or looking beyond their own narrow interests — most are not. So, proceed as if each of them has a moral compass and as if they are a beloved, but fearful, part of yourself, because that’s the case. Again, we’re all connected. Approaching them in any other way will just cause them to erect a barrier against your perceived “intrusion” into their fortified castles.

Commit this quote from Abhishek Kumar to your memory banks: “If you want to be loved, love. If you want to be understood, understand. If you want peace, make peace. If you want light, be a light. If you want to be seen, shine. If you want to be heard, listen. You only get what you give.”

Befriend them. Help the fearful and misinformed feel safe with you and loved by you. To the degree that you can accomplish this, you will have success. If you manage to truly befriend them at the heart level, Jeanette LeBlanc’s description of your improved relationship will prevail (I’m paraphrasing here): “Out there is a love who …. speaks, like you, in poetry and candle wax and stardust. And that person, when you find him or her, will see you and know you – just as you are and just as you should be. And they will say yes. Yes, you. I will go there with you. I have been waiting for this.”

Be patient. When people realize they’ve been misled or mistaken, it takes a while to process, mourn, and recover. They may backslide a time or two or three, but it will usually be the fear center in their hyperalert brain going off again. They will need time to desensitize their amygdala and retrain it. Recall that it took you time to get where you are now intellectually and energetically. Grant them the same leeway and grace.

Unleash your powers
You may be familiar with the 100th monkey effect that I mentioned earlier: it is being widely shared today via a host of movies, TV shows, and documentaries. In a nutshell, it refers to the phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to another group or even to another place once a critical number, hypothetically, 100 members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea. The behavior is said to propagate even to groups that are physically separated and have no apparent means of communicating with each other, like monkeys on another island altogether.

This effect is what you can expect to start happening as you influence others in the direction of loving kindness for every sentient being.

When we live our lives in response to and in conjunction with loving kindness, we will leave a legacy that can profoundly change the trajectory of the future. And on some far distant day, I hope, as each of us transition from this plane of existence to the next, someone may write about us along the lines that Akshay Vasu wrote regarding another stardust soul: “And her heart burst, like the stars do in the end, and she fell on her knees. But the whole world looked at her in awe. She lit the whole universe with her fire for a moment. In the end, she was as beautiful as the stardust falling from the sky … and her heart didn’t ache anymore.”

Wouldn’t we all love a send-off like that one!

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The Divine Feminine: What the World Needs to Create a Just and Balanced Future

If you remember your early American history, you may recall a letter which Abigail Adams wrote to her husband John, who had finally managed to wrangle out of a cranky Congress a declaration of independence from Great Britain. Part of what Mrs. Adams wrote was this: “In the new code of laws which I suppose it will be necessary for you to make, I desire you would remember the ladies and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could. If particular care and attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment a rebellion, and will not hold ourselves bound by any laws in which we have no voice or representation.”

Apparently, Abigail’s letter fell on deaf ears. And that ladies’ rebellion she referenced? Well, it still hasn’t really happened. As a result, yesteryear’s women lived in the shadows. And sadly, today’s women haven’t yet walked entirely free of them. It has been an uphill climb, gals, there’s simply no skirting around that fact. (no pun intended ☺︎)

A key reason for this fact is that our academic and mass media-driven western cultural history has, until relatively recently, been entirely white male-defined and dominated. Only recently has there been any backlash against the authorities who ordained and established the practice of the male “white”-washing of history.

In school history books in the United States women, people of color, Native Americans, and non-European immigrants occupy the back seat behind the exploit of white men. That’s why we learned more about John Adams than his wife Abigail, more about Charles Lindbergh than Amelia Earhart, more about John, Robert, and Edward Kennedy than their wives, daughters, sisters or nieces who also dedicated their lives to public service, and more about the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. than his mother, Althea, who was also assassinated and a major influencer and contributor to the movement at the time.

In fact, among the scant few times when women’s activities have been mentioned in western histories are the instances in which they were accused (at the time) of behaving in an “unwomanly” manner (as witches, “possessed of the devil,” or as prostitutes, contrarians, or out-and-out insane). The homemakers, children raisers, and life partners of most men have come and gone from the world largely unheralded, undocumented, forgotten. I am reminded that my poor mother, may she rest in peace, had a terrible time keeping me in the Catholic boarding schools that she favored for high school. After I had been unceremoniously expelled from yet another high school, worse, in the final year, she arranged an interview for me at a prestigious school run by some nuns in San Francisco. My mother and I arrived, all white gloved and hatted for the interview, and the sisters suggested I go into a side room for half an hour and write a little piece on any topic I desired while they and mother had tea in the parlor. I brought my little piece back shortly after, and read it aloud: in it, I took the position that Joan of Arc was more than a saint – she was a transgender war hero, or whatever the polite word at the time was that would convey that concept. My mother and I were quickly escorted off the property and the next interview was at a decidedly not Catholic high school for young ladies of refinement.

Throughout our history, noteworthy women have (during their times) been egregiously mischaracterized as outlaws or outliers of patriarchal white society: from Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks, to Gertrude Stein, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and Jane Fonda. These women, as well, as other human rights and women’s advocates and activists, are often castigated as contrary, anti-patriarchy individuals because they dare to present themselves as equal members of, and contributors to, the human race. As singer/songwriter Caryl Simon wrote, “A really strong woman accepts the war she went through and is ennobled by her scars.”

It is a sad fact that until the mid-20th century, outspoken women were frequently committed to mental hospitals for refusing to silence themselves and adhere to their male-designated second-class status. Among the reasons stated for committing women to asylums — are you ready for this? — were ill treatment by husband, intemperance, immoral life, jealousy, laziness, masturbation, suppressed masturbation ( that is, damned if you do, damned if you don’t!), novel reading, overaction of the mind, tobacco use, political excitement, excess religiosity, inadequate religiosity, loss of law suit, desertion of husband, bad habits, decoyed into the army, domestic trouble, epilepsy, excessive sexual abuse, women troubles, superstition, feebleness of intellect, and hard study. The list goes on, and most of it is similarly unbelievable. Freud originally announced to an alarmed male audience of fellow physicians that his research had revealed that most women who were accused of the crime of “hysterics,” were in fact victims of sexual abuse by a family member, most often, their own father. He was castigated so severely by his colleagues and threatened with the immediate end of his career for taking that position that he promptly retracted this position, never to voice it again.

If we have any doubts about the position of women, they didn’t even win the Constitutional right to vote across the United States until 1920. And the Equal Rights Amendment still sits in the wings, waiting to be enacted.

What western history books and Judeo-Christian holy books have neglected to mention (except to decry them as superstitious pagan cultures) is that there have been a great many matriarchal societies on Earth, and many patriarchal societies with female Goddesses. In passing, I should mention that the Vedic culture I’ve immersed myself in is one such heavily patriarchal society that, like Catholicism with its Mary figure, has many female gods that soften the story but don’t, in fact, give women any sort of equality in real time.

As a sad result, we’ve been taught far less than half of the human story, which has made far more than half the human population appear to be less consequential, less powerful, and therefore less visible than we instinctively know them to be, and which is why movies that correct the history books to include brave, valiant and powerful women, and why superhero movies like Mulan, Wonder Woman, and Black Widow, and why authors like Maya Angelou (the beloved author of the poem “And Still I Rise”) and researchers and scientists like Jane Goodall, Marie Curie, and Katherine Johnson, make us want to offer fist bumps and high fives to their high-profile notoriety and courageous contributions. As Marge Piercy once wrote, “A strong woman is a woman determined to do something others are determined shall not be done.”

Now is the perfect time to revisit The Divine Feminine and The Divine Masculine, two energies that exist in all of us and which (when balanced) create a culture in which everyone can thrive. These two energies are the perfect antidote to the toxic masculinity that has marginalized and minimized the contributions of literally billions of people across time and that is so visible today.

The Divine Feminine is a both a spiritual energy and a concept which serves as a counterbalance to the patriarchal historical and worship structures that dominate Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The Divine Feminine goes beyond a single belief system, so it can be embraced by anyone who is interested in co-existing in peace with others.

Despite its gendered name, The Divine Feminine is an aspect of every human being, as is the Divine Masculine. These complementary energies exist in all of us humans. The Divine Feminine is characterized by receiving, doing, and acting in powerful, loving, and caring ways. (Mother Mary and Eleanor Roosevelt are representatives of this type of energy.)

The Divine Masculine, on the other hand, is characterized by giving, doing, and acting in powerful, loving, and caring ways. (Abraham Lincoln and the Dali Llama are representatives of this type of energy.)

But when masculine energy is toxic/aggressive, it goes beyond mere assertiveness, determination, and action- and goal-oriented practices, which all too often results in environmental degradation, societal segregation, and national disintegration.

The Divine Feminine, when it dominates or becomes toxic, although less destructive (because it isn’t driven to compete or to assert), allows phrases like “boys will be boys” and “as long as there are greedy people in high places, there will always be wars and injustice” to enter the vernacular to help convince ourselves that “it is what it is and no one can change it,” which is patently untrue and reduces the desire to work to make things better. The Divine Feminine is immensely powerful and change-making, but only when it’s named, claimed, and activated by intention.

Given this refreshing new perspective, the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, when in balance, are the perfect solution to the troubles and challenges that face us as a species and as a planet.

Those of you familiar with Chinese philosophy will recognize the similarity to the yin and yang energies. The yin and yang symbol, in which the black and white shapes swirl into and out of each other instead of appearing as harshly bordered no-fly zones, show us in visual form that the divine masculine and feminine complement and balance each other. It is when one side dominates that a culture suffers from imbalance and injustice.

Again, masculine, and feminine energies are ever-present inside every individual, at every moment, everywhere on earth. When they’re divinely inspired by Spirit/Source, they work together to create cultures of lovingkindness and practices that restore and replenish the planet.

National divine feminine conversations and actions revolve around caring for the earth and its inhabitants (human and non-human), promoting racial and gender equity, and advocating universal health care. Each of these conversations and actions emphasize nurturing and creating balance within a supportive society built on lovingkindness and the recognition that other human beings exist and are rightful heirs to identical rights and needs, and that denying one is an abrogation of our responsibilities to care for all. Amy Tenney wrote, “The world needs strong women. Women who will lift and build up others, who will love and be loved, women who live bravely, both tender and fierce, women of indomitable will.”

And harking back to the wild, wild west, Calamity Jane said, “I figure, if a girl wants to be a legend, she better start now.”

That’s the spirit, and the formula! High vibrational energy, can-do/will do attitude, and pure intention – the three key ingredients to making sure the things happen that you want to have happen!

The Divine Feminine is active, loving, compassionate, and forward-looking. It anticipates the next best thing that can occur and works to ensure its fruition. It nurtures, fosters, and promotes wellbeing and lovingkindness. It doesn’t compete: it completes.

With that being said, to find balance in all aspects of your life, it is necessary to focus on both energies. And our bestselling Awakening the Divine Feminine course can help you do just that. If you’ve ever felt that something in your life just isn’t right – out of balance – then this might just be the solution that you’ve been searching for. Click here to learn more about this course >>

Let go

3 Tips to Renew, Recharge and Clear Blockages to Your Energetic, Emotional, and Physical Systems

Let go

While much of the regret we harbor inside comes from our own actions (infidelities we’ve had, accidents we’ve caused, debt we’ve gotten ourselves into) as well as from those important things in life we failed to do (opportunities unexplored, love not shared, forgiveness unspoken, once-in-a-lifetime events not attended), sometimes regret stems from something that has nothing to do with us. Something we have absolutely no control over or say in. Sometimes regret—those feelings of grief, sorrow, and remorse—come from our exposure to the world’s innumerable tragedies and devastations.

Let go

We all feel how small the world has become through the advances in technology. With a mere click of the mouse or remote control, the whole world comes into our lives and living rooms. On a daily basis, many of us witness unimaginable violence and suffering. Kidnappings, murders, suicides. Genocide, terrorism. Natural disasters that leave millions in their wake. Public figures coming to tragic ends as they lose battles with drug addiction or disease. And, of course, a national and global economy on the brink of depression. The daily news provides no shortage of things to feel empathy for, and for those who continually tune in with an open heart, this constant negative input eventually takes its toll on their psyche and physical health.

The mind-body connection dictates that what enters our consciousness also enters the rest of our being. When we take in the energy from the outside world, and attach to it emotions such as sorrow and remorse, that energy has to go somewhere. Unless we release it—which few know how to do—it goes into our body, where it blocks our energy field, causing stagnation and, ultimately, a physical or mental disease condition. I hear this complaint all the time at my energy healing workshops. I see the havoc too much empathy is having on people’s lives.

At one seminar, for example, 20-year-old Jen joined me on the stage, complaining of recurring bladder infections. Talking with her, I learned that she was a passionate, empathetic young woman who worked for an animal rescue while attending school part-time. Her frequent health problems kept her from work at times, and she regretted that she was not able to devote more of herself to saving the plethora of homeless animals.

Jen is clearly a person who feels deeply. Not only does she advocate for the animals at the shelter, but she also regularly goes to disaster zones to help animals there. As we talked about her terrible regret over the current devastation and displacement happening to people and animals in a current warzone, the picture of her health became clear.

In Jen’s energy field I picked up a great deal of bitterness, the result of frustration about all the animals she felt powerless to help. This unprocessed bitterness was the cause of her bladder problems. While her heart was in the right place—she wanted to do her part to alleviate the suffering in the world—she wasn’t aware that she was allowing her need to help overpower her ability to help, leaving her feeling frustrated and bitter.

Let go

Many people, like Jen, feel that selflessness is the only way to be a “good” person, that anything less is narcissistic or self-centered. I adamantly disagree. I see all the time the kind of toll this takes in people who come to me for help; it’s in their energy fields and in the various dysfunctions of their life, including emotional pain and, for some, like Jen, illness of the body.

Please don’t get me wrong, empathy and compassion are high virtues. They stir us to alleviate suffering and to uplift others where we can. But we all have to know the point at which it becomes too much to handle. As we’ve seen, getting bogged down in the tragedies of others, distorts our energy centers, or chakras, blocks our healthy energy flow, and lowers our own vibration to the point of disempowering us and making us susceptible to dysfunction and disease.

So, what can you do if you’ve already depleted yourself to the point of anger and resentment, disempowerment, and/or illness? The following 3 simple steps can help pull you out of a regretful state and reverse any blockage accumulating in your energetic, emotional, and physical systems.

3 Ways to Renew Your Energy

Take time for yourself. We all need time for ourselves, time to just be—to relax, unwind, socialize, play. We need time to enjoy being alive without an agenda of getting something done. Otherwise, life tramples our boundaries and some of our essential needs go unmet. Talk about the perfect recipe for anger and resentment! Bottom line: Before we can give to others, we need to first fill our own wells.

Let go
Let go

Tune out some of the negative and tune in more to joy. Go on a “news diet,” cutting down on the amount of death and destruction you take in and adding in its place something lighter, like play. While it’s important to know what’s going on in the world (which you can do, by the way, by skimming Internet news sites for about two minutes), you don’t have to witness the replay of every mass shooting or every moment of COVID news. Instead, add to your day some laughter and joy. I watch one rerun of Seinfeld every night an hour before going to sleep to get my laughter quota and to take a few minutes to relax my mind. You’d be amazed at what a powerfully renewing “therapy” this is.

Uplift the planet by raising your own consciousness. Instead of trying to rescue the world in person, which will eventually deplete you, try uplifting the world by raising your consciousness. The easiest ways to do this are through journaling, meditation, and prayer. Writing in a journal helps you clear out your emotions on a daily basis. It’s great emotional hygiene!

Let go

Back to Coat Hangers and Back Alley Abortions


When Roe v Wade became law back in 1973, I was in my last year of law school. For those of you who have read my first book Truth Heals, a national bestseller, you know I wasn’t in a good place emotionally, having been sexually assaulted by my father since early childhood.

But, given my youthful experiences with sexuality, by the time I reached the age of consent, I certainly realized the immense power that sexuality held over men, and I used mine to pole vault higher and faster than many of the men in my class. (There were very few women in law school at the time)

I knew the key to power wasn’t just brains and good grades. I knew that short skirts, and more, would aid men in positions of power to help me up the corporate ladder. I eventually outgrew the technique when cancer came calling at age 25, and I realized that what Daddy had taught me was on course to kill me.

In my earlier years, I suppose (and I confess my unwillingness to admit this) I wasn’t terribly different from notable powerful men who flaunt their sexuality, men like Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas and Brett Kavanaugh.

But of course, the rules are different for men

Men’s excesses – even when blatantly coercive and unsought — are explained and excused as “young men simply sowing their wild oats,” innocent of any true intention to subjugate their conquests, while I was enlisting my sexuality as a useful tool to get ahead. I remember well my mother excusing the boys and men in our family for any indiscretions, with her offhand “boys will be boys” remarks. Men can use their bodily autonomy to press their power and manhood, no matter the cost to the women they mistreat, while I was negotiating with men who knew exactly what they wanted. (For me, it was Let’s Make a Deal, as opposed to Let’s Take From Women What We Want!)

Imagine what could have become of me had I become pregnant during the times I was “negotiating” my way to early career success, had there been no Roe v Wade ruling to ensure another medically safe way to set myself free of the results of my father’s early training? I would have had to drop out of law school and the trajectory of my life would have taken a tumble that may well have been impossible to recover from.

Fortunately, I never had to make such a gut-wrenching decision due to my bodily autonomy, but millions of women have, and I am firmly in their court because I could have ended up standing in their shoes, and I know it would have been a dismal and shame-inducing decision, no matter which way I decided. I would have felt obligated to hide that decision from nearly everyone else for my entire life.

My story isn’t unique. A friend of mine back then was able to get a medically safe, legal abortion when she needed one, thanks to Roe v Wade. She went on to have four children later in life after she could afford to raise them. (Her husband, a freelance illustrator, raised the children while she brought home the bread and bacon that sustained them all those early years, before his career took off.) She does not regret her early abortion decision.

The Defining Difference

For men, youthful indiscretions get “attaboys” in this patriarchal culture, while sexually active women get branded as “sluts,” “gold diggers,” “seductresses,” or “party girls.”

This twisted and bizarre prevailing attitude — that men should be able to do whatever they want with their bodily autonomy, but if what they do results in a pregnancy, then the women they impregnate should carry their pregnancies to term — has brought us perilously close to losing our precious (and hard-fought) right to remain the masters of our fate. Are you aware that, already, in 31 states, rapists can gain visitation or custody rights to the children produced by their felonious conduct? Can you imagine the emotional upheaval that rulings like these cause the female victims of their violent acts? It’s enough to turn your stomach.

If “settled law” can be overturned (which the present majority of Supreme Court Justices deemed Roe v Wade to be during their confirmation hearings, but have since conveniently forgotten), so can marriage equality, the rights of LGBTQIA+ folks, and even women’s voting, credit card, and property-owning rights.

We already see what’s being done right now to keep people of color from voting in so many states. Individual “settled case” human rights laws which are subsequently deemed by the powers to be “federal overreach” are also on the chopping block. Where will it all end? I shudder to think.

Suddenly, Margaret Atwood’s description of a society in which women fall under the total control of autocratic white men, as seen in the TV series, The Handmaid’s Tale, appears to be on the cusp of coming to life, step by calculated step.

The right to bodily autonomy, as determined by the Roe v Wade decision in 1973, is a single domino. But watching it fall into additional human rights dominoes will be our undoing. We are an exceedingly fragile democratic republic. It’s rulings like these that will determine our ability to remain so. Autocracy is waiting in the wings to replace what we’ve been on course to correct and perfect for hundreds of years.

If Roe v Wade is Overturned

If the pending decision can’t be overturned, there needs to be an immediate outcry over the three most recently appointed Supreme Court Justices who intentionally misled Congress on their way to their present positions.

Additionally, there needs to be the first steps toward an increase in the number of Supreme Court Justices which a President who is in touch with the wishes of the American people can put into place to counteract the extremist positions that threaten women’s rights to bodily autonomy.

Something to consider: Establishing mandatory vasectomies for unmarried, financially insecure men would violate bodily autonomy, too — no one gets pregnant without sperm — and I don’t see a single law on the books, or pending, that subjects men to any such responsibility constraints. What’s good for the goose should be good for the gander. That’s what equality is all about.

And — parenthetically — why is the Equal Rights Amendment still not the law of the land? Is it because equality scares men who want to control women’s bodies and fates? It’s time to push back.

The Supreme Court has recently been barricaded against a potential backlash

The Capitol police are anticipating fired up women doing what the former president’s mostly-male adherents did in Washington D.C on January 6th, 2021. If ever there was sufficient justification for such an action, this might be it. But invasion and violence aren’t options; they just inflame and solidify positions.

Consider Laci Wooten-Holway who has been bravely protesting outside Brett Kavanaugh’s home. She is going it alone (usually) and she is being both applauded and vilified.

She is taking a terrible chance. 

But it is long past time — for those of us who believe that women should not be dictated to when it comes to their bodily autonomy — to take some terrible chances, and I applaud her courage.

With Laci’s courageous, unilateral act in mind, I encourage those of you who can, to show up at local and regional protests in your area. There are many happening in the next few days. Here is a link to help you find out more about them. The protests started on Mother’s Day and will go for a week. I urge you to join one near you. Do a search on “Roe V Wade protests” and your zip code to find the one(s) nearest you.

And join me on Facebook where you can comment on a post and thus stand up and be counted.

The Bottom Line

Every child who is born should be wanted, cherished, and adequately supported by their parents. Sadly, if Roe v Wade is overturned, unwanted and inadequately supported children will be the result. I simply can’t imagine a worse fate for them, or for the world.

There are enough humans already, and far too many of them already feel marginalized, abandoned, and hopeless. Overturning Roe v Wade will only compound the tragedy.

If you’re with me on this crucial issue, please don’t sit this one out.

Fifth Chakra

The Key to Get What You Want in Life: 5 Ways to Strengthen Your Voice

Fifth Chakra

There is a very specific element of your personality that is vital to getting what you want in life. Not developing it, or even suppressing it, actually holds you back from becoming the person you were put on this Earth to be (and makes you vulnerable to the whims of others!). This element is: your voice!

Finding and using your voice is an essential part of living the life you came here to live. Your true voice is guided by your higher self, who knows your life plan and can whisper advice that will lead you down the path you were meant to take. Your voice is also one of the main ways you express yourself to the world, so what you say is really important. It should come from an authentic place within you.

Fifth Chakra

If you have trouble speaking up for yourself, or find your voice is too small to be heard, you may have distortions in your fifth chakra. As a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I can’t tell you how many people come to me with issues that stem from dysfunction in their throat chakra and corresponding problems with its ruling principle of communication.

Many students in my energy healing courses, especially women, worry that speaking up for themselves is the same as being aggressive or confrontational, but it’s not! We all know those types of people who make a fuss about everything, constantly complain, and are always getting riled up and in other people’s faces for even the smallest things. No one wants to be that guy or gal. But there is a big difference between picking fights and refusing to let yourself be railroaded. You deserve to be heard, and energy healing can help you not only find your voice, but train it to be strong.

Here are 5 ways to strengthen your voice:

  1. Practice.

    One of the best ways to make your voice heard when it counts is to practice speaking up when the stakes aren’t as high. For example, if you want to ask your boss for the raise or promotion you deserve, practice saying a few versions of your main points. This can be to the mirror, or to yourself in the shower or your car. You can even practice with a friend or partner who feels safe to you. The point is to get used to the act of asking and speaking up for yourself in a comfortable environment first, so you are better prepared for the real thing.
Fifth Chakra
Fifth Chakra
  1. Listen.

    This may seem counterintuitive—to strengthen your voice by not speaking—but your throat chakra is the seat of your inner guidance, the wise voice inside you that always gives advice tailored to you and in your best interests. Your job is to listen to this voice so that you may act in alignment with your soul’s purpose. How can you express your true self if you’re unsure who that self is? Listening to your inner voice can help you find the real you so you can speak as the real you. In fact, routinely ignoring your inner guidance can cause it to eventually stop guiding and create problems in your throat chakra.
  1. Tell the truth.  Lying is the greatest obstacle to a heathy, vibrant fifth chakra. Even little white lies can be detrimental, especially if they begin to pile up, which is what tends to happen to lies. Telling your truth is the most important—from coming out to your family to admitting to your partner that you have feelings for someone else—because each lie that comes out of your mouth allows a little bit of darkness to enter your energy field. Lies can only take you farther from the light, but the truth will set you free.
Fifth Chakra
Fifth Chakra
  1. Journal.It’s not always possible to tell the truth directly to someone else. Sometimes the potential fall-out is not worth it, or sometimes you’re just not ready, and that’s okay. But in those cases, it’s essential that you write your true feelings in your journal. You need to have a place for those emotions and thoughts to go in order to release them before they get stuck in your chakras. Your journal is the place for one hundred percent honesty. As you become more and more comfortable expressing yourself in your journal, it will become easier to express yourself out in the world.
  1. Believe in yourself.

    If your voice is timid out of fear, remind yourself that your ideas are valid. Your thoughts have value, your suggestions are worth mentioning, and your truths are yours to express as you see fit. People will believe in you when you believe in yourself, and your confidence will command their attention. Remember that your voice is an extension of you, so if you’re strong, your voice will be, too.
Fifth Chakra

The benefits of strengthening your voice go beyond the ability to ask your boss for a raise or speak your mind to your overbearing sister—though, those are great, too. These tips will help to strengthen your fifth chakra, which helps to heal and charge your energy field and your whole being. That’s the wonderful thing about energy medicine and your chakras: they hold the key to healing your mind, body, and soul, while making practical improvements in all areas of your life.

If you’re interested in learning more about your energy field and your chakras, check out my free Chakra Wisdom video training series.

2022 Earth Day

Earth Day Calling: How to Heal the World

2022 Earth Day

The History of Earth Day

On April 22, 1970, Earth Day began as an annual event to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment. (Here in the U.S, Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, but the United Nations celebrates Earth Day on the date of the spring equinox, which usually occurs every year on March 20th, give or take one day.)

Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson founded Earth Day after he traveled to Santa Barbara immediately following a major oil spill off its coast. He was appalled by the death and destruction he found there.

So, on September 20, 1969, he announced his idea for a nationwide “teach-in” on the environment during a speech to a newly established conservation group in Seattle. He hoped that a grassroots outcry against rapacious exploiters and despoilers of the environment might prove to the powers that be in Washington, D.C. just how deeply concerned Americans were about the environment. And when grassroots activities ballooned beyond the capacity of his Senate office staff to handle them, he staffed a temporary office with college students and appointed a coordinator of activities. But it quickly became clear to him, and everyone beyond him, that Earth Day had become a mass movement in support of protecting and defending Planet Earth and all of its species of inhabitants. Autonomous groups were springing up in New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Minneapolis, Des Moines, Albuquerque, and in countless other cities and towns, large and small.

2022 Earth Day

The first official Earth Day occurred on April 22, 1970, marking the beginning of the modern environmental movement. Thousands of colleges and universities organized protests against the deterioration of the environment. Approximately 20 million Americans participated.

Water Under the Bridge

2022 Earth Day

Had the governments in D.C. and elsewhere heeded the warnings and acted immediately back in 1970, they would have begun establishing ways to create alternative energy sources then. But vested interests in the continued despoliation of the planet certainly took notice of the Earth Day mass movement. They initiated a concerted counter-offensive campaign to deny their negative impact on the planet and its inhabitants. Major oil companies and other despoilers paid enormous sums to generate biased “environmental analyses” to pull the wool over the eyes of policymakers, even as they lined the politicians’ pockets to help fund their campaigns for reelection.

It’s a common tactic, and it continues to this day —on steroids — following rules changes by the Supreme Court that allow corporations to act more aggressively and unscrupulously and “personhood” statutes that protect them from being called onto the carpet for despoiling the earth that we all rely on to survive.


As a devout advocate of all living beings, including Mother Earth, it’s upsetting to all of us to see how little has been done to date to re-envision and establish our energy systems to make them as renewable and carbon neutral as possible. Solar, wind, and other source-given energies are here for the taking (with no ability to exhaust them, ever!), but since they don’t offer exorbitant returns to corporations, they haven’t been on many to-do lists. As a result, we are already experiencing the advance wave of the direst of consequences: mass extinctions, climate catastrophes, refugee flights as land disappears beneath ocean waves, and other perils, including the rapidly approaching incapacity of the only planet in this solar system designed to sustain and provide for us all.

We can still remain optimistic. People are rallying to the cause as never before. That’s because we have nearly three entire generations of students who learned about our ecosystem and how interdependent we are on it for our survival in ways previously not recognized. They know what we’re facing if we don’t do something fast, and their future is on the line. So, each and every time a man, woman or child acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, we help change the dystopian nightmare that is looming beyond our doorstep.

2022 Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect day to remember that … and to act.

2022 Earth Day

From now on, Earth Day must be every day until we witness the change we need to ensure Earth’s recovery and continuing vitality.

Here at the Deborah King Center, we are on a mission to heal the world. If you believe that’s a goal worth pursuing, then the ideal first step is to focus on healing yourself first. It’s difficult to worry about the entire planet when you have your own “stuff” to get through. In fact, “Heal Yourself Heal the World” is literally the title of one of Deborah’s bestselling books. But where do you start?

A great first step is to join our LifeForce Energy Healing® Certification Course. It is the introduction into our very special form of energy healing and will jumpstart your journey towards healing yourself…your community…the world.

Click here to learn more about LFEH I >>

Self mastery

Self-Mastery: Ten Keys to Achieve Success in Every Areas of Your Life

Self mastery

Today we’re going to be putting our virtual spotlight on a fascinating topic: Self-Mastery. What is it and how do we achieve it? Self-mastery is a path, an orientation you choose for yourself and your world.

First, you have to get rid of the incorrect belief that self-mastery is about controlling your basic impulses. That’s not the case: instead, it’s about getting to know those parts of you intimately, and then going beyond them. Once you do that, the natural process of inner development will take place

Self mastery

Carlos Castanenda’s teacher, Don Juan, said “A warrior must cultivate the feeling that he has everything needed for the amazing journey that is his life. What counts for a warrior is being alive. Life in itself is sufficient, self-explanatory and complete.” 

Although you may refuse the call to adventure, developing your innate capacities is your destiny. Ignoring your destiny can bring depression and anxiety. Embracing this destiny leads to freedom and to your highest expectations.

So stop and ask yourself: What is the biggest obstacle you’ve already overcome? Was it getting into college despite the obstacles? Or was it raising a child on your own, without much help from a partner? Or how about taking care of an aging parent? Or perhaps you’ve lost a job and then gotten back on your feet? Or maybe, like me, you’ve dealt with a challenging health problem? If you think back to what you have already overcome, you know you already have what it takes to be in self-mastery!

So, let’s talk about the two drives inside of you:

First, there’s the drive toward growth – it’s easy to see it in a baby, who is focused on learning to walk and talk. Now look at the adults in your life: Some are committed to developing new skills. There are self-actualized people in virtually every field, from physics to music and the arts, from philosophy to computer science, from politics to sports. But there are also many people who are simply surviving; they are not embracing the opportunity, it seems, to work toward their highest potential. You will hear them say things like, I never have time. I’m too tired. Or, and I hear this one a lot from my students, I don’t know what I’d be good at.

Self mastery

So what is blocking their growth? The force opposing growth is the drive for safety. The need for safety keeps you where you are now, afraid to take chances. This safety seeking side is afraid of the new and the untried—the very things your growth side is eager for.

Self mastery

Abraham Maslow, a famous psychologist, said: “You must want to be t he best, the very best you are capable of becoming. If you deliberately plan to be less than you are capable of being, then you’ll be unhappy for the rest of your life.”

To reach a level of self-mastery that will make you a real powerhouse in your own life and in the lives of those you want to enhance, I’ll share ten keys to help you break through whatever resistance you may be experiencing.

Self masteryThe first key is to acknowledge the resistance you’re feeling but to do so with love and compassion. Every change brings resistance, even positive change. So, give yourself a little time to realize you’re beating yourself up because you’ve been standing in your own way for so long. Give yourself permission to move away from self-blame into the winning game. I remember doing that very thing when I was young and wanted to master energy healing; I first had to get out of my own way. To quote Napoleon Hill, “Out of resistance comes strength.”

Self masteryThe second key is to create a compelling vision of the life you want to lead or the next goal you want to achieve. The operative word here is compelling. It has to be a vision that is so clear and attractive to you that you can already see and feel it as though it’s already been accomplished. You practice actually feeling the way you’ll feel when it manifests in your life. It has to be powerful, like the tractor beam on Star Trek. Your intention is the tractor beam. By the way, Nasa is currently working on a Star Trek style tractor beam, a gravitational beam emitter, so let’s not retire that delicious image just yet!

Self masteryThe third key is to commit to long-term practice and persistence. Transforming your life and reaching cherished long-term goals requires constant practice and persistence. By dedicating yourself to forward progress, you are rewiring your brain to make the changes you need to achieve whatever it is you want. Whether you want to learn music or a language or meditation, you’ve got to practice/practice/practice! As Walt Disney famously said, “If you can dream it, you can do it!” And the biggest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that our aim is too low. Consider for a moment the persistence of Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who persisted in her goal for girls’ education in Pakistan despite being shot, now that’s resolve!

Self masteryThe fourth key is to expect yourself to take a few steps backwards along the way. On the road to self-mastery, back-sliding is part of the journey. You won’t get everything right the first time. So, when backsliding happens, practice self-kindness, self-acceptance and self-compassion so you can kick-start your progress again. I did that with a host of things I wanted to learn, from skiing to mountain climbing to learning a foreign language. When you fall off your diet for a day or a weekend, that doesn’t mean you’ve failed. You’ve just backslid. Like who hasn’t! Start again. Start again and again, as many times as it takes to reattach to your compelling vision about what your life will be like when you’ve succeeded. I only quit drinking once, and I succeeded, yay for me, but I quit smoking, I’ve gotta admit, 32 times, before I got it right.

Swami Vivekananda said, “Never mind these failures, these little backslidings; hold the ideal a thousand times, and even if you fail a thousand times, do it again and again!”

Self masteryThe fifth key is to live by the principle of moderation. Self-mastery isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. This has always been the hardest one for me: We Type-A people can find ourselves sprinting out of the starting gate at full bore, only to exhaust ourselves and be unable to proceed. When we can see that the world we want or the goal we want is just at the end of our exertions, we want to get there as fast as possible. But self-mastery takes time, and you only have so much energy. So, give yourself permission to give 75% instead of anything more. By pushing or straining yourself, you deplete yourself and it’s hard to keep your eyes on the prize when you can hardly get out of bed in the morning. Speaking of that, let me encourage you to get way more sleep than you are probably currently getting: fatigue is a deal breaker when you’re trying to achieve self-mastery. Honestly, if you can get into the habit of little 15 or 20 minute power naps, and take them before 3pm so they don’t disturb your rest at night, it will really open your creativity, plus make your life a heck of a lot more joyful and fun!

Self masteryThe sixth key is lighten up! C’mon, this is a fun key. It’s far too easy to take ourselves and our desired growth too seriously. Have fun along the way. If you don’t, your mind or body will revolt. We are human beings, not human doings. Allow yourself to be in ways that make your life meaningful and fun. Stay light-hearted. Laugh at yourself. Be playful, even as you’re evolving into self-mastery. My fav example at the moment is Alex Honnold, the American rock climber who climbed El Capitan in Yosemite National Park in just under 4 hours without a rope! Talk about self-actualized! I spent an entire summer trying to climb El Cap with a rope, with no luck, so go, Alex!

Self masteryThe seventh key is to set mini goals. There is, unfortunately, no shortcut to self-mastery. The route includes setting mini goals, or what I like to call baby steps. Baby steps take you to the next solid place. Baby steps are the steps that lie within reach. Reaching each one helps measure your progress so you can celebrate along the way. Celebrating your advancement at each step is important. Anything you dream can be yours by simply focusing on each step along the way, not the overall journey. Another great example of youthful self-mastery would be Greta Thunberg, who, despite her autism, has managed to grab the world by storm on the subject of the climate crisis. If you know her story, she took step after step to achieve her goals, and imagine the resolve it took for a 15-year-old girl to protest so loudly outside the Swedish parliament that she got the government to change their carbon emission standards. Now, that’s self-actualization!

Self masteryThe eighth key is Cultivate Your Physical Energy. Whatever road to mastery you take, you will need a healthy reserve of physical energy to get from where you are to where you want to go. Without it, whenever you backslide, or feel stressed, or whenever you need to overcome resistance, you’ll be too depleted to lift yourself over the hurdle. Your willpower will only last as long as the energy you have in the tank!

You can increase your energy by eating super nutritious food, by having 4 or 5 or even 6 little meals a day to keep your blood sugar even, by getting enough sleep as I mentioned earlier, by meditating every day, and, this is maybe most important, by doing some regular fun physical activity. It doesn’t matter if you like to walk or swim or play a sport, or prefer to do yoga, or tai chi, or dance, but whatever you enjoy, set a reminder on your watch or phone, so you have time set aside for some movement to gather more energy.

Self masteryThe ninth key is to be really honest with yourself. Making excuses is your ego’s way of deflecting blame and shame to make you appear to others as better than you actually think you are, inside. And feeling worse about yourself (ego deflation) is also not helpful. Taken to extremes, both ego inflation and ego deflation can be a problem. To pursue self-mastery, an honest self-assessment is crucial. Honest self-assessment frees up the energy that our egos are accustomed to stealing in attempts to maintain the lies that we tell ourselves. So, start by honing in on your true feelings by keeping your thoughts somewhere private, like your phone or a locked app on your laptop, where you can honestly write out your hopes, dreams, and especially your fears. Or share these really personal thoughts with someone you trust will keep them confidential – perhaps your energy medicine practitioner. And remember what Franz Kafka said: “Don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul. Rather, follow your most intense obsessions relentlessly.”

In a nutshell, we to be really honest with ourselves about what we want, and then take risks, instead of lying to ourselves and making excuses so we don’t have to step out of our comfort zone.

Self masteryThe final key, #10, is Establish Empowering Rituals. If you’re into sports, like I am, you know how the greatest athletes have rituals that put them into a state of peak performance so they can execute at their absolute best. Or, if you’re into spirituality, like I am, chances are you’ve read all the great spiritual teachers and you know what special practices they adopt to get into that same zone. I can assure you, the zone for peak physical performance is the same zone for properly practiced prayer and meditation. But more on that another day! When it comes to self-mastery, establishing rituals to perform can be just the key you need to reach the next step in your journey. Daily practice is an absolute requirement. By making it a habit, you re-wire your brain to operate at greater and greater levels of refinement. That is what rituals are for. We engage in spiritual ceremonies, like Deborah King Live on Facebook that we engage in every other Tuesday at 2 pacific, in order to create a safe place to work through our most complicated feelings, so we won’t have to carry those feelings around with us forever.

I absolutely love what Joseph Campbell had to say about all of this: “A ritual is the enactment of a myth. And, by participating in the ritual, you are participating in the myth. And since myth is a projection of the depth wisdom of your psyche, by participating in a ritual, participating in the myth, you are put in accord with that wisdom, which is the wisdom that is inherent within you at your deepest level.” People have traditionally turned to activities like my Facebook Live, being in community and sharing through stories and prayer and song, to help us on our forever journey toward self mastery, to help us live in the daily paradox of trauma mixed with joy.

Finally, one more thought: discovering a great talent, capacity, or strength within yourself that demands nurturance can be exhilarating, but it can also bring feelings of danger and responsibility. It may demand that you stand alone, cultivating inner strength instead of seeking support from your environment. The path to growth and self-mastery is invariably difficult at times. It’s uncomfortable moving out of the known into the unknown. Even if the known is not ideal or even desirable, it’s at least familiar. And since we all have a need for safety, there will always be an attraction to staying within the familiar. So still honoring your need for safety, let me help you further on your journey into the great unknown. Enjoy practice for practice’s sake. Transform yourself slowly, steadily, daily, and next thing you know, you’ll be in self-mastery!

Attaining self-mastery first starts with truly understanding yourself on a deep level. What drives you? What’s holding you back? What emotional road blocks must you overcome to break through and achieve the life you are meant to live?

A good place to start is our bestselling course: Inner Secrets of You. It is designed to help you not only understand yourself, but also give you the knowledge (and power) to understand those around you on the deepest level. Click here to learn more about this course >>

Energy Medicine

Going Beyond Traditional Medicine: 5 Things Energy Medicine Can do

Energy Medicine
Energy medicine is literally what it sounds like—energy IS the medicine. Let’s start with the basics: you have a personal energy field that surrounds and interpenetrates your body. Your field is connected to the universal field, and your chakras move energy in and out between them, nourishing your energy field and consequently your body. What happens in your personal field is mirrored in your body, so when your chakras are dysfunctional, energy doesn’t move properly and your psyche and body will manifest that crimped energy flow with depression or anxiety or even illness or injury. When an energy healer helps you make corrections to blocked chakras or other distortions in your field, it also corrects the corresponding issue in the psyche and body. By clearing, charging and balancing the field, an energy healer can treat the body and spirit. That is just one way energy healing is unique. Here are five more:
  1. Energy medicine heals nearly anything.

    In my three decades of experience as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I have seen energy healing cure everything from completely closed chakras to depression, broken hearts to broken ankles, asthma to cancer. Yes, even the big C can be healed with energy medicine. Not only have I seen this, but I lived it. I was diagnosed with cancer in my twenties. After the initial shock, I began to research alternatives to the surgeries my doctors suggested. I got their permission first, and they gave me six months to see what else was out there. I tried everything to get rid of the cancer, and it was on the table of an energy healer that I had a spontaneous remission. I felt the disease leave my body, and she felt it too, and we were both in awe. A few tests from my doctors proved the cancer was gone. It had completely disappeared! Here is a video of me explaining this:
  • I was amazed, but my story is not uncommon. Energy healing can heal anything as long as it is aligned with the individual’s life plan. I have help heal tens of thousands of people of mental, emotional, and physical ailments. Energy medicine has no limits, because the universal energy field has no limits.
  1. Energy medicine detects illness before physical symptoms develop.

    Traditional western medicine is body-based, meaning it treats physical problems. If there are not (yet) physical symptoms, western medicine really can’t do much. You may have experienced this: you go to a doctor with a complaint and they can find nothing “wrong,” even though you live in your body and know that something is “off.” It’s likely that this is a case of a problem brewing in your energy field that hasn’t yet bubbled to the surface.
Energy Medicine

A skilled energy healer can sense illness or ailments in your energy field long before they manifest as physical problems. Distortions or blocks in your field will eventually crop up in the body as pain or disease, but with energy medicine, you can treat the root cause in your energy field and eliminate the condition before it ever manifests in your body. How great is it to be able to remove an illness before you even get sick?

  1. Energy medicine heals all aspects of you: body, mind, and soul.

    While western medicine is excellent at treating physical problems, it usually doesn’t address the mental, emotional, or spiritual components of an illness. All four of these aspects of your being are like interwoven threads of a tapestry—you can’t pull one thread without the others unraveling. You can’t treat one part of your being and expect the other parts to be fine.

For example, if you have high cholesterol and you’re on prescribed pills but they don’t seem to be working, it may be because of distortions in your heart chakra. An unbalanced chakra will continue to cause physical sickness, and until you heal the energy flow, you won’t be completely healed in your body either. Learning more about the chakras, perfecting your meditation, and spending time with Mother Nature can begin the process of clearing your energy field and help you heal faster.  

Energy Medicine
  1. Energy medicine is painless and has no negative side effects.

    I’m not sure this one needs elaboration! Isn’t everyone looking for the “miracle cure” that is pain free and has no negative side effects? Well, energy medicine might be it! Some people feel a slight warmth surrounding the area when receiving a physical healing, and sometimes a healing can set free some long-repressed tears, but energy healing is painless. Since energy healing uses energy to heal, there are no scars or even any recovery time. You’ll want to drink lots of water after energy healing, but no hospital beds or prescription drugs are necessary.

Energy Medicine
  1. Energy medicine works with almost every other type of healing.

    I am a big proponent of the “all hands on deck” approach to illness. When you’re sick, you want all the valid and effective treatments available to work together to completely heal you, which includes western medicine. Energy medicine doesn’t replace western medicine; it works in concert with it, to heal the whole you. It works well with other healing modalities too, like acupuncture or massage. The idea is for you to heal your body and energy field completely, which may require coming at it from multiple directions or modalities. Trust your instincts and go with what works for you.

Energy medicine is an all-around great choice: solid results, boundless healing capabilities, and zero down side. Why not try it out?

If tapping into the power of energy is something that interests you, look into joining our flagship program: LifeForce Energy Healing® I Certification Course. It is the best first step you can take to learn how to work with your own energy field, to align with the energy of the universe, and to heal your mind, body, and spirit. Click here to learn more >>

Insanely happy

How To Be Insanely Happy (Even When Everything Sucks)

Insanely happy

When I was in my last year of law school, my lawyer father, on whom I doted, was in his 70s. Hearing on the family grapevine that I was in some kind of trouble, Dad came to the law school one day and took me out to lunch, telling me he had heard “I was unhappy.” Had I had a clue what I thought back then, which I did not, I’m sure I would have said I was insanely happy. After all, I was a size 4, what more could any 20-something want? Plus, I was at the top of my class; I thought Dad would be thrilled. Now, if truth be told, I was pushing a few things “under the carpet:” although engaged, I was having not one, but two affairs, I had serious issues with alcohol, drugs, and extreme sports, and, oh, I forgot to mention, I had just found out I had cervical cancer.

Over the fish course, Dad, out of the blue, volunteered, “the secret to life is simple, just don’t think about yourself. If you are always helping others, you’ll be happy your whole life.”

At the time, I thought, what does he know? All I wanted was to get done with lunch so I could get out of there and have a drink! At that moment, I was in complete agreement with the comedian George Burns, who said: “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family… who all live far, far away!”

But you know what? It turned out, “father did know best.”

Insanely happy

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says “If you want happiness for an hour, take a nap. If you want happiness for a day, go fishing. If you want happiness for a year, inherit a fortune. If you want happiness for a lifetime, help somebody.” 

For centuries, the greatest thinkers have suggested the same thing: happiness is found in helping others.

So, let me ask you, how happy are you? Right this moment. Well, let’s think about it. For starters, chances are, like me, you’ve cut way back on your social life and your travels because of the pandemic. There’s a lot less getting together than before. Maybe you’re still working from home but you’ve got kids or other family members under foot. Or worse, maybe you’re alone and screaming for companionship. Or maybe your partner was laid off and you’re trying to hold it together to pay the rent and the two of you are practically at each other’s throats these days. And to top it all, maybe you’ve got some health problems that you’re worried about.

So that can mean that you are pretty focused on your personal happiness, right? Your health, your finances, your relationships. I mean, isn’t that what we’ve been taught culturally, to focus on our own happiness, right? Actually, though, focusing on ourselves doesn’t make us happy.

Now, I bet right now you want to remind me that Thomas Jefferson wrote about the “self-evident” truth of our “unalienable right” to the pursuit of happiness. Turns out, if you read about him further, that he didn’t mean you need that Tesla you’ve been dreaming about to be happy! In the 18th century, the happiness the founding fathers wanted us to pursue was public happiness. They were interested in something much bigger conceptually that personal happiness: they wanted a country that would allow all its citizens a good life.

Insanely happy

So what are the steps to that kind of happiness?

STEP ONE is giving – just like Daddy taught me.

Scientific research absolutely shows that giving to others is the path to real, permanent, happiness. In fact, the act of giving activates the same sweet spot in your brain that food and sex do. And we all know how good those two activities feel! Altruism is hardwired into our brains and giving to others does more than make us feel good; it turns out, it’s also the secret to a meaningful life.

If you look at history, you’ll find this theory born out, time after time, culture after culture:

Insanely happy

Let’s start by looking at my field of expertise, the Vedic texts of East India. In Vedic times, over 5,000 years ago, the Vaidas, or Vedic physicians, taught that being happy in life was the key; helping others related to doing our dharma, our life work. They believed the main way to reach a supreme state of happiness was to serve the gods, the ancestors, and all living beings.

Flash forward to about 400 years before Christ, to the Greeks; they had a similar concept of happiness. Plato wrote that happiness stemmed from fulfilling our role in society and that determined happiness more than wealth or pleasure. So again, the Greeks pushed public, not personal happiness. Aristotle, a great thinker at the time, called happiness “human flourishing.” One of the prime virtues was bigheartedness, meaning charity and generosity. Yep, giving.

The Mayan civilization, which was from about 2000 years BC until the Spanish pretty much took over around 1500 AD, believed that a thing could only be good as long “as it harmed no one.” Compare that to our current corporate greed! In the Mayan language, the word “happiness” meant “having a glad heart,” and showed their central belief that the happiness of the other was critical: they greeted each other by asking “how is your heart?” And unlike our superficial “hey,” “how are you,” they actually meant it! Or think about what Chief Maquinna of the American Indian Nootka nation said after he heard about the banking system that we white people have, he said “We Indians have no such banking; when we have plenty of blankets, we give them away to other chiefs, and by and by, they return them to us, with extras, and our hearts feel good. That’s our bank.”

Insanely happy

Interestingly, history shows us that up until the 1700’s, happiness meant prosperity, thriving, and wellbeing of the whole society, not individual pleasure. So, when did society move from Jefferson’s “public happiness” to the contemporary concept of individual happiness? That happened in the 1800’s, when “individualism” became the new way to look at things. Turns out, though, that worrying about ourselves does not make us happy; giving to others is what creates joy.

So, how to get started?

First, think about giving your time. Sounds weird, but giving money is actually a distant second when it comes to making you happy. Let’s face it, our time is our most valuable commodity, whether it’s an hour of giving, or a day, or maybe, you will find out, as I have, that giving turns into a lifetime. Give whenever and wherever you feel inspired, as your happiness set-point totally depends on your motivation. When you feel somehow forced into giving, you will find it doesn’t do much to boost your happiness. Find the person, place, or thing you are most aligned with— relative, friend, neighbor, an organization, it’s whatever calls to you to help—and feel the warm glow. I remember being just big enough to get up into Daddy’s pickup when he would drive around the small town we lived in after work on Friday nights, giving away the bags of oranges he raised to those who looked hungry. And every time he would come home without his coat, having handed it to some poor soul who looked cold. Daddy taught generosity in action, not theory. During the day, Daddy took me down to the State Capitol, to his job as a Democratic Representative, working comfortably across the aisle to build programs of social justice for the poor and needy of our state. Back home, Daddy teamed up with a couple of other town leaders to build a private school. He hired a headmistress and told her to admit as many children whose parents could not pay tuition as those who could. When I became a young lawyer and joined Daddy in his small-town law practice, he taught me that for every couple of paying clients, I needed to take in someone who couldn’t pay, and help them as well. Daddy was all about giving in action, and he set the bar high.

Insanely happy

Now, let’s talk about giving money, not as powerful, but another way to increase happiness. When we see people who have lost their homes in a fire or flood or hurricane, and we send money, it sure beats, as Will Rogers put it, “spending money on things you don’t want, to impress people you don’t like.” You can also give money to any cause that appeals to you, from social justice to the environment, to whatever inspires you.

Keep in mind, we do get something back when we give, and that’s OK: whether it’s social approval or a boost in self-esteem, or a new skill, or new friends. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s part of why giving makes us happier.

STEP TWO to being happy is accepting what is.

I remember waking up one morning 5 years ago in a hospital in Mammoth after I fell mountain climbing, and learning that I was going to spend a year flat on my back, with both my arms and legs immobilized. For once, unable to work much, and forced, out of the blue, to just kick back, I started listening to music part of every day. My normal type A++ personality would have never allowed that kind of seemingly purposeless activity, but thank God, over-achieving Deborah had, for the moment, been taken out of the picture. I was so happy it was hilarious!

When you look in a mirror, does what you see make you happy? How much happier would you be if you looked in the mirror and accepted that yes, you are a certain age and shape and, over time, things happen to the body. And that goes for every aspect of your life that cannot be changed. Aging is inevitable. Economic upswings and downswings occur. Loved ones come and go. Accidents happen.

When I was that unhappy young 20-something, addicted to booze and pills, I joined A.A. as the first step in my healing. What I learned there I can share right now: it’s one day at a time. I know it sounds easy but think of all the times you don’t do that, instead obsessing over what might happen tomorrow, like what if you get Covid or the forest fire gets even closer, or you never find work. You get my drift. As the Serenity Prayer of A.A. goes, “Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I’ve worked my way through so many rough situations, one day at a time, from illnesses, to family feuds, to lawsuits, to a whole slew of hospitalizations, wheelchairs and walkers, hey, I’ve lost count! And I’ve been happy enough the whole time, by doing it one moment at a time. Just this week, I was helping a student with stage 4 cancer, helping her find happiness in the moment, and I totally forgot all about my own aches and pains. Let me help you raise your happiness set point right now, simply by making “one day at a time” one of your favorite mantras.

Insanely happy

Here’s a corollary to that idea, that comes from South African human rights activist Desmond Tutu, who said “the only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” If something is overwhelming, right in the moment, or even seems impossible, just use that one bite rule.

Another totally helpful trick to staying insanely happy in the moment is, believe it or not, through meditation. And I don’t mean guided meditations; they’re nice, but you need the real McCoy to get deep enough to eliminate all the stress and hassles from the day that keep you from feeling happy. These days, that means a mantra-based meditation, like the one I teach, so you get deep enough. Meditation allows your mind and emotions to quiet down and plants you squarely in the present moment. It may seem passive, but actually, meditation is an active way to clear out the imbalances of your energy system and to erase anything that may be holding you back from true happiness. It is there, sitting inside yourself, that you can come to understand your worth, your purpose, your self-respect… and allow you to feel the joy of connection to everyone and everything. It’s the real deal! I encourage you to try my meditation.

STEP THREE is to develop strong intentionality.

I teach intentionality the way other people teach reading and writing and ‘rithmetic. It’s absolutely essential to your forward progress in life. If you intend to to be happy, you will be. It’s that simple. As Abraham Lincoln put it, “Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be.” In other words, it’s your own state of mind, not what’s happening in your external world, that determines whether or not you are happy. And the best way to enter that state of mind is by staying in the present. Not reliving the past; not fearing the future. Intend to live in the moment.

The Dalai Lama tells the story of how he became the head of his country, Tibet, when he was a teenager. And how the Chinese then overran Tibet and killed millions of Tibetans, making him run for his life. So, they took away his country, his people, and the entire plan for his life. When asked if he was angry about it, he said, “Why should I also let them take away my happiness.”

Focused attention is how you create healing; that’s what I teach in my energy healing school. There, I teach you how to use your intentionality to attract the light, then run it through your own energy field and body, and then conduct and transmit that light to the person who needs it. Remember that acronym: ACT – attract, conduct, transmit. It’s all based on intentionality. I remember the first time I actually got it to work and saw a woman’s broken wrist heal before my eyes, wow, that was a super powerful moment, and taught me the incredible power of intention. We can actually can move mountains if we want to!

What is your role? How do you shift your focus from your own problems, to what is happening with others, and actively give in a way that will make you happy?

Stop for a moment and think: What are you most passionate about? What news items really catches your attention? Which threads on social media do you notice? What is calling you? What do you enjoy doing? Do you slog through your work-day and light up with pleasure when you enter the kitchen to bake that perfect loaf of bread? Maybe you could take that passion and that bread and whip up some hearty sandwiches to take to the firefighters battling a blaze near you. That’s activating your passion. Turning what you love to do into a way to help others.

And, at the end of the day, let’s all go with the advice of Charles Schulz, the father of Peanuts, who summed it up by saying: “Happiness is a warm puppy.”