The world is starting to open up again, and we are all slowly emerging from our cocoons. It’s time to see if your jeans still fit, and to see if you fit back into the world in the same way you used to.

You may be relieved to get back to “normal,” or you may want something beyond “normal”—looking back, was “normal” really all you wanted it to be?

If you’re looking to take a giant leap forward in empowerment, to being the best you there is, you need a higher perspective, a way to give your energy a major boost and discover your true destiny.

You can shake off your fears and anxieties and develop the inner powers you didn’t realize you possessed.

You can release any old beliefs that say you’re not enough.

You can start to heal the health problems that you’ve had for years.

You can step into your power and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

You can wake up to your purpose here on earth, and never again feel like you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing here.

So where are you going to get the information and the experiential awareness you need to go beyond normal?

I’ve made this video to take you on a journey into the higher chakras—the 9th through 12th. In the higher chakras, you will rise high above your head and expand into the cosmos.

In the ninth chakra, you’ll discover your karmic blueprint, and rediscover the skills and gifts you have brought into this life from past ones.

In the tenth chakra, you’ll balance your masculine and feminine energies and release the fears that hold you back.

The eleventh chakra takes you out of the world—beyond the confines of time and space—and activates your spiritual gifts.

By the time you get to the twelfth chakra, you connect with the brilliant light of awareness and the energy of ascension.

And as you ascend the ladder of awareness, your knowledge of who you are and why you are here will grow and grow.

What will your “new normal” be? Which life blueprint will be yours?

Of course, the 12th chakra is not the top of the chakra system! In the same way that the 8th through 12th chakras take you from the third dimension into the fourth, the next set of chakras takes you into the fifth dimension and service to all humanity. And it keeps going into the 6th and 7th dimensions. It’s an extraordinary journey—way beyond the humdrum of daily life—yet it will help you to live your very best life here on earth.

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