Highlights of Higher Consciousness

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Are your life circumstances and/or the 24/7/362 cable news cycle keeping you feeling down and depressed, or perpetually anxiety-driven?

Between COVID, polarizing politics, environmental cataclysms, and the dreaded daily look at your to-do list (which never seems to grow any shorter), it can be all too easy to surrender to unhelpful and decidedly unhealthy coping strategies just to make it through another dreary, desperate day.

If vegging in front of the TV, playing around on FaceBook, eating comfort food, or any other form of coping strategy has you feeling like a fly caught in amber, or as though you’re on a treadmill moving like mad but going nowhere, please know that there is a better, faster, and far easier way to seize the day and spend it feeling worlds better than you do right now.

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Among the most successful and inspiring retreats in The Deborah King Center’s history took place recently in Malibu, California and it’s attendees were Deborah’s most advanced Life Force Energy Healing® Master-Grad students.

And what an amazing time it was! Like butterflies emerging from a chrysalis after a long, dark time of feeling isolated and crunched, attendees were able to shrug off the accumulated baggage and burden caused by a global pandemic that shuttered schools, stores, restaurants, and personal visits, and they all emerged victorious as hopeful, helpful, indomitable spirits again.

If you’re wondering how it was possible to turn lives around so dramatically in just four delightful days, wonder no more! Today you’re invited to virtually experience for yourself, just as Deborah’s Life Force Energy Healing students did, the highlights of this remarkable retreat.

In just a short, riveting 11-hour time span (experienced in parts or all at once, your choice), from the comfort of your own home or on your mobile device, you can join our group virtually and follow a well-defined path to higher consciousness, where your thoughts will be fully dedicated to uplifting and promoting your highest good, right along with the highest good of every other living being.

In this course you will:

  • See higher levels of consciousness opening and discover vedic philosophy
  • Practice having joy and connecting to the Divine
  • Attain Samadhi – reaching a state of purse consciousness
  • Absorb deeply the route to personal success
  • Observe the healing of PTSD
  • Witness the transformation of a client where the parent/caregiver was the child’s enemy
  • Remove an object placed in the client’s energy field during an earlier incarnation in the Egyptian temples
  • Manage when the world doesn’t offer a winnable fight
  • Understand why community is our salvation
  • Find your voice
  • Heal histrionic behavior; getting behind the mask
  • Remove religious oppression and address mind control
  • Meet Archangel Michael
  • Perform an inner child rescue
  • Address an Egyptian amulet over the thymus
  • Handle the shame of incest
  • Deal with a terminal illness: get busy living instead of dying
  • Let go of remorse and self-recrimination
  • Beware of being overly scrupulous
  • Remove Reiki symbols
  • Perform Pranyam breathing exercises
  • Execute Standing Yoga and Yoga Nidra exercises

On the other side of our time together, your dispirited self will have evaporated and been replaced by a sense of knowing and intense belonging.

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Instant, on-demand access
$ 177
  • 11 hours of on-demand video

What can — and will — the world become when enough people, including you, awaken to our innate ability to heal ourselves?

During this on-demand virtual retreat atop a 26-acre knoll with views of the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains, you’ll experience the following life-changing and life-affirming events:

Higher Consciousness
  • You’ll witness Deborah working one-on-one with retreat attendees, guiding them to higher levels of consciousness
  • You’ll participate in actual Initiations to higher spiritual levels
  • You’ll learn the most advanced and esoteric healing techniques
  • You’ll connect with like-minded people who are striving to experience joy, pleasure, peace, and total wellbeing every day of their lives
  • You’ll explore core practices for being an effective and professional Healer
  • And you’ll be able to apply what you’ve learned to help you make positive, profound changes in your life and in the lives of your loved ones

Before and After. What to expect:

Imagine your life just days from now, after saying an unqualified, enthusiastic “YES!” to this timely invitation:

Yes, I want to do away with anxiety.
Yes, I want to do away with the tyranny of time crunches.
Yes, I want to do away with this sense of impending doom.
Yes, I want to do away with feeling I don’t have everything it takes to measure up to tomorrow’s challenges (a.k.a. my “opportunities in disguise”)

Come away from our time together with these skills:

Techniques to remain fully conscious and calm (and ways to quickly regain your equilibrium whenever you start to feel edgy again)

Techniques to calm yourself (and others) as you help yourself (and them) heal from the hassles that inhabit and inhibit every human life from time to time.

Names and connections to other teachers and seekers who have dedicated their lives to helping make existence better for everyone.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you’re LATE!

Let’s do this together to elevate Earth’s energy to unsurpassed heights. Help us reach the tipping point so humankind becomes truly humane and kind. That’s higher consciousness DEFINED.

Welcome aboard OUR SOUL FAMILY TRAIN! Leaving the station for high adventure in 10… 9 … 8 … 7 … 6… 5… 4… 3… 2 minutes!

HOP ON NOW! Grab hold of this adventure of a lifetime with both hands and a full heart and watch the magic unfold for the rest of your reimagined, rejuvenated, remarkable life!

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Instant, on-demand access
$ 177
  • 11 hours of on-demand video
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