Does your morning begin with a sigh? Do you rise with reluctance, a sense of uneasiness permeating your waking moments? Is it fear? Or dread?

If every day feels like a battle for survival, it’s time to step back and assess. This state of affairs isn’t your normal. It’s a sign of burnout.

Burnout is a slow, creeping darkness that gradually shrouds your spirit. It’s like a dying fire losing its warmth and light. When the fuel is gone, the fire dies. Those in the helping professions are particularly prone to this. Your calling to aid others can make you susceptible.

How well are you tending to your own needs? Is your inner light diminishing?

Your wellbeing lies in your hands. It’s your duty to nurture your mind, body, and spirit. When feelings of despair replace joy, love, compassion, and laughter, it’s time for a reset. Listen to your soul’s cry for healing and sanctuary. When burnout looms, your inner alarm will ring.

Here are 5 burnout signs to watch for, and some remedies:

  1. Are you feeling angry and bitter?
    Lashing out at life and the people around you? Negative emotions can block your resilience. It’s time to uncover their source and heal. Journaling can help you process these feelings and restore balance.
  1. Feeling hopeless? Like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel? Consider this: is there someone facing more significant hurdles than you? How are they coping? Reach out to a 12-step program. Sharing with fellow travelers can kickstart your recovery.
  1. Are you constantly exhausted? Feeling numb and empty? Perhaps you’re not resting enough. Imagine a place where you can truly relax. Change your schedule to get more sleep. You’re worth it.
  1. Feeling out of sync? Has your life rhythm been disrupted? Meditation can restore your equilibrium.
  1. Do you feel trapped in a box? Has it been ages since you’ve felt the sun on your face? Fresh air and nature can work wonders. Step outside.

Remember, susceptibility to burnout isn’t a flaw. It shows that you’re living with awareness and an open heart. Burnout is common among those who love, give and serve.

The key is recognizing when your fire is dwindling and taking steps to refuel. Keep your light burning. Practice self-love and compassion. Seek balance and rest. Surround yourself with like-minded friends on a similar journey to wellbeing.

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