How To Explore Faith Spirituality
In Modern Life

Exploring issues concerning faith spirituality can form the basis for powerful personal transformation. For as much time as we spend perfecting our diets, exercising, logging hours at work, and acquiring material possessions, the most profound changes in life come from within. Faith and spirituality can be defined in wildly different ways for each of us. While there are no wrong answers, it is deeply valuable to ask yourself what those concepts mean to you. From this simple basis, you might embark upon a long and meaningful spiritual journey. Here are some introductory thoughts about how to incorporate these broad notions into your everyday life.

Defining Faith Spirituality In Common Terms

shutterstock_100649914What is faith? Quite literally, faith is a steadfast belief in that which we cannot see. The term is often used in a religious context to connote a belief in God, or in the holy text of a religion. We can apply it to any topic we care about, even if we don’t have hard “proof” to back up our feelings. Do you have a person or project in your life which meets this description for you?

What is spirituality? There are many modern definitions of spirituality. The most simple way of looking at it is as a set of beliefs, experiences, emotions, connections, and hopes which give your life meaning. Spiritual practices can include traditional religion, prayer, meditation, and energy healing. But any activity which thrills you, moves you, makes you think, brings a tear to your eye, strikes you as beautiful, or makes you laugh can be spiritual! Our connections to other people, through love, trust, and shared experiences, are spiritual. And our questions about the meaning of life and what forces are fueling it are absolutely spiritual – even when the answers aren’t yet clear. Think of anything that happened to you today which can be considered “spiritual” by this definition.

Faith Spirituality Practices

shutterstock_92466964There are many ways to express faith spirituality in daily life. Some of these practices are formal in nature, while others are very casual and are only experienced in the mind and heart. If you wish to embark upon a spiritual journey, you should try to incorporate all of these into every day.

Education – learning from books, masters, and experience about the history of established spiritual practices in the world.

Contemplation – taking time to think about the events of your life and what they show you.

Meditation – learning the art of consciously calming all thought, in order to open doors to many forms of enlightenment.

Intention – giving a voice to your hopes and dreams for how you want to live life, and articulating everything wonderful you hope to receive.

Action – taking inspired action towards your goals, from a basis of clear energy and spiritual clarity.

Online Spiritual Education

One of the amazing things about the time that we live in is our access to information. With just a couple of clicks, you can enter worlds of wisdom that will help illuminate your spiritual path, and lead you to answers for your most profound questions.

Deborah King’s New York Times best-selling book “Be Your Own Shaman” has helped millions of people empower themselves to embark upon a personal spiritual journey. Now, the Deborah King Center offers a comprehensive education in topics like spiritual healing and energy work.

One of the most popular courses in Deborah’s catalog is the Learn to Meditate Download. More than any other activity, meditation can be a pathway to revelations of truly profound faith spirituality. With Deborah’s easy to follow instruction, you can start a spiritual practice today in a manner that prepares you for the incredible knowledge and insight yet to come. Where it leads is up to you to define!