The Powerful LifeForce Energy Healing® Technique Explained

LifeForce Energy Healing Explained

One day many years ago, when I was a young student teacher in an energy healing school in the United States, I was called up by the head teacher to take over a session he was doing on a client at the front of the room. As I replaced him at the head of the table, I sensed the presence of Jesus, the Master Healer, standing behind me. I was used to connecting with Him, having done so all my life, but never to the level I experienced at that moment; His presence was surreal.

The Master Healer gently changed my position, moving my arms from the sides of the client’s head, where I was clearing, charging and balancing her sixth and seventh chakras, and had me bend my arms at the elbow, with, with my hands, at the height of my shoulders, palms facing out. As I held my arms this way, I felt an enormous wave of energy emanating from my chest, the location of the heart chakra. I desperately tried to stay grounded as I was filled with energy from above, from somewhere above the twenty-fourth level of the universal energy field. The Master let me know that all I had to do going forward to effect healing on every level, from the physical to the emotional to the spiritual, was to intend it in my heart and allow that energy wave to pass from me to the intended recipient. I was overcome with emotion as I sensed an immediate positive change in the client on the table, a woman who was dealing with advanced cancer. Later, I realized that the arm position He had given me was the same position that the Catholic priest as well as religious leaders in other traditions adopt during their rituals.

I spent years refining what I learned that day and I call this technique LifeForce Energy Healing®. I have used it with thousands of people I have worked with over the years. It allows you to establish, in a split second, a connection between Source/God, your energy field, and the field of the person you are assisting; it is extraordinarily fast and powerful.

I have successfully taught students to replicate this technique. Once you’ve learned it, you can, in less than a minute, attract divine energy, conduct it through your own energy field, and transmit it to the intended recipient. As this divine energy goes through you, the feeling of unconditional love is indescribable. Whatever was meant to happen to your client has now happened (in this instance, “client” is shorthand for the person you are healing). It isn’t necessary for the client to desire the intended result, as the client’s Higher Self knows what is best. For a brief moment, your energy field has merged with the Divine and with the energy field of your client; for a brief moment, you are in communion with All that Is. You are left with an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and a burning desire to use the technique again!

LifeForce Energy Healing® is different from pranic healing, telepathic healing, and radiatory healing, all of which I teach in the lower levels of my LifeForce Energy Healing® programs. In pranic healing, you direct your prana, your own personal energy, directly toward your client so your vitality reinforces his. In telepathic healing, you transmit positive concepts and ideas to the other person’s subconscious mind to stimulate healing or change the mental attitudes that are blocking him. With radiatory healing, you develop a sympathetic resonance between your personal energy field and that of the person you are working on.

Contrast those techniques with LifeForce Energy Healing® , where you align yourself with the Christ light. This isn’t a religious concept. The Christ is the most recent human being who fully mastered opening his chakras and his energy field and merging it with Source. When you merge with that Christ light, you are able to replicate His technique. All you need to do is open your heart chakra 360 degrees (that’s the tricky part, for sure!), and merge with Him and then with the client. Every fiber of your being is intending, with unbending intent, to merge with this divine light. (Note: You are not intending a certain result for the client, as that would be coming from your personality, which is of a lower value than your client’s Higher Self, who knows what’s best.)

You may have heard the phrase, “Where attention goes, energy flows.” It’s true: energy follows thought, so your strong and positive-focused intention is what powers up this healing technique. The link between you and the Christ light and the person you are healing is inevitable because you are joining your mind and spirit with the force of unconditional love.

It is the energy of Source, coupled with earth energy, coming through you that effects change in your client’s energy field and body. The client will experience a healing on some level, whether that’s psychological, spiritual, emotional, or physical. The exact nature of the healing is up to him and his Higher Self.

(Excerpt from Heal Yourself Heal the World, pp. 199-200.)

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Deborah King