The Sixth Chakra: Gateway to the Angels



The sixth chakra is associated with inspiration, intuition, memory, imagination, dreams, higher consciousness, and transcendence. But did you know that the sixth chakra is also a gateway to communing with the angels?


Higher Seeing


The sixth chakra, which is known as the “brow” chakra or “third eye” because it sits on your forehead in between your eyebrows, is the foundation of seeing and higher seeing. This energy center governs images and visuals, and the interpretation and storage of those visuals. This includes images you receive from your eyes—images that are from here on the physical plane and then become memories—as well as images that you have never actually seen with your physical eyes, like imagined scenarios or dreams, or even visions of higher planes or spirits. When your sixth chakra is open and expanded, you are more easily able to see and interact with those higher beings, including your angels.


Intuition, Angels, and Your Third Eye


Intuition is strongly linked to the third eye, which makes perfect sense because intuition is a type of non-visual seeing, a method of discerning truth without physical evidence. In energy healing, I often use my intuition to guide me, and when I am centered and in alignment with a fully functioning sixth chakra, my intuition never lets me down. Sometimes your intuition may even be coming from your angels! After all, they reside on the sixth level of the field and can easily communicate with you through your intuition. Angels will always guide you to make the choices most in line with your soul’s true purpose, and can whisper advice or support in your ear when you ask for help. With an open sixth chakra and an unobstructed energy field, you are more likely to receive angel messages and feel their divine love.




The Costs of a Closed Sixth Chakra


Since the sixth chakra is all about seeing and understanding, when you choose not to see the truth of a situation, it can create blockages in your chakra, which is detrimental to your health. Conditions related to the eyes and nose like glaucoma, cataracts, or sinus infections can develop, as can headaches or migraines, and neurological problems or brain disorders can be related to a severely dysfunctional sixth chakra as well. A closed sixth chakra may also lead to an inability to trust your own intuition and inner guidance, you may not remember your dreams, and it will be harder to interact with beings of light like your angels.


Healing Your Third Eye


In order to clear blocks in your sixth chakra, and all your chakras, the best thing to do is to attend energy medicine workshops or healing courses. In between courses, keep up your progress by meditating for twenty minutes twice a day, staying grounded and in tune with Mother Nature by getting outside, and speaking or writing your truth. Expressing your true emotions is particularly important for the health of your sixth chakra. Admitting your deepest truths will go a long way in clearing any blocks in your third eye, which is all about seeing the truth. And don’t forget to ask your angels for help! All angels have the power to heal as well as guide and protect, so go ahead and request that they extend their healing touch to your third eye chakra. They are happy to heal your intuition! It’s kind of their specialty. Asking your angels for help in restoring your sixth chakra will also make it easier to ask your angels for help with anything else, so it’s a win-win!


Wisdom Beyond Your Five Senses


On the opposite spectrum from a closed or blocked sixth chakra, an open and expanded sixth chakra offers heightened awareness for greater seeing, possibly even clairvoyance, greater hearing, greater understanding of the world, and a deeper connection to your spirit guides, angels, and Source. When your third eye starts to open and grow, it’s almost like magic. You will begin to see and sense the synchronicity of the universe. Things that would have previously seemed like coincidences suddenly make sense and you realize that nothing is really random—it is all part of the grand design. An expanded sixth chakra allows you to transcend the restrictions of time and space and your personal identity, and gain access to the universal field where all knowledge is stored, and where divine love flows freely. When you awaken the power of your sixth chakra, you receive inspiration, perception, and wisdom beyond your five senses.




Moving up in Consciousness


Essentially, when you fully open your sixth chakra, you attain ascension: a moving up and out of your body into higher realms, an increase in vibration, an expanded consciousness, a realignment with your higher self, and a direct connection to Source and your angels. Normally this type of jump in spiritual level requires a facilitator of some kind, an energy healer or spiritual teacher, to guide the higher vibrational energy into your body as in the case of an initiation, or to lead you in a guided meditation like the one I’ve done in this free video to expand and open your third eye.


Take care of your sixth chakra with energy medicine and regular doses of energy healing from your angels, and your intuition, inspiration, and ability to see beyond will vastly improve.


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