The One Activation You Need to Connect to the Divine



Are you as connected to the divine as you would like to be? Have you felt “God” or “Source” on a deep, personal level? If the god force is not quite concrete to you—if it feels a little bit abstract or distant—and you would like to cement your connection to the divine, you need to know this little-known hidden channel and the secret to activating it.

Your Ancestors Could Do It

Thousands of years ago, our ancestors had many spiritual abilities that we no longer have automatic access to, including telepathy, contacting spirits in other realms, and being able to experience Divinity within their own bodies. The ancients didn’t need an intermediary like a priest or shaman to connect with God—they were able to open the lines of communication within themselves and invite the divine into their bodies. Imagine what that experience is like: a direct spirit to spirit connection with the ultimate in love, the unconditional affection, support, and acceptance of Source. Wow.

That kind of link with the divine was nearly as simple as dialing a phone number for your ancestors because back then, the pituitary gland and the pineal gland, located behind your third eye, were physically connected with a channel. That channel allowed for your ancestors to feel the god force within themselves; to express the divine through their bodies. Unfortunately, that connection has been weakened over the centuries, atrophied from disuse, and you can no longer simply call up the divine like the ancients could.




The Power May Be Dormant, But It’s Not Dead

The good news is, while this skill may be feeble, it is not lost! The memory of this hidden channel is stashed in our collective unconscious, in your DNA. Like so many other spiritual talents that have shriveled in the darkness they’ve been relegated to, all it takes is exposure to sunlight and a little nourishment to nurse this inherent gift back to health. I know you can do it.

The process of recovering these suppressed spiritual talents is always going to be smoother if you start with a strong foundation. Maintaining a balanced energy field is a necessary part of any spiritual journey, and I recommend meditation to curtail your stress levels, journaling to stay in touch with your emotions, and healing courses or energy healing sessions for monitoring your chakras and clearing any blockages in your field. If you’ve done the requisite work, and I bet you have, activating this channel that has been hidden for thousands of years will take but a few minutes.

Spirit Led Me—and Now, You—Here to Learn this Secret

Discovering this hidden channel was a surprise, but I now know it was no accident. Spirit led me to the discovery of this secret channel, so that I could share it with you.

I was studying with a seer in Nepal, on the journey to becoming the energy healer and spiritual teacher I am today, and I was at an important stage in my spiritual development. I was in a deep meditative state when I “accidently” discovered this hidden channel to the divine. Let me tell you, I was so excited I had to share the news with my mentor, the seer. He told me that what I had discovered was not new. I had, in fact, rediscovered this channel between the pituitary and pineal glands. He was as thrilled as I was, because we both knew that this marked a new level of development for me. My mind, body, and spirit had finally reached the point where I could not only sense this hidden channel, but activate it for myself and others in my energy healing work.

The Seat of the Human Soul

The pineal gland has a history of association with spiritual matters, but it also has a very important physiological function: to help regulate melatonin and influence your body’s sleep patterns. The pineal gland is physically activated by light, and wakes your brain up. Perhaps this is why ancient cultures, including the Greeks, believed the gland was a link to higher realms of thought and consciousness, because it helps transform your brain from sluggish-with-sleep to awake and alert.




Because the pituitary and pineal glands—and the physical channel that connects them—sit behind your third eye chakra, it makes sense that they are linked so closely to spiritual growth and development throughout history. Even famous philosopher Descartes declared the pineal the, “seat of the human soul.” But the truly amazing thing is what activating this long-lost secret channel will do: bring us closer to God.

Feel the Divine Like Never Before

With a strong and open pineal channel you will feel a sense of God like never before. Source will no longer feel abstract, but as real as gravity or love. You might not be able to touch it, but it’s unquestionably real. You can feel it in your body.

Humans are meant to express the divine through our bodies; that’s why we came to this earth. You are here to let the divine light shine through you so you can manifest your highest spiritual self. Once you have activated this channel, you’ll be able to connect to Source on your own, and as you intend for the pineal channel to activate further, to continue to strengthen and grow, so will your connection to God.

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