Communicating with Pets and Animals

A brand new course from New York Times bestseller Deborah King

As a fellow animal lover, Deborah has been practicing energy medicine with her pets for years. In this four (4) part video course, she will show you how to share your own gifts with the animals in your life.

Holistic healing techniques for all pets

Regardless of whether your pet has fur, feathers, scales, or a shell, this course will teach you about how to practice energy medicine with animals of all types.

Study at your own pace

Watch the 4 Video Lessons and the 4 Recorded Teachings and Q&A Sessions. Plus, you’ll get 4 Workbooks, 4 Bonuses, and 3 Additional Readings to expand your understanding and love for your pet.

Learn to Communicate with and Help Your Pets

In this course, you’ll learn how to communicate with pets of all shapes and sizes.

  • Understand the animal soul and their unique energy.
  • Read and evaluate your pet’s energy.
  • Use various techniques to offer energy healing to your pets and boost their wellness.
  • Use touch, color, sound, and other physical senses to communicate with your pets.
  • Create a positive, balanced energy for your pet to help them live a harmonious and happy life by your side.
  • Make pets essential members of your own healing team.
  • Help transition your pets peacefully and gently into the next life when the time comes.
  • Learn how your pet has multiple lives to share with you.

“Animals are incredibly receptive to energy. In fact, they are often easier to work with than people!”

—Deborah King

Communicating with Pets and Animals Course Outline

Chapter 1

In the first chapter, you will discover the world of animal communication, how scientists are working on developing inter-species connections, and why you don’t have to wait for them – what you can do right now – to improve your relationship with your animal companion(s). Learn how to help your pet (and all animals) using your intentionality, as well as hear all about the newest digital online inter-species communication.

You’ll also hear Deborah’s experiences and history with animals, and what makes her uniquely qualified to lead you through your journey. Plus, join a guided meditation that takes you to a savanna in Africa where you will merge with the energy of the animal kingdom and feel it’s awesome power.

Chapter 2

This second chapter will focus on the animal soul. Your pet may depend on you for basic life needs, like food and exercise, but they have their own mind, heart, and soul. Study the indigenous hierarchy, compare it to western thought, and practice an exercise to connect to the soul of your pet.

When you bring an animal into your life, you’re committing to all aspects of that pet’s life — including their spiritual and emotional needs. Deborah will provide you with guidance on how to help your pet have a fulfilling life, body, mind, and soul.

Chapter 3

In this chapter, you will explore different ways that you can strengthen the special bond that you have with your pet. Hear all about the group soul of your pet, practice animal empathy, and join a guided meditation to connect to the spirit of a favorite deceased pet, to invite them to return for another lifetime.

From sharpening your own energy and awareness so that you can better communicate with your pet to ways to send and receive feelings and visual images with your pet, this chapter is all about creating a mutually beneficial relationship with your pet.

Chapter 4

In chapter four, Deborah will show you different techniques that you can use to improve your pet’s life. Practice special affirmations, mantras, touch and sound techniques specifically chosen for animals plus join a guided shamanic meditation that connects you to your animal spirit guide.

Learn more about the group soul your pet belongs to, and how they can have multiple lives to share with you. 

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Additional Readings

The Story of St. Francis of Assisi

Learn the story of St. Francis of Assisi, his relationship to animals, and how you too can have a spiritual relationship with your pets.

Rudolf Steiner’s Theosophical World

Rudolf Steiner was a genius on par with Leonardo da Vinci. Discover Steiner’s view on the animal soul, how it relates to humans, and how we fit together in this realm and others.

Color Therapy Quick Guide

You’ll receive a PDF reference guide to use with your pet during your color therapy sessions to achieve the desired result.

Communicating with Pets and Animals Bonus Materials

Bonus #1

Animal Spirit Guidebook

For thousands of years, people have relied on the guidance, wisdom, and protection of spirit animals. And while you “choose” your pet animal companion(s), your spirit animal chooses you.

In this guidebook, you’ll learn more about different spirit animals and how you can tap into the power of your spirit animal through meditation.

Bonus #2

Sound Therapy for Pets

Just as sound has the ability to have a healing effect on you, animals are also influenced by different vibrations and frequencies.

Download this MP3 and press play when you and your pet are looking to relax and heal (or change up fido’s usual CSPAN/NPR routine the next time you leave them home alone).

Bonus #3

Animal Chakra Chart

Animals share similar chakras to you, but there are a few differences that you should know about — such as the presence of an 8th primary chakra called the “brachial” chakra — before starting an energy therapy routine for your pet.

Use this animal chakra chart as a quick-reference guide for all types of pets.

Bonus #4

Endangered Species Resource Guide

Learn various ways you can make a difference for the endangered species of the world. This downloadable PDF will guide you safely as you become an advocate for all of these beautiful creatures.

Deborah King Center Certification: Communicating with Pets and Animals

Enlightened by powerful universal energy, you are ready to share your healing gifts and light with the world as a trusted Deborah King Center Certified Animal Communicator.

When you become a Deborah King Center Certified Animal Communicator you will be ready to reach out and share your gifts with the world – with both humans and animals. You will be ready and able to create real and lasting change – both for you and the world.

With the course, you will receive a certificate and icon to use on your website and in your home or place of practice that signifies you are an official Deborah King Center Certified Animal Communicator.

About Deborah King

Deborah King Websites Energy Healing

Deborah King is a New York Times bestselling author, leading authority on energy medicine, and animal lover. Through her media appearances, standing-room-only speaking engagements, workshops, and books, she has shown millions how to use energy to heal physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds.

A successful attorney in her 20s, Deborah’s life was radically changed with a cancer diagnosis. Combining traditional and alternative medicine, along with meditation and journaling, she soon returned to a state of health. Along the way, she conquered the alcohol and drug addictions she had used to bury a childhood of emotional and sexual abuse. She realized that ignoring problems and unresolved emotions all her life had led her to the point of turmoil, addiction and illness. Through her subsequent journey, Deborah learned ancient energy medicine techniques, dove into a serious practice of meditation, and transformed her life.

As a writer, Deborah weaves together a willingness to explore the unknown with clear tips and ideas any reader can use and understand. Her New York Times best-selling Be Your Own ShamanTruth HealsEntangled in Darkness, and her newest Simon & Schuster release, Heal Yourself — Heal the World, offer unforgettable stories and powerful tools to discover your capacity to create the world you want to live in. An inspirational speaker and teacher with a lively following on Facebook, Deborah is featured regularly in broadcast, online, and print media. W magazine calls Deborah and her work “electrifying.”

How Deborah’s Peers Describe Her Work

I have seen people wait in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her.

— Louise Hay, New York Times bestselling author of You Can Heal Your Life

Deborah King is a guide for all seekers of higher truth who are destined to fulfill their purpose of helping others by first healing themselves.

— Neale Donald Walsch, New York Times bestselling author of Conversations with God

“Deborah is a phenomenal teacher and the feedback we get from students who take her course is amazing.”

— Vishen Lakhiani, New York Times bestselling author of Code of the Extraordinary Mind and founder and CEO of Mindvalley

“Until one has loved an animal a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

—Anatole France

The Deborah King Center Promise

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1. Quality
We’re dedicated to providing you with a product of the highest quality and detail. Each component of this life-changing program has been painstakingly designed and produced by Deborah and her team. This is the highest quality of Energy Healing training available, and we stand by that guarantee.

2. Transformation
As you embark upon this healing journey, you’ll begin to notice your transformation almost instantly. In the weeks that follow as you move through the program, you’ll begin to notice more and more changes taking place in your life. Our mission and passion are helping you achieve these results, and we’ll do everything we can to support your success.

3. Lasting Change
The teachings included in this course will bring energy to every area of your life as you discover a whole new level of healing and growth. We passionately believe in the power of this course to bring you the lasting change you seek.

Deborah King