The Secret Teachings of Mary Magdalene

Reunion Serra Malibu October 2023

Sunday October 29 – Wednesday November 1 2023

Convene & Connect this Fall in Malibu to enlarge & support your seeking soul as never before

There will be something UNIQUELY SATISFYING
for you

• Meditations on the Magnificent and Maligned Mary Magdalene
• Soul-Stirring Music Therapy
• Morning Yoga

And more!

Rebekah Kiser, keyboard

  • You will experience real-time energy healing in your spirit and body
  • You will enter deep, guided meditations that will carry you to your core essence so you can witness for yourself how energetic and robust your essence remains
  • You will be part of a spiritual community that has only the highest good and best intentions for every being on this planet (and beyond)
  • You will also participate in the sound-healing magic of two of Deborah’s teachers —  Rebekah Kiser, keyboard, and Lois Mahalia, ukulele player and vocalist — who will help make this retreat both musical and magical.

Expect tears and goosebumps!


Lois Mahalia, ukulele

In addition to connecting with Deborah and your fellow seekers all four days, Deborah will allow for real time interactions with you. 

She will also share infuriating-but-intriguing insights about the marginalization and misrepresentation of a woman whose story we think we already know.

This woman is now a 3rd Ray Ascended Master, but while she was here in the flesh, patriarchal powerbrokers took pains to be sure no one in authority would ever ascribe to her the insights, inspiration, and initiative abilities she possessed as “the disciple Jesus loved.” This enlightened soul is now working with Cosmic Master Helios to help bring his vast energies closer to humanity to help us reclaim our legitimate spiritual inheritance, and with Ascended Master El Morya to help protect us from false, loveless faith.

She wrote a gospel that was disallowed, disavowed, and buried in a cave for nearly two millennia before it was found and brought back into the light. She was (and is) Mary Magdalene (not a prostitute, not the woman possessed by demons, not the woman who anointed Jesus’ feet in oils, and most certainly not a bit player in Galilean ministry). You will be re-introduced to this now-Ascended Master by Deborah and then you’ll be invited to commune with her during guided meditations.

On Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday mornings, from 6:30 to 7:30am for early birds and yoga enthusiasts…

Michelle Dial, Grad teacher at the Deborah King Center and Yoga Teacher, will lead you in yoga practice.

Bring your yoga mat and join in the fun!

And in the evening, you will be invited to gather ‘round to share in songs of celebration and share in community.

Event dates and times: Sunday Oct 29 – Wednesday Nov 1

Sunday night, Oct 29

3-5pm Check-in

6-7pm Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

Monday, October 30

6:30-7:30am Yoga:
Yoga with Michelle Dial

8-9am Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

12-1pm Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

6-7pm Dining


Tuesday, October 31

8-9am Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

12-1pm Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

6-7pm Dining


Wednesday, November 1

8-9am Dining

Teaching and practicing techniques

12-1pm Dining

Checkout by 9am, leave campus after lunch


  • Expect to make new friends and reconnect with old ones.
  • Discover how amenable and eager Mary Magdalene is (as an Ascended Master) to become your burden bearer for any grief you’re carrying so you can endure life’s trials and tribulations with a greater sense of mission and mercy (rather than misery).
  • Engage in embodied practices, guided meditations, fun exercises, and some wonderful, centering music to seat you firmly in Ascended Master Mary Magdalene’s power and heroism so you can speak your truth and advocate for others.
  • Learn the difference between Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies (both of which we all possess) so you can find ways to balance them within yourself and quickly discern which energy to use in each given situation.

Space is very limited at Serra so grab your room/meals reservation now.

This event is exclusive to members of our 2024 Level IV and 2024 Level V programs.

Members of our 2024 Level IV and 2024 Level V programs receive complimentary tuition to this event. You will still need to reserve your room/meals.

Room block will sell out! Be sure to reserve your room while there is availability.

Early bird pricing good through ?. Register now for the lowest price possible.

So far, soooooo good, right? Now it’s time to introduce you to the incredibly beautiful retreat location:
Serra in Malibu, California!

Under the patronage of Saint Junípero Serra (the official Apostle of California), the Serra Retreat site embodies Father Serra’s statement: “Always go forward, never turn back.”

Sitting atop a 26-acre knoll with views of the Pacific Ocean (about a mile away) and the Santa Monica Mountains, the view through the arched windows in the dining room offers a panoramic display of the winding creek that runs through Malibu Canyon to where it joins the Pacific Ocean. And where the two bodies of water meet, there is a natural lagoon which is a designated bird sanctuary and park.

With breathtaking views of mountains and waters, all of the buildings at Serra are surrounded by manicured gardens, secluded resting places, meditation stations, and walking paths.

The Chapel, too, features breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding area.

Naturally, mere word can’t do this lovely location justice, so take a look:

Just imagine yourself here…

…walking these paths…

… inhaling inspiration and insights …

… contemplating your ability to heal yourself and others …

… among friends you know, and some you haven’t met yet…

Let’s do this … together!

In this heavenly haven from hectic city life, Deborah’s Serra retreat promises you energy healing insights in abundance. And being with us will have you feeling renewed, refreshed, and eager to share your insights and healing gifts with others when you get home.

Mary Magdalene deserves to be remembered and embraced as the amazing woman she was, and to be acknowledged as the Ascended Master she has become.

And it’s long past time to embrace each other again, too! 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Register RIGHT NOW to join us from October 29 to November 1, 2023. Space is very limited.

This event is exclusive to members of our 2024 Level IV and 2024 Level V programs.

Members of our 2024 Level IV and 2024 Level V  programs receive complimentary tuition to this event. You will still need to reserve your room/meals.

Room block will sell out! Be sure to reserve your room while there is availability.

Early bird pricing good through ?. Register now for the lowest price possible.

Praise from Deborah’s Peers

Deborah King is a guide for all seekers of higher truth who are destined to fulfill their purpose of helping others by first healing themselves.

Neale Donald Walsh, New York Times best-selling author of Conversations with God

I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her and her healing work.

Louise Hay, New York Times best-selling author 
of You Can Heal Your Life

Deborah King is a courageous and gifted healer.

Christiane Northrup, M.D., New York Times best-selling author 
of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause

I love Deborah King’s mix of esoteric and practical wisdom, the confluence of ancient and modern healing traditions!

Marci Shimoff, New York Times best-selling author 
of Love for No Reason and Happy for No Reason

Deborah King reminds us that we’re born with
nature’s most powerful instrument of healing- the gift to be able to sense and direct subtle energy through our bodies.

Gregg Braden, New York Times best-selling author 
of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time

Praise from Deborah’s Attendees

The techniques and knowledge I’ve gained from studying with Deborah King have proved an invaluable experience, one that will continue to serve me for the rest of my life! I feel lighter, brighter, and clearer than I’ve ever felt in my life, feeling a sense of peace, love, and gratitude filling every part of me.

Deborah King’s work is transformational! I am so grateful for her teaching me, for guiding me and for inspiring me to heal myself and others. Since studying LifeForce Energy Medicine©, my life is happier, healthier, and everything I intended it to be!

Deborah’s programs have brought me to both a new level of awareness and to greater heights than I could have ever imagined. Deborah has a unique gift of helping her students achieve what their soul desires and I have learned a great deal through her program about myself and others. It has truly been an invaluable experience.

I met Deborah King in ’09; I didn’t know exactly what energy healing was but I signed up for it. And fast forward, it turned out to be the best investment ever. I’m meeting more of me which is so exciting because the person that I aspire to be was inside of me. The more I get to meet my true essence of me, the more I fall in love with the qualities that I exude so naturally. Therefore, I don’t have to cover up to become a better person which is so freeing. The more I can save all the energy spent for cover-ups, I feel stronger, lighter, more loving, authentic, and transparent.

A transformational thrill ride beyond my wildest dreams. Deborah King is a game changer.

In Deborah King, I have found a spiritual teacher and healer who has guided me in healing past traumas, becoming more intuitive, and helping me deal with challenges that come every single day. I love working with Deborah King!

About Deborah King

New York Times bestselling author, energy healer, and spiritual teacher, Deborah King has developed her powerful gifts through three decades of global study, and is hailed as a premiere master healer of our time. Deborah was a successful attorney in her twenties when a cancer diagnosis compelled her to begin a quest for health that would radically change her life. Her amazing remission at the hands of a healer spurred her to leave the corporate arena for the mysterious world of healing, where she mastered ancient and modern systems, ultimately developing a powerful energy healing technique of her own.

Through her numerous books, workshops, TV appearances, and her Facebook Live show complete with a live band, Deborah has guided tens of thousands of people to tap into a higher level of consciousness, trust their intuition, and heal themselves in ways they never thought possible. Deborah’s books, Be Your Own Shaman… Truth Heals… Entangled in Darkness… and Heal Yourself — Heal the World, take you deep into the powerful, esoteric world of healers, sages, and shamans. Featured regularly in the media, W Magazine calls Deborah’s work “electrifying.”

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