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Akashic Record

I first learned about the Akashic records when I was in my twenties. Through my initiation into energy healing — when I was healed from cancer — I was first introduced to, and began to work with, the Akashic Records.

The Akashic Records, also known as “The Book of Life,” hold the plans and lessons you have chosen to experience for the growth of your soul, and show how those plans are part of everything that’s happening in your life.

Your Akashic records are a metaphorical “library” that hold all the life experiences of every soul since time began.

And these records not only hold YOUR information… they capture all human events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions of every event in the past, present, and future.

In other words, it’s the entire memory of the planet!

In this 9-minute video, I’ll share with you, five simple — yet powerful — ways you can access the wisdom of your Akashic Records:

5 ways to Access Your Akashic Records & How this Wisdom Can Help Guide You

To help you access your Akashic Records, you have your own personal guide. I refer to this guide as your Compassionate Witness, they’re like your personal librarian who can help you find and access your records, information, and lessons contained in the pages of your book.

You can call on your Compassionate Witness to help you retrieve any information you are seeking. Some people see their guide as an image, some a ball of light, and some have a sense, or knowing, that their guide is with them.

Here’s just a peek at what you can discover with your guide — your Compassionate Witness — when you begin to access your “Book of Life”:

1) Dissolve Limiting Beliefs & “Old Stories”

You can access your Akashic Records to locate information and insights on blocks you might be experiencing in different areas of your life. This could be in your relationships, or your work life, or even with specific health challenges.

You can call on your guide to point you to areas where these blocks formed or energy is stagnant. You can also learn where trauma or negative imprints are held, so you can begin to release them.

Through accessing this spiritual information in your records, you can begin to heal and release the stories, beliefs, and patterns that no longer serve you and replace these energies with love and restorative power of the Divine.

2) Uncover Your Soul’s Purpose

Especially in these times, you might be asking yourself more deeply, why am I here now? What role do I have to play in what is happening now? What is my Soul’s Purpose?

Your Akashic Records hold information on your Soul’s contract and why you incarnated here in this body, in this life, at this time. To access higher levels of consciousness to access this information — as well as to integrate it into your daily life, you can work with your Akashic Records.

You will gain insights into your Dharma for this lifetime and how to course-correct when life’s challenges throw you off track. You can always return to your baseline by returning to your Akashic Records.

3) Discover Your Divine Potential

Your Akashic Records contain all of the possibilities and potential for you in this lifetime. They also contain the wisdom of your past and present lives, as well as all that is open to you in the future.

You can access this knowledge through your Akashic Records, heal what’s blocking you from embodying your purpose and potential, and then initiate a daily integration practice so you can begin to receive this potential from a position of higher consciousness — and to make choices with this knowledge.

4) Connect with the Divine

When you access your records, you are reconnecting with the Divine Source within you. Your Soul’s imprint is on every page of every book. Reconnecting with Source amplifies your inner guidance, inner knowing, and builds confidence and trust in the guidance of your intuition.

You will also feel a sense of peace and calm as you begin to connect regularly with this inner resource.

5) Identify The Lessons From Your Past Lives

As I’ve mentioned, your Akashic Records, your “Book of Life,” hold the memories, experiences, emotions, happenings of your previous incarnations, as well as the lessons from those lifetimes — and the lessons you are here to discover in this lifetime.

You can also find information on “contracts,” or agreements you have made in other lifetimes or for relationship agreements you also made in other lifetimes. These insights will shed light on current situations or dynamics in your life.

You can also bless and release out-of-date contracts in this lifetime — allowing you to tap into greater creativity, more life force energy, and more of your true essence.

By releasing old contracts, you also open yourself to embody your full potential for this lifetime.

These are just a few highlights from working with your Akashic Records. Once you begin to access your records on a regular basis, you’ll find a wealth of wisdom and support for your daily life.

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