What’s Your Role as a Starseed?

What's Your Role As A Starseed

Are you aware that the Universe holds an estimated 200 billion galaxies (and counting!)? There are 500 solar systems alone in our own Milky Way!

Surely, there are “non-human” souls out there…

Some of these souls may have come HERE from another star system or galaxy… maybe even your soul.

The idea of Starseeds is not all THAT wild, when you consider that scientists and astronauts like Edgar Mitchell have gone public about the likelihood or evidence of intelligent beings and advanced civilizations, elsewhere.

And if you ARE a Starseed, you’re probably wondering, what brought you to this crazy planet?

There are 6 main reasons why Starseeds are here on Earth.

Yet, ultimately… there is one main reason…

You are here to create significant change in the world.

You’re here to serve, heal, or transform the world in some way. That healing and transformation almost always — certainly in my experience, and probably in yours too — begins with our own lives first, and then we can bring it to others.

As Starseeds, we’re here to raise the frequency of Earth too…

We’re being called to step up and access higher levels of consciousness to bring the harmony and healing that really is possible on this planet. The Vedic sages, the Egyptian texts, shamans and saints and masters in every corner of the world from every culture have been telling us for thousands of years: it really is possible to live in divine harmony.

In this 12-minute video, I’ll share the 6 essential roles Starseeds play in our world today — plus a guided meditation to help you uncover your unique role as a Starseed.

WATCH as I lead you to connect with your fourth energy center… the seat of your being…

And take you through these key roles Starseeds play here on Earth:

  1. Your role in helping to heal others
  2. Your role in healing the Earth
  3. Your role as an activist
  4. Your role is as a creative
  5. Your role in embodying higher consciousness
  6. Your role as a teacher

In exploring the essential roles Starseeds play, you’ll find answers to some of life’s biggest questions… including why your soul has chosen to incarnate as a human being — and your role in “ramping up the frequency” on Earth.

If you’re curious to learn more about the Role of a Starseed, I want to invite you to check out my free mini-workshop on Gaia: Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA — if you haven’t done so already. I also have an exclusive gift for Gaia members here.

Deborah King