Are you a starseed

Are You a Starseed?

Are you a starseed

Have you ever felt like there’s a specific reason why you’re alive? That there’s purpose to your life, that you’re here to do more than eat, sleep, work, and repeat?

For thousands of years, we humans have looked to the sky for answers about our origins. The great solstice monuments around the world tell us that our ancestors used the sky as their calendar.

And in pretty much every religion and every mythology, God or the gods reside in the heavens — those unfathomably vast and mysterious realms that influence us more greatly than most people today realize.

I had never really considered much about cosmology until my 20s, when I sought many modalities to heal myself from cancer, and began working with the Akashic records.

After my remission, a more minor condition led me back to the Akasha, and there I met a bizarre-looking guide — definitely not of this Earth — who floored me as I felt an amazing visceral connection, as if he was a deeply loved relative I had never even known how much I missed.

I shared lots of details about this in a recent Starseeds presentation I want to invite you to check out, but first I want to tell you a little more…

My Akashik guide actually told me that I was a starseed, and gave me details about specifically where my soul is from.

Because that’s what a starseed is — someone like you or me… in a human body… here in our 3D reality… whose soul is from another dimension, planet, parallel universe, or star system.

This sounds insane to some, except those who dig into the deeper science of the universe, or the mystical experiences of many astronauts. Since you’re reading this, you’ve likely not only done some of that, you’re probably thinking you might be a starseed too.

So how do you know if you’re a starseed? Here are some classic signs. I saved the best for last, as it’s actually the most telling.


9 Signs You’re a Starseed

  1. You’re sensitive and empathic

    You might often know what people are thinking, or you can easily tune into their moods. Maybe you feel what people are feeling or absorb their feelings, or you’re sensitive to things like light, noise, or BS.
  2. You have recurring dreams or mystical experiences

    You’ve dreamt for long periods or throughout your life about a particular thing, place, or person. You’ve seen spirits, tapped into other worlds, or sensed tremendous energies.
  3. You remember the future

    Do you have psychic dreams or visions? Sense events before they happen? Get strong feelings of déjà vu — the “already seen”?
  4. You dream of flying, or you have out-of-body experiences

    Earth is a VERY dense planet, so you might feel immense elation when dreaming of being free from gravity or soaring with a sense of lightness and wonder. Or maybe you sleepwalk, astral travel, or just find it hard to feel grounded in your body.
  5. Time seems flexible

    Sometimes three hours flies like 10 minutes, and sometimes time drags.
  6. Synchronicities abound

    You see or hear recurring signs and patterns — in symbols, in music, or on the clock when it says 11:11 or 4:44.
  7. Changing sleep patterns

    You wake every morning at a certain time (3 a.m. is all too common) and can’t get back to sleep. Or you sleep all day, unable to get enough.
  8. You feel out of place

    You’ve been different since you were a child, never knowing how to do things the way “normal people” do them, always longing to feel a sense of unity and belonging that you rarely feel with other people.
  9. You have a strong desire to make change in the world

    This is the most powerful sign of being a starseed because it’s also your mission as a starseed. You really want things to heal and transform, and you feel a restless soul-urge to accomplish something. You may or may not know what that something is right now, but you definitely know you’re here to do it.


Why Knowing You’re a Starseed is so Important…

Recognizing your role as a starseed is crucial not only to your fulfillment, but to the health of the people around you and our planet.

Ultimately you’re here to move the people around you up to their next level of consciousness in some way. You’re here to help lead others to a transformation on Earth that ushers in peace, communion, and the goodness your soul remembers.

If you’re curious to explore more, I invite you to check out my mini-workshop, Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA, which I presented at the Conscious Life Expo 2020.

Join me for this experiential journey into the cosmos to discover your true origins. Other suns and planets in our own Milky Way galaxy, or in galaxies far, far away, may have been your original home, giving you the deeper understanding and advanced starseed abilities that go along with those realms of higher consciousness.

Learn the mission you were sent to accomplish and why you volunteered for it. Prepare yourself to be rocketed into space in this one-of-a-kind experience as you locate your home planet and lock in to your cosmic DNA!

It’s a full hour of me going in- depth into the places we come from, how to tap into their wisdom, what you’re doing here, and how you can step into your role as a change agent.

Several of my students joined me, and you can see us do healings at the end. I hope you’ll check it out — it was an honor to present, and it gave us all a sense of connection that I’m really missing right now.

You can watch the full episode Starseeds: Your Cosmic DNA for FREE — until Midnight Pacific, Monday, April 13.


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