Ojai Retreat Oct 2019

The Deborah King Center and the Ojai Valley Inn present:


Connect, Get Inspired, Be Uplifted, and Let Your Light Shine in a
Powerful Spiritual Vortex, Surrounded by Seekers of
Truth and Light


Thursday, October 31 – Sunday, November 3, 2019 • Ojai, California

This Halloween, Take Advantage of a Powerful Spiritual
4-Day Celebration

Gathering Transformative Knowledge, Connecting with Community, and Uncovering
Your Most Powerful, Transcendent Self in the Potent Spiritual Vortex of Ojai, California


More than 13,000 years ago, the ancient Chumash Indians settled the valley that is now called Ojai. They sensed that the valley held mystical powers and exuded a peaceful sacredness.

Today, we realize the reason: Ojai is a vortex—a place of concentrated and magnified spiritual energy. In this incredible natural setting, Deborah King, a noted spiritual teacher, will host a retreat that starts with a festive Halloween party and takes you through the holy days that come after All Hallow’s Eve.

The custom of Halloween began when Christians in Ireland and Britain would come together to ask for God’s blessing and protection from the evil in the world—donning saintly or evil spirit garb to act out the battle between good and evil.

Join the Deborah King Center at the exquisitely beautiful Ojai Valley Inn to take advantage of this powerful spiritual time.

Ojai Valley Inn at Night

The retreat will begin Thursday evening, All Hallow’s Eve, October 31.

Come dressed as and channeling your favorite spirit guide—a gifted ancestor or an ethereal angel, an ascended master or an animal guide. There will be prizes for the three who are best able to carry the vibe of their guide!

On the following three days of the retreat – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – you’ll drop deeply into Source under Deborah’s mantle of protection, and rest peacefully in All That Is, as you experience higher guidance as well as the benefits of energy healing.

Come away with powerful, life-changing knowledge and an experience to remember.


You will learn how to:

  • Connect more deeply to your own inner light and intuitive wisdom.
  • Manifest your light in the world through the practice of focused intention.
  • Use the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, to clear karmic debts.
  • Tell the truth of your personal story in your own voice.
  • Establish inner silence through meditation as a foundation for peace and bliss.

On Sunday, you’ll get that welcome extra hour of sleep when the clock “falls back” to Standard time. You’ll be well-rested, well-connected, and shining brightly.

Come join us in magical Ojai!


Secure your place at the Retreat today for only $795

Once you are registered for the event, be sure to secure a room at the beautiful Ojai Valley Inn while the
special Deborah King Center room block is available!
If you live in LA, Ventura, or Santa Barbara county, you may attend this event as a day student.

Ojai Valley Inn: 855-697-8780

Ojai Resort Oak Tree

About the Ojai Valley Inn

Nestled in a sacred valley is the 220-acre iconic Ojai Valley Inn, offering an abundance of active and peaceful pleasures with a legendary golf course, a 31,000 square foot Spa Village, Artist Cottage & Apothecary, multiple pools, and seven unique dining outlets ranging from fast-casual to fine dining. Consistently listed as one of Condé Nast Traveler Top 100 Hotels in the World, the Inn has been a treasured destination since 1923, and combines the region’s unspoiled spirituality with 21st century luxury.

Ojai Valley Inn • 905 Country Club Road • Ojai, CA 93023

Call to reserve: 855-697-8780 and ask for the Deborah King Room Block for our special group rate

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