Connecting with Your Spirit Guides

A few years ago my students and I were blessed with an extraordinary experience at a workshop I was leading in Germany. I was visited in the night by powerful spirit guides who poured into me immense energy and light so that I was able to help connect a student to her ancestral spirit guide. Everyone in the room was treated to a visit from a real American Indian Princess!

This magical connection was only possible because of the spirit guides who were present. Everyone has spirit guides – they are your mentors and angels who are waiting by your side to offer guidance and support whenever you are ready and available to accept their help. Their help comes in various forms and as in the case of this workshop, may not even be focused on you directly – but know that they are here to help you if you ask them. They can assist you in discovering your real truth and self-awareness. They can help you reach higher levels of initiation.

To learn more about how to meet your spirit guides and read the full amazing story about the American Indian Princess, please click here to check out my recent article for Hay House’s Heal Your Life.

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