Learning Telepathy

Have you ever been telepathic? I bet you have, but chances are you dismissed it as a fluke. Have you ever known who was going to be on the other end of the phone when it rang (and not because you saw the caller ID)? Or maybe you thought of someone you hadn’t talked to in a while, and they got in touch with you later that day or the next? Those are just two common examples of being telepathic that happen all the time. So-called twin telepathy is another example—one identical twin often knows what the other is thinking or feeling.

Whether you realize it or not, we all have the capacity to communicate with other people on other levels that have nothing to do with our five senses or the physical plane. That ability is just something we were all born with. Every once in a while, scientists will try to see if they can get any closer to understanding how telepathy works, but it’s still a mystery. Some parapsychologists believe the information is transmitted through extremely low-frequency electromagnetic waves, but not surprisingly, no one has been able to prove or disprove that idea. All we know for sure is that it does exist, and it seems to happen more often with some people than others.

So how can you tap into your telepathy and cultivate it to make that ability available for more useful things? Here are five tips to get you started:

1)   Stay as centered as possible. If your mind is always racing and you’re up for the multi-tasker of the year award, chances are you won’t be able to recognize subtle thoughts and impressions. Those little telepathic whispers won’t even be a blip on your radar screen. So build some quiet time into your day, whether you meditate, go for a walk by yourself (without electronic attachments), or even just push back from your desk and daydream. This sets up a fertile atmosphere for all kinds of energetic communication, including telepathy.

2)   Practice with your friends.  Start with something easy—numbers or colors. Pick something were there are only a handful of options. Have your friend think of a number or a color and see if you can sense what it is. Remember, this isn’t a guessing game. You’re trying to intuit the information. Be sure to keep this exercise light-hearted. Make it fun.

3)   Practice on your own. Sit in a public place like a café, a library, or a store and choose a person in the room. Imagine an energetic connection between the two of you, and try to sense it. Without staring at the person or otherwise trying to attract any attention, see if you can make a great enough connection with the person they change what they’re doing even momentarily. What you’re looking for can be as subtle as a glance in your direction—not a full-blown conversation with a stranger.

4)   Don’t beat yourself up. Chances are, you won’t get a ton of hits right away. And that’s OK. As the saying goes, where attention goes, energy flows. So the more you try to tune in to your telepathy, the more you will be able to recognize it.  But if you get frustrated and think you’re a failure at it, you will be chasing it away. That isn’t a punishment, by the way, it’s just one of those universal laws. Negativity closes down your channels. So if you start feeling frustrated with your attempts, just put the idea aside for the time being. You can come back to it later when you’re feeling more positive.

5)   Use it only for good. Never use telepathy or any other psychic or paranormal ability to try to control others or change their behavior in a manipulative way. It’s one thing to try an exercise to see if you can get someone to glance your way, but it’s another to attempt to intrude into their private thoughts or try to get them to change their will about something—especially if it isn’t in their best interest.

So try out these tips, and remember to have fun with the process. Maybe even keep a record of your successes so you’ll be encouraged to keep trying. As you grow and mature on a spiritual level, you will have access to more and more abilities like telepathy. The more such abilities you stay open to, the more will come your way. Go to my Facebook page and let me know how you’re doing!

Deborah King