3 Reasons Energy Medicine Is the Best Medicine



What if I told you there is a way to heal yourself of all types of distress without pills or hospital stays or side effects or surgeries? A painless procedure that has virtually zero recovery time? You’d probably say, “Sign me up!”


Whether your issues are mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual, energy medicine can address the root causes of the illness and heal you completely without touching a scalpel to your skin or even taking any invasive medical tests! As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I’ve seen energy healing work its magic on tens of thousands of people who walk away from sessions with me healed and restored, with renewed energy and a lightness to their body. From a broken leg to a broken heart, energy healing can help you recover from your condition, and better yet, teach you how to heal yourself.


What Exactly Is Energy Medicine?


Interest in energy medicine is on the rise. Decades ago when I started studying and practicing energy healing, people thought it was pretty “out there” stuff. But over the years, energy medicine has become more and more common, and has gained more respect from the general public. These days, many people know someone who was healed by an energy healer, or have at least heard of this thing called energy medicine. But what is it exactly?


Energy exists all around us, on multiple levels or fields, and interpenetrates every living and non-living thing on this planet and beyond. Humans have their own personal energy fields that mirror what is happening in the body, which means that making changes in your personal energy field can make changes in your physical body. Likewise, changes in your body can affect your energy field. This is how energy medicine works: by tapping into the unified field of all energy, an energy healer manipulates your energy field to heal both your energy and, consequently, your body.




It Just Might Save Your Life


One of the ways you can test the health of your energy field is through the chakras. Your chakras are focal points of energy in your body that reflect the movement of energy in your field. An energy healer can sense where there are blockages or distortions in your chakras, and therefore your energy flow, and then clear the negative energy away so your chakra can function freely as it’s supposed to. This energy exchange that keeps you nourished is vital to all aspects of your health. This is why it’s important to keep your body and energy field free and clear of negative energy. Meditation, journaling, and staying grounded in nature are all good ways to begin the practice of clearing your chakras and allowing energy medicine to begin its healing process.


Whether you are seeking healing for yourself or a loved one, read these three reasons to give energy medicine a try. It just might save your life.


1. Energy medicine heals your whole being.

Your mind, body, spirit, and emotions are like threads weaved together into the tapestry of you. If you pull at one string, the whole structure unravels. If you only treat the physical symptoms of a condition or illness, you’ve left the rest of the person out of the equation. Emotional and spiritual pain can cause physical distress. Like the closed heart chakra contributing to high cholesterol, I’ve seen time and time again the very real effects that feelings can have on the body.


Each aspect of your being affects the other aspects, and traditional western medicine has a one-track mind: physical body issues only. It fails to treat the emotional, spiritual, or mental components of illness, which means it fails to treat the totality of the sick person. Western medicine is good at saving lives when the situation is acute, but energy medicine can prevent a condition from getting that far in the first place.


2. Energy medicine can prevent physical symptoms from developing.

One of the main advantages of energy medicine is its amazing ability to detect illnesses or conditions that are brewing in your energy field long before any symptoms appear in the body. Distortions in your chakras can be revealed through taking healing courses or working with an energy healer, and when they are caught early enough, you may not develop any physical ailments related to that distortion at all. Imagine having your sickness healed before you really even felt sick!




Most medical practitioners would agree that prevention is always the best medicine. Meditation, journaling, and healing courses are all tools to keep you on track, but if your health does become threatened, wouldn’t you want to know about it as soon as possible? Energy medicine allows for the soonest possible detection.


3. Zero negative side effects and almost zero recovery time.

Energy medicine is a painless procedure. Sometimes patients feel a warmth surrounding a physical healing and others find that an emotional healing will release a slew of tears. But there are no invasive procedures performed by faceless doctors in brightly lit and sterile hospital rooms, no stitches or crutches, no weeks of recovery time or tons of prescription pain pills.


Energy medicine works with the body to heal from within, so the physical recovery is minimal. Some patients feel immediately better and walk away from an energy healer like they’ve got clouds under their feet. Others feel a shift that grows and develops over the next few hours or days until the effects have fully unfolded. Either way, you should try to take it easy after an energy healing session, and be sure to drink plenty of water. But that is the extent of the “post-op procedure” and there’s no need to deal with insurance.


Some of the side effects of energy medicine that you might encounter include feelings of joy and relief, a lightened spirit, a sense of freedom, an emotional rebirth, a physical improvement, or any number of positive transitions in your mental, spiritual, physical, or emotional well-being.


Energy medicine has some of the most consistent results with the lowest risks. Why not give it a try?


If you would like to learn more about energy medicine and its boundless healing potential, check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, a twelve week program designed to teach you how to heal yourself and others, and certifies you to be an official energy healer!




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