How to Let Go of the Past in Ten Minutes



Relationships Are Energy Exchanges


Take a moment to briefly think about every relationship you’ve ever had, or at least as many as you can remember: your parents, your siblings, your aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, boyfriends and girlfriends, best friends, enemies, competitors, bosses, coworkers, lovers, spouses, children, pets. I’m sure it’s a lot of people!


Now consider the fact that each relationship is an interaction of energy, a push-pull between you and the other person that is often uneven. Usually the imbalance is minor—you give a little more with some people, your kids for example, and take a little more with others, like perhaps your mother. And sometimes you do both within the same relationship at different times, like with your best friend or spouse. That’s natural.


But what happens to that energy you spent in those moments of give-and take interaction, particularly those painful moments when you gave away, by choice or by force, too much of your energy and personal power?


Lost Energy Can Be Reclaimed


That energy—your energy—gets trapped in the time and place it was expended and becomes disconnected from your personal field. Essentially, you lose it. The good news is, it can be reclaimed! There is a shamanic process I use in my energy healing courses that seems simple, but packs a powerful punch, and can be done in about ten minutes per relationship.




In shamanic traditions, there are said to be thin, web-like structures that are impelled outward from the human energy field by emotions and latch on to someone else’s energy field. Through these webs, in every relationship you can leave some of your energy with the other person and some of their energy can get stuck with you. Good or bad, the more emotional the relationship, the more connecting webs of energy between the people, the more potential for personal energy lost.


Sever Those Draining Energetic Bonds


This means that all emotional relationships have the possibility of being draining to your energy field, and therefore your chakras, and the rest of you, will also be drained. This is part of why break-ups and betrayals are so difficult and exhausting—emotionally charged situations literally steal your energy. Due to the energetic and emotional ties, you are also still attached to that person until you sever those energy-sucking bonds.


This is where energy healing can really help. The shamanic technique I teach in my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course release the draining emotions associated with that person, return to you your energy from them, and remove any of their negative energy from your field. You will be amazed by the boost in energy and increase in emotional and mental clarity you will experience after you complete this incredible shamanic technique I learned from Carlos Castaneda.


Castaneda’s Shamanic Technique


Now, I know there is a lot of speculation out there as to whether or not Castaneda really studied with the Yaqui shaman Don Juan Matus out in the desert, or if Don Juan even existed at all. I’m sure Castaneda created these characters for the purpose of teaching ancient techniques he stumbled on doing his research in some dusty library. So, whether the tales are true or not doesn’t really matter for our purposes. What I am certain of through my experience as an energy healer and spiritual teacher, is that the practices he teaches do indeed work, and that’s why I want to share them with you.




Don Juan taught Castaneda and his other students how to directly perceive energy, just as energy healing and healing courses and workshops can help you perceive energy. In fact, Castaneda essentially took a lengthy healing course with Don Juan and came out transformed. His ten books exploring psychological and mystical arenas and questioning perception and reality were international bestsellers and heavily influenced popular and spiritual cultures.


Castaneda encourages freeing yourself from limited perceptions and beliefs, and making “the sorcerer’s crossing,” which is a leap forward in spiritual perceptions to expanded consciousness. I encourage the same, as it is the release of those limiting perceptions and opening the gates to higher states that allows for energy healing and spiritual advancement.


Clear Your Memories and Your Chakras


But of all his teachings, it’s the shamanic technique I teach in my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course that is the most rewarding. This process has you clear out past memories and the emotions linked to those memories. Any emotional attachments you have to past hurts or wrongs can be released, and the energy you spent during that painful period can be reclaimed and returned to your energy field.


Think back to that list of relationships you made earlier and imagine all the energy you’d get back if you applied this technique to all of them! You can perform this process for anyone in your life, or everyone, as Castaneda was told to do, but even if you only apply the technique to a few core people who have significantly impacted you, the resulting positive effects will be noticeable.




In addition to enhanced clarity, greater energy, and feeling more grounded, if you learn this shamanic technique and reclaim all that lost energy, you will feel younger. This technique helps you fight aging since it is the loss of energy that ages you. This is also great news for anyone who has an illness, as it can also help speed the healing process.


Ideally, you should have a spiritual routine of meditation, journaling, clearing your chakras, and connecting with mother Earth, plus this incredible and effective technique should be added to your regime. You will recapture your personal energy, the vital foundation for your being, and dissolve any and all negative energy drains to the person you focus on during the process. You may need to complete the ten to fifteen minute process a few times for intense or long-term relationships, but eventually you will be completely free of all ties that drain to that person, the past events, and the feelings associated with those events. Can you imagine how much lighter you’ll feel? Trust me, this is a technique you need to learn.


If you would like to find out more about this amazing and life-changing shamanic technique, check out my Hay House LifeForce Energy Healing Online Course, a twelve week program that will teach you all about energy healing and how to heal yourself and others, plus certifies you in the exciting field of energy medicine!