The healing power of water

An Elemental Force of Healing – 3 Ways Water Heals

The summer season is all about water, an elemental force for good. Whether you’re swimming in a pool or lake, walking along a beach or river, or sitting under misters on a restaurant patio, chances are that many of your summer hours will be spent in or around water. Of course this is fun all on its own, but did you know that water is also an incredible tool for healing your mind, body, and soul? Just like energy healing, water is both preventative and curative, and these upcoming months are the ideal time to take advantage of the many ways you can soak up the therapeutic effects of water for increased health and happiness.

Water for Life

On a most basic level, water is necessary for life. You can’t survive without drinking water, and over my many years as a spiritual teacher and energy healer, I have found that most people also feel comforted by water—both by being immersed in it as well as just being near water. Think about how much better you feel after a dip in the ocean or a walk along a waterfront path, or even after a shower: relaxed, refreshed, calm, clearheaded, and probably happier, right? Well there are good reasons for that. Water cleanses you of negativity, reduces stress, and clears and recharges your chakras.

Eight Glasses Each Day

First and most importantly, water is essential not just to your physical survival, but to the health of your physical body. Obviously, you would die without enough H2O, but studies show that most people don’t get enough and are actually mildly dehydrated without realizing. Dehydration symptoms can include things that you may not associate with a lack of water like headaches, muscle aches, fatigue, dizziness, dry mouth, dry or irritated skin, mental fuzziness or lack of focus, inflammation, digestive issues, toxin buildup, and even depression and anxiety. Severe dehydration can cause increased heartbeat, rapid breathing, fever, and delirium, so be sure you get the recommended eight glasses a day as a minimum, and if it is warm or you are exerting yourself, you need to drink even more.

Water Makes You Happier

Water has healing benefits for the intangible parts of your being, too. At my energy healing courses and workshops, I have heard countless stories from students who say that they can’t be depressed at the ocean, or that they have found solace in simply sitting on a river bank and watching the water flow. I’ve come to internalize this truth, too; it’s why I’ve lived at a series of lakeside houses so I can see the water while I work: it is nearly impossible to feel bad around water. Moving air and water—waterfalls, ocean waves, babbling brooks, even showers—release negative ions which are molecules that have gained or lost an electric charge and are known to improve moods. In other words, being around moving water really does make you happier.

Water also soothes your mind and reduces stress, just like meditation. The sheer number of people who flock to beaches and lakes during the summer to escape the stresses of normal daily life is evidence of water’s power to heal the mind, as is the fact that thousands of people choose to fall asleep to the sounds of water, whether real or electronic, because the rhythmic crashing of waves or the tinkling of river water over smooth stones is comforting. Water inspires peace because it feels safe and nurturing—after all, you were held by water in the womb as you were formed. Listening to the soothing consistency of moving water moves you toward serenity, and healing is easier from a place of peace.

Water: A Conduit of Universal Energy

Water is also spiritually healing since it is a conduit of universal energy. It can literally wash away negative energy that has become lodged in your chakras from past heartbreak or trauma, and clear any negative energy that has rubbed off from someone else and gotten stuck to you. Saltwater is especially healing, as salt has its own healing properties, so the combination of salt and water is particularly potent. Now you have another reason to get in the ocean this summer! Swimming in the ocean for twenty minutes acts as a cleanse and rejuvenator as well as removes any low level negative energy you’ve picked up from others. If you can’t make it to the ocean, a bath filled with a pound each of sea salt and baking soda will do the trick.

Just like journaling, meditation, and other energy medicine techniques, being around water will help to keep your chakras balanced and spinning in the right direction, which will keep your field and body healthy. So go out and get in the water! And this summer, don’t take the restorative properties of water for granted. Get the most out of your water activities by imagining the negativity being washed away, leaving you lighter, healthier, and happier.

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