The Two Most Powerful Tools for Energy Healing

 “God has given us two hands, one to receive with and the other to give.”

–Billy Graham

When someone has a problem, whether they are animal or human, what do you instinctively do? You reach out to them. Hug your friend, pat a neighbor on the back, caress a dog’s head, gather a child into your arms. It feels wonderful. When you do this, does it ever seem like you are serving as an instrument, a conduit, a channel for some powerful energy source beyond yourself? The hand that you extend to another has mysterious power. You know that you are handing off a gift that has come to you through your wish to be of help. The gift is healing energy.

Modern quantum science is just confirming what every ancient culture knew: that everyone and everything is somehow connected. Even though we can’t usually see it, energy is all around us; a subtle form of it permeates the entire universe and comprises everything within it. This force, upon which our universe runs, is intelligent, alive, and the source of all life. The ancients knew all about this conscious and creative energy: how it penetrates all space, flows from one object to another, and connects a thing to everything else. Today we call this field of all possibilities the universal energy field, or simply the unified field.

This unified field is the foundation force for my work as a spiritual teacher and energy healer. Through training and practice, I learned to access this field and now help others activate their own ability to connect. I discovered almost all of what I know about the unified field experientially—that is, while in prayer, in meditation, and while conducting energy in the practice of healing. In this Divine application, energy is the medicine. As you connect to this universal field—attracting, conducting, and transmitting its energy to effect healing in yourself and others—you become the healer.

When you study energy healing techniques, you begin to make yourself an instrument or a conduit for the powerful universal energy field.  Among the first energy healing techniques I teach is the practice of chelation. In conventional medicine, chelation is a process of introducing a chemical infusion into the bloodstream to collect and remove toxic substances from the body.  As applied in energy medicine, chelation is the channeling of healing energy into and through the human body and its field to clear blocked energy and draw out impurities. Energy is the medicine and a pair of healing hands administer the treatment. Chelation is a hands-on technique that you can learn and use to unblock, clear, and balance the body and the energy field that surrounds and permeates it. Blocked energy, if not cleared, can manifest in the body as physical symptoms and illness.

The human energy field, also called the aura, is a manifestation of the universal energy field, the cornerstone of all life. You can think of the human energy field as a living template for the body, which ultimately mirrors what’s happening in the field. Thus, any distortion or imbalance in your field will sooner or later negatively impact you physically. Therefore, if you make a correction in the field—through chelation or other practices—a corresponding change will manifest in the body. This is why healing the field—restructuring it, rebalancing it, and charging it—is so important.

Is chelation an energy healing practice that you would like to master? Here are some things to consider:

1.In practicing chelation, you will transmit energy between your two hands. Do you know which of your hands is the “strong” one? This isn’t necessarily your writing hand, but the hand you would extend to pet a dog or check the brow of someone with a fever. This is the more sensitive of your two hands and sends out the most energy.

2. Do you know how to be “present” when you need to be? If you have a solid meditation practice, you’ll know what this means. Your presence is required for practicing energy healing. To be a conduit for Divine healing energy, you will need all your powers of focus and direction.

3. Do you know how to ground yourself? To receive the healing energy you wish to transmit, you need a firm connection to the Earth. Your strength is not yours alone. You will need to feel clear and balanced and centered to be in touch with the healing energy you are seeking to channel.

4. Do you know how to ask your spirit guides for help? As a channel for Divine healing energy, you will need to be open to the messages, words or images, that your spiritual guides can provide.

5. Do you know how to use a pendulum to explore the health of someone’s chakras? The right use of the pendulum can help you discover blocked energy and misfiring chakras that may be the source of illness and emotional problems that are keeping someone from reaching their true state of health and happiness.

With chelation and the more advanced forms of energy healing, you can learn to charge, balance, and clear both the human energy field and the body that mirrors it. I hope you’ll consider becoming an instrument of the Divine healing energy that is always available to those who seek it. The world of chelation is the world of light that you can spread to others. As St. Francis asked, “Make me an instrument of Thy peace.”

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