Spiritual clearing declutter

Cleaning up, clearing out, coming home

Spiritual clearing declutter

There’s a place we all want to get to, and that’s “home.” A place where you feel welcome, secure in the love and affection of those around you. A place that is not dependent on a wealth of material possessions, but on the richness of soul. A place where you are relaxed, where you are you, unadorned, unabashed, unafraid. You are safe. You are home.

Of course, your true home is not really a “place.” It’s a space, a realm of consciousness, a field of energy that at its highest level radiates truth, knowledge, and bliss. In the Vedas, this is known as satchitananda—the nature of ultimate reality. When you enter that realm, when you merge into unity with the All, you are truly home.

So the question becomes: how do you get there?

One way is by cleaning up and clearing out. Decluttering. The way it works is that when you clear out the external “stuff” that no longer works for you, that no longer “fits” into who you are or who you want to be, at the same time you are clearing out the internal “stuff” that keeps you stuck in the same old place.

Day by day, room by room, go through your living space. Clean up the bathroom drawers that have collected such a strange assortment of outdated lotions and potions. Toss it all in a garbage bag and clear it out of the house. Same with every closet. It doesn’t matter how much that cute jacket cost, you’ve worn it only once in the last five years. Out! Kitchen gadgets. The kids’ grade school projects. The garage. 

This may not sound like spiritual work, but trust me, it is. All those outer pieces of “stuff” carry vibrations, memories, emotions. There really are no inanimate “things.” They all reflect a moment in time and space, a combination of who you were then and the person who gave it to you. Or what you were going through at the time you bought it. You can feel the history of each object, but what does it do for you now? Does it lift you up or bring you down? Feel it, weigh its importance in your life. Each piece can then be passed along to a friend, hauled off to Goodwill, thrown out, or kept.

Every piece of clutter you get rid of makes room for more light in your life.  

The next level of cleaning up/clearing out is even more personal than old towels and chipped dishes. What about your CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes? Do you have tons of pre-digital photos that you could scan and save digitally? Old media to toss? What about books that may need a new home? 

Cleaning up is such a powerful spiritual tool because it goes far beyond the physical level. It’s like cleaning your electronic desktop. Turns out there are many folders of old stuff that can be archived or even tossed, just like those residual emotions that you really don’t have to hold onto anymore. . . any of the slights you’ve carried, those little stings to your ego that you’re still smarting over. Isn’t it time to let a lot go? To shred any pettiness, and to acknowledge any deep-seated emotions that may be ready to leave.

All this is a great starting point for moving from one “place” to another, from an old stuck realm of consciousness to a more awakened one. There are, of course, other levels, other gateways to pass through, but start by letting go of what you no longer need or want on the physical plane, and it will help bring you closer to the light and the feeling of home.

Your one true home, your soul.