Peggy McColl Tells Us How to Live with Plenty – and Recognize That We Already Do

Riches are our birthright; we can live in abundance now. We don’t hear this often in today’s economic climate. Aren’t those days of living in abundance history? They don’t have to be if we harness the power we have within. Our guest Peggy McColl, author of 21 Distinctions of Wealth: Attract the Abundance You Deserve, shares her message of plenty. When we see opportunity, when we have the emotional health to view the bigger picture and to see the cyclical nature of the world, then we can enjoy abundance instantly. It is not about possessions or money, it is about perception. This is a powerful message. Everything that needs to be done will come about as it should; and this wonderful book comes to us at precisely the time we need it most. Tune into Contact Radio for Peggy’s interview and more on living well in today’s world.

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