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Clearing Mental Chaos

Are you finding your inner chaos is mirroring the chaos swirling around you?

Racing or obsessive thoughts, a feeling of “leaving your body,” overwhelming emotions… 

Where can you turn for a sense of inner peace and calm?     

Fortunately, your own, subtle energy body holds the key that can set your mind, free…

In fact, you can clear any mental chaos you may be experiencing, right now, by turning your attention (and intention) to your first chakra, at the base of your spine.  

In the brief video below, Deborah shares a simple Energy Medicine teaching and practice, to help you experience calm instead of mental chaos — now, and in the days, weeks, and months to come.

Watch as Deborah guides you to rediscover your foundation, by pulling Earth’s energy up through your root chakra, allowing this healing vibration to fill your entire body…

Your ability to feel safe and supported resides in your first chakra, which receives healing, life-force energy from the Earth. Simply focusing on the vibrant, red, spinning vortex of energy in your root chakra grounds you and helps quell any mental chaos. 

You can see mental and earth energies as polarities — your accelerated mind in relationship to your grounded, centered, root.

As you listen to this short video, feel your body relax and your mind clear… notice your attention in the present moment… and a greater sense of what is yours to do, right now.   

Perhaps there is nothing to do? Just be present and lean into trusting that Spirit is guiding you.

You can return to this Energy Medicine practice throughout your day (anywhere, any time) to calm your mind, ground, and reconnect with the healing energy of Mother Earth… and affirm your deep anchor into the Earth’s generative and resilient core.

To support you in grounding and staying centered during these times, Deborah hosts a regular Facebook Live.

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