You’ve Got a Friend from Above

As the song from the movie Ghostbusters goes: “When there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who ya gonna call?” Rather than summoning the ghostbusters, how about calling on the “ghosts” themselves.

What could I possibly mean by that?

Okay, let’s say you’re driving somewhere you’ve never been before. Of course, you didn’t write down any directions because you assumed your trusty GPS would get you there. If only you had charged your phone before leaving the house! Now what? When that happened to me, I pulled onto the shoulder of the road, sat in meditation for a few minutes, and called on my Grandfather Desmond. While a drinker and a screw-up during life, now on “the other side,” he had proven himself a whiz at navigation. Sure enough, I pretty soon I figured out which way to go. Des also comes in handy when hiking on mountain trails.

I have other helpers who are not in physical bodies. There are medical experts, (some of whom I brought home with me after working for some time at John of God’s in Brazil), who show up when I need guidance during a complex healing session. There are spiritual guides who impart their wisdom when I am teaching. And there are powerful angelic entities that arrive when I am shepherding a student to another spiritual level. My life is rich with these friends from above that cannot necessarily be seen.

My student Nina dreamt of a huge lion patrolling the outer perimeter of her daughter’s house. In the dream, it felt like there was a perilous situation and the lion was there as guardian and protector. Sure enough, the next day Nina learned that an escaped prisoner had been in her daughter’s neighborhood that night and had broken into a nearby home. Nina said that the lion is her spirit guide and always shows up when there is danger.

When you need help, who do you call?

Puzzling over a project at work? It’s not exactly a 911 situation, but you do need some expert advice without indicating to the boss that you can’t figure it out on your own. You can send a silent signal out to the universe, requesting assistance. And then open yourself up to hearing/feeling the response. You have to be open and available to receive the aid that is offered by “friends in high places.”

You can learn to connect with these invaluable guides when you have a strong foundation in meditation. When you can calm your mind and sit in the spaciousness of internal silence, you begin to honor your ability to link to your own intuitive powers and to recognize the messages that come from the vast network of beings who are an energetic heartbeat away on higher planes of consciousness. Don’t disregard any thoughts that seem to pop up in your mind, or a sudden feeling that a certain direction could be the right solution to your problem. It’s hard for these guides to come to your aid when you ignore the messages you receive. Meditation is the best way for contacting your spirit guides.

Of course, your most trusted guide is your own Higher Self—the part of you that is always identified with the higher spiritual energies of the universe. The more you heal your old wounds, release your trauma, and saturate your being with meditative peace, the more in tune you will be with your intuition, and the more you will be able to receive the messages your Higher Self is sending you. This is the guide that is always with you, always available for you to call upon.

How many times a day do you stand at the crossroads? You are always making decisions: to stick to your eating plan or belly up to the buffet; to diss your ex or find something pleasant to say; to twist the truth or give a real answer. Do you recognize the moment when you make these choices or are you living your life blindly, without considering the consequences of all those little decisions you make all day long?

When you start to call upon your Higher Self, or invoke the aid of the guides from above, you learn to live more consciously. You start to walk upon the path of the spiritual masters. And you find it’s good to have friends in high places.

All summer long, I’m sharing the very best ways you can connect with and learn from your guides by learning to heal, thrive and grow into the very best version of you.

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