Open the Treasure Chest of Your Spiritual Gifts

You’re sitting outside, enjoying the cool morning breeze and the sun warming your skin as you sip your chai tea. You are content, basking in the lovely spring day before you have to head to work. Suddenly you feel anxious, unnerved, and a thought arises: something bad has happened. Moments later, your cell phone rings. Your mom says your dad is in an ambulance on the way to the hospital with a heart attack! As you throw a few things in a suitcase and head to the airport, you wonder: How did I know something was wrong with someone I love before the phone even rang?

Indeed, how did you know?

That feeling—the anxiety that flooded your body in seeming contradiction to the relaxed moment in the morning sun—came from somewhere beyond your five physical senses. There was nothing in your environment that created that anxiety; you had no previous knowledge that there was anything wrong with your dad’s health. But you have an energetic connection with your parents, even if you’re not thinking about them. In your mom’s worry about your dad, her panic as the ambulance doors closed to whisk him away, as she picked up the phone to call you, her energy reached out to you . . . and you felt it.

You’ve just had what is called a “paranormal” experience—beyond your five physical senses.

Of course, if you’d been in the office with a thousand things on your mind, you probably would have dismissed the feeling as just another indication that you really, really need a vacation. And that’s what happens all the time. You receive messages, but don’t listen to them or believe they are real. You doubt the reality of something that you can’t touch, taste, see, hear, or smell.

If only you realized how many other channels of communication with the universe are available to you! It’s like having a treasure chest that is buried beneath doubt and cynicism. And what a treasure chest it is!

The clairs are in that buried chest. The “clairs” are the senses beyond the five you know. Clairvoyance is seeing without the use of the eyes; clairaudience is hearing without the ears; clairalience is smelling without the nose; clairsentience is feeling without touch; and claircognizance, as you just experienced, is a knowing beyond the mind. “Clair” is French for clear. You were given a clear knowing that something was wrong before it was verified on the physical plane.

Whenever I sense the presence of the Egyptian Goddess Isis, I always “smell” the woodsy, spicy smell of sandalwood. When I first meet someone, I just “know” the contents of their soul. When I “see” a flame above someone’s head, it’s telling me they are ready for initiation—the higher level energy is poised above them waiting for me to help download it into their consciousness. And when I’m working with an individual, I often  “hear” medical information they need in order to heal.

And those gifts are just some of the jewels in that treasure chest. There are gifts that manifest physically, like the ability to be in two places at once, called bilocation. Great saints, like Padre Pio, have been witnessed doing that. In levitation, you body actually is lifted into the air. In psychometry, you can gather information about someone simply by touching an object of theirs, like a hairbrush or bracelet.

In other cultures and at other times, these gifts of the spirit (and others I haven’t mentioned) were considered normal. Energy healing was an accepted way to work with physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual difficulties. Telepathic communication was accepted as valid.  Our culture tends to suppress them. You have some of these abilities, they just need to be acknowledged and they will open further.

On a recent student call, one of the guys mentioned that the day after his Dad died, his mother whispered to him: “I don’t want anyone else to hear this because they’ll think I’m crazy, but I heard Dad call my name today, loud and clear.” She was worried that she was losing her mind. It was the only opening to the realms beyond the physical that she had ever experienced, or at least that she could not deny. But like many so many, she thought discount the experience because she couldn’t fit it into her understanding of reality. With the help of her son, who’s an advanced student of mine, she was able to integrate this experience into her worldview and look forward to more messages from beyond.

If you knew there was a buried treasure, wouldn’t you want to dig it up? To open the lid and delight in the gifts it contained?

You can unearth the spiritual gifts that lie buried within you. And you can learn to be as comfortable with the reality of these spiritual powers as you are sitting in the sun and sipping a cup of tea.

This summer could be an exciting time for you to begin the exploration of your own spiritual gifts and abilities… but the first step to any progress will be building a powerful meditation practice for yourself. I teach a form of meditation that can help “get you there” faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Click here to get started today >>>

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