Activating Your Health



Baby, it’s cold outside! Well, not here in California, but I hear the rest of the country is shivering. A lot of my students in the Northeast are dealing with blizzard conditions, and I’ll bet many of them are worried about colds and flu, if they’re not already walking around holding a box of tissues.

Most of you know that you have the ability to heal your physical body and to maintain a high quality of health. Healing ability is natural; when you give your body the right tools to work with, it can keep you humming along no matter how nasty the weather is!

So, how are you feeling? A little fatigued, a little headachy? Are you doing what’s needed to boost your immune system and fend off the attack of the germs?

It’s always good to remember the basics of health and healing. I’ve written a blog for Psychology Today that goes into five of the top ways you activate your natural healing ability.  Go to and stay well, with plenty of energy to accomplish all your dreams!