One of the greatest miracles of the human experience is our innate ability to heal. Whether it’s healing a physical injury or healing from heartbreak, throughout your life’s journey at some point, you’ve experienced a healing – the incredible power that restores, renews, and makes whole again. Think about how your body, mind, and spirit have healed in your life. Have you ever wondered if you could heal others in the same way? Are you called to awaken the healer within?

Trust that everything in your life is part of your Divine plan and serves your higher purpose. Revisiting your story, all the obstacles, traumas, failures, and successes of your life are a necessary foundation for your personal growth and development as a healer.

Take a moment now and ask yourself what are the events in your life that may have prepared you to heal yourself and possibly others.

So what is a healer, you might ask. A healer taps into their expanded consciousness and channels healing energy to help others resolve their physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional ailments.

Since ancient times, healers and shamans worked closely with the spirit world to benefit their communities. They healed physical and mental diseases, facilitated greater interpersonal harmony, and connected humans closer to nature.

They also were the messengers between the human and the spirit worlds. Today’s energy healers provide the same value. They are innately gifted individuals and it’s usually a profound life event that awakens their desire to study energy medicine. Many seek in-depth training through coursework so they can help friends and loved ones and those who are in need of healing from emotional and physical pain.

Does healing align with your life purpose? You know that you’re on the right track, living your life on purpose when you are passionately following whatever you feel you were born to do in this lifetime.

Are you a thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate soul who loves spending time in nature, meditation, or prayer? Have you been working through traumatic past experiences? You might already have what it takes to be a healer. The power is within you. All it needs is an awakening, loving care, and practice.

Ready to discover if you already are a healer? Here are 3 simple ways to activate and awaken your inner healer.

  1. Expand Your Consciousness
    Have you ever felt that you are more than just your mind and body, that you are connected to the vastness of the universe, connected to your Divine Source? You might have felt like that while in nature, watching the sunrise in the morning while taking a beach walk or hiking in the mountains. Nature can ease us into an expanded state of consciousness.

    Maybe you felt it practicing yoga, praying, listening to music, or being deeply connected with another person. The fastest path to a heightened state of consciousness is meditation.

It is the state from which you receive guidance and direction for your life, where your energy field is recharged, and where you get the information and instructions for healing.

When you access higher consciousness, you connect to your Higher Self and the infinite field of all possibilities. All the knowledge and healing power that ever was or ever will be is present in this quantum energy field.

The moment when you can access this unified field intentionally, you gain the ability to discover the secrets and mysteries of the universe – past, present, and future. And this information can be the basis of you healing others and helping them transform their lives. This is the very foundation of energy healing.

  1. Take A Look At Your Beliefs
    Begin a daily journaling practice and examine your beliefs and values. You’ll get to know yourself and expand your awareness. Why is it so important to gain clarity on your belief? They might unconsciously be holding you back from reaching your full potential – especially any beliefs that stem from fear-based thinking. Fear stops us in our tracks as opposed to expanding and moving forward. Over 90 % of our beliefs are rooted in our childhood. We accepted them at face value from our parents, caretakers, teachers, and society. Beliefs shape how we see the world and act in it. Therefore they run our lives pretty much on autopilot.

Your subconscious beliefs may hold you back from becoming the best version of yourself that you can be. It is almost impossible to expand, grow, and make new choices when your internal operating system is confined to limiting preexisting ideas.

Part of the work that you do in life is to break free from this conditioning, open yourself up to new possibilities, and express yourself as who you truly are. When you are living as the most authentic expression of yourself, you can be a clear channel for others.

  1. Spread the Love, Extend Your Light
    It’s important to balance your inner work (meditation, prayer, and journaling) with your actions showing kindness and being of service to others.

    For healing to take place your inner and outer world must be in harmony.

    Real connection is one of the most powerful forces of healing. And every day you have countless opportunities to demonstrate kindness, compassion, and love with the people you meet.

Smile at the overworked cashier at the checkout lane, be patient when you stand in line waiting your turn at the bank, be kind, and allow that car on the freeway to merge.

Simple acts of kindness go a long way. When you are being of service you put energetic credit into the universal bank and in return, you receive more of the expanded energy from the higher realms.

When you become more loving in your everyday interactions, you heal yourself and others. Spread your light wherever you are called to service.

“There is a force in the universe, which, if we permit it, will flow through us and produce miraculous results.”
–Mahatma Gandhi

We have an innate power to heal that is very real. This has been common knowledge in many cultures over millennia.

Energy Healing is an exciting field of study allowing you to expand your consciousness, tap into the powerful life force, and be of the highest service to others.

An energy healer shows us that we are powerful beyond what the eyes observe, fully able to create the life we desire to live.

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