Why New Year’s Resolutions Don’t Last: Does your list reflect someone else’s agenda?

Are you looking for some special inspiration as the New Year approaches? Dreaming of new beginnings and powerful transformations, but wondering just how you’ll make that happen?  It feels wonderful to think about the prospect of a fresh start, but do you really want to put yourself on the spot with that same old list of resolutions that never quite work out? Your angels can help! Now is the perfect time to call on the angelic realm for help envisioning a bright future. Those heavenly messengers who love you unconditionally, know your deepest feelings, and have only your best interests at heart, are waiting to hear from you.

How will the angels help? It’s all about finding your truth. The main reason those lists of New Year’s resolutions make you feel worse rather than better is that they usually reflect somebody else’s agenda. Before making such a list, do you ask yourself what you truly want? Do you commune with your soul to find out what is the best next step for your health and happiness? Do you say you want to lose weight, earn more money, or buy a new car because those goals will elevate your spirit? Or are these someone else’s ideas of fabulous feats for the New Year? If your heart isn’t really in these unexamined goals, no wonder they are so hard to achieve.

Your angels can help you look within and discover the true feats of spiritual growth and healing that will make a difference for you in the year ahead including:

  1. Focus on spiritual growth.
    Life is busy and spirituality may be something you sometimes set on the back burner. Your angels remind you that spirituality is a precious and pressing concern. Without making time for your spiritual routines and healing practices, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Daily meditation, journaling, taking healing courses, getting outside to connect with nature, staying grounded—these activities are things you need for your health and wellbeing.
  1. Make a fresh start.
    Letting go is one of the major tenants of energy healing, and it is a valuable practice at this time of year. Your angels can help you let go of detrimental behaviors, toxic relationships, limiting beliefs, and negative voices. With all that baggage dropped, you can start the next year of your life with a clean slate, a blank page to fill with what you want, what is best for you and your life purpose. Clearing out all that negativity opens up space for fresh positive energy to fill up your chakras and energy field, uplifting you and carrying you toward the light. All angels are angels of energy healing and can help restore your whole being back to its optimal state.
  1. Give so you can receive.
    To help yourself, you need to help others. It’s as simple as that. Your angels can help you find ways to be of service, heal your soul, and grow your spiritual consciousness. Being of service is a daily practice, a general selflessness, a shift in perspective so that you are thinking of others before yourself. The angels offer a beautiful example of selfless giving and help show the way. The more you practice, the better you get and the better you feel.
  1. Build Your Angel Contact Time.
    Encourage your angels to communicate with you more frequently by maintaining a daily practice of meditation, which opens you up to the heavenly realms by expanding your awareness. Other ways to increase your ability to connect with your angels are spending time communing with nature, keeping your negativity in check by expressing your emotions, and attending healing courses, especially my course on angels of energy healing, to make sure your energy is flowing freely. Just like with any practice, the more you contact your angels, the easier it will become. Soon, you’ll be interacting with your angels every day and enjoying the blessings of their loving attention.

As an energy healer and spiritual teacher, I can’t praise too highly the value of healing your soul this year and calling on your angels for help. If you make heart-felt, authentic resolutions, reflecting your spirit, all your other plans and goals for a Happy New Year are likely to fall into place.

Ready to connect and commune with your angels of energy healing? Guidance, support and unconditional love are already yours – all you have to do is ask, recognize the signs and interpret the messages your angels are sending you right now. Find out more

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