Earlier, we talked about the incredible beauty we all discover throughout our process of initiating through higher levels. Today, I want to deepen that conversation. I want to talk about the advanced gifts that you will discover throughout your own initiation journey.

What’s an advanced gift?

You already have several, even though you may not be aware of what they are, exactly. An advanced gift is an outsized spiritual power that you are already blessed with – one that with a little focusing and guiding can become stronger and more beautiful.

Think about it for a second – we will often say that people are born with “the gift of gab” or “she’s a great listener.” These advanced gifts are a little bit like that, except we examine them on a deeper, more spiritual level. Instead of “the gift of gab,” maybe you have a profound ability to speak to others in meaningful ways, and share the higher wisdom of the universe to those who need guidance.

So today, I want to bring you on a meditative journey to help discover, identify, and strengthen your advanced gifts.

A gift so many of us have – and forms the basis of medical intuition – is our intuition itself. We intuit all the time. Perhaps you’ve gotten a sense of what someone was going to say, right before they said it. Or your gut told you, “you shouldn’t take that job offer” only for the company to go belly-up within a few months.

Intuition, right?

There are many more advanced gifts, such as the ability to sense the energies and energy fields of others, to commune with the spirits of those who have departed ahead of us, or simply to connect and ground yourself to the greater world. We all, thankfully, are blessed with a wonderful assortment of advanced gifts that we can strengthen by simply being cognizant of their existence.

There is so much more to unlocking the power of advanced gifts, and I cannot wait to share with you these wondrous insights. Please follow along with me in this guided meditation to learn how you can tap into your ancient, advanced gifts. I’ll teach you how to begin strengthening them and using them in your life.

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