Why is Elizabeth Edwards going public with her marital problems?

I am always trying to increase awareness, so it’s important that we look at even the unpleasant truths in our lives. It’s interesting to see the amount of denial in Elizabeth Edwards regarding her husband’s affair with a woman she won’t even name. Unfortunately, she knew that John’s candidacy was doomed because the truth was bound to come out, and yet she kept standing there…as his main cheerleader. Political wives are in a difficult situation when their husbands stray, and like Hillary Clinton or Silda Spitzer, Elizabeth stood by her man. Why do they do that? Read my blog on the Huffington Post.

Let’s take the denial first. I mean, wouldn’t you want to know if your husband had fathered an illegitimate child? Pulling the shades down over your eyes and never ever saying out loud the name of the “other woman” (or not allowing Oprah to say her name) won’t help a bit. I’ll say it: Rielle Hunter–a reportedly broke single mother who is probably not the crazy stalker Elizabeth paints as the root of all evil. Read more

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