The World is Sarah’s Battleground

Where Sarah Palin goes, controversy follows. From those who claimed she would be the savior of the Republican Party to those who say Trig is not her son but her grandson, Governor Palin certainly makes great news. Love her or hate her, she’s omnipresent because of her beautiful appearance in the ugly world of politics. But beneath the “aw shucks” surface lies a classic psychopath, as defined by Lowen’s psychodynamics principles. The governor is out for one thing: power. Or perhaps two: power and herself. Read my blog post on Psychology Today to find out why Sarah Palin lacks the emotional health and balance to be a “heartbeat away from the oval office.”

Posted on September 10, 2008 – 10:51am in Psychology Today
Sarah Palin is a classic “psychopath” as defined by Lowen psychodynamics, a system that analyzes the inner forces that affect behavior. Read More

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