Take a Knee Together for Mother Earth

earth root chakra

Okay, I admit I’m not a fan of football but I tip my metaphorical hat to the NFL players and team owners who are kneeling, locking arms, or not going out on the field during the National Anthem, the traditional start of the game. There’s a political protest behind that decision, but that’s not what I’m interested in at the moment. It’s the fact that the players are not allowing themselves to be divided—by race, by fear of consequences, by anything. They are firmly stating: we are a team, we support each other, we are united in our actions. It’s a powerful message for us all, without regard to political stance.

You can feel the solidarity, the sheer strength in forming a unit. Books standing shoulder to shoulder on a bookcase shelf have an intrinsic stability, rather than having the same books scattered chaotically over the floor. When you feel like you are stable and supported, the energy center at the base of your spine—known as the root chakra—is open and your energy flows easily throughout your body. The root chakra is the energetic foundation of your life. When it is in balance, you feel grounded, safe, secure. Your basic needs are being met. You are comfortable in your body. You will survive and flourish. It’s like a tree, which stands tall because its root system deep in the earth supports and balances its height that towers above.

When your root chakra is not in balance, you’re just trying to survive. You’re not grounded—physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. You may be tripping over things, wondering how you’ll pay the rent, or stuck in an eating disorder or on anxiety meds or sleeping pills. Your feet, knees, or legs may hurt and you can’t seem to get rid of that ever-present cold. It’s no fun.

All living things have chakras, places where the energy coalesces in certain basic ways and forms vortices of energy. Just like the energy in you travels up the spine from the base chakra to the seventh chakra at the top of the head (and into higher dimensions), so too does the earth rotate energy throughout the planet. When the earth’s root chakra is out of alignment, like it is at the present time, Mother Nature herself gets unhinged. Major hurricanes destroy whole islands; earthquakes topple buildings; fires roar through forests and threaten homes while the smoke infiltrates the lungs of all in its path; volcanoes erupt, floods sweep away houses, cars, and people. The earth protests our indignities against it with an explosive ring of fire. We are currently witnessing the earth coming unhinged at its base chakra, apparently readying to throw itself (and us) into space.

For you to balance your own root chakra, you can get more grounded by shutting off your phone and computer and going outside. You can sit under a tree, like the Buddha did while getting enlightened, or do a physical practice like Pilates, yoga, or tai chi to connect to your body. You can do a meditation practice to keep yourself stress-free and in balance. Most importantly, you can change your response to change.

What do I mean by that? Well, think of what happens when you’re faced with a major change in your life—the breakdown of your family, the loss of a loved one, the end of a job, loss of faith in a functional government, or a stable and sustainable earth? You get scared, and fear, more than anything else, is what throws your base chakra out of balance. You have to decide to stop seeing change as an enemy to be feared or somehow controlled. Fear is the most destabilizing force there is. Internal fear turns into fear of the “other”—those from different cultures, different religions, different skin tones. You know, those immigrants, those white supremacists, those bleeding heart liberals, those terrorists.

So what can restore balance to our beautiful blue planet, where millions of people live in fear and that fear has infiltrated the earth itself? When whole populations are terrified of losing everything they hold dear—whether through fierce storms, unhinged shooters, or political upheaval—the fear is palpable. That’s when we need every single one of us to connect with a strong and stable base chakra and spread a ripple of calm energy out to help heal our surroundings—hearts open, emanating love to Earth and her inhabitants. Kneeling for peace, in peace, is surely a win for all.

So you can be part of the solution, rather than adding to the fear in the world, you need to stabilize your root chakra. To find out what shape your own base chakra is in, take my free chakra quiz on Facebook.

Deborah King