Are You Receiving Messages from Angels? Find Out!


Have you ever received a sign from the universe? Perhaps you were contemplating a big decision right before bed and then you woke up confident of the right choice, or you were mulling over a problem and the answer seemed to just drop into your head. Maybe you were thinking about contacting an old friend and a song like “Stand By Me” played on the radio, or you were feeling gloomy and the clouds parted to reveal a rainbow and lifted your spirits. These types of drop-in support, guidance, and love are indeed signs from the universe, most likely from your angels! And these angelic messages are more frequent than you might realize, as long as you know where to look.


Angels Standing By


You are surrounded by angels. Right now, and always, you have at least one angel standing by, keeping watch over you, tending to your well-being, and providing healing, hope, and happiness whenever you ask. Keep in mind, you do have to ask. Angels can’t interfere with your life without your permission—they have to abide by the law of free will. The one exception is in life-threatening situations, when they may set off little warning bells in your brain or your gut to alert you to a potentially harmful situation even without you asking. It’s a good thing, too, as in any true emergency, you may not have time to call for help.


Angels were never human, but they can take human form to physically save you from harm, or to deliver a very important message. I have heard stories from many students—and have quite a few of my own that I share in my Angels of Energy Healing Online Course—about people who appeared out of nowhere to answer a question, or to pull them from a burning car or otherwise save them from an immediate threat. Perhaps you have your own mysterious savior story! But angels can also appear to you or answer a question or plea for guidance in ways that are more subtle.




Angel Calling Cards


Angels vibrate at such a high level that it can sometimes be difficult for them to communicate with humans. Or rather, it can be difficult for our limited human brains and bodies to process angel communications. In order to commune with the angels, you either need to raise your own vibration, or be led into the heavenly realms by an experienced spiritual teacher. Because this takes time and practice to master, and is not always practical, angels have figured out other ways to get their messages of support, guidance, and love to you.


Each angel has his own “calling card” so to speak—and as you begin to connect with your angels more and more, you will come to recognize each of your angel’s signs. For example, I always know when Archangel Michael is near by the sound of his wings. Now for you, Archangel Michael may manifest in a scent or repeated number.


While each angel will have its own “vibe,” here are three very common signs of the angels you can watch out for:




  1. Feathers


Ancient artists depicted angels as beings with wings to symbolize their ability to travel back and forth between heaven and earth, and angels themselves have embraced this idea, so feathers have come to be one of their most prevalent signs. You may know that your angel is present when you hear the rustling of feathers as if giant wings are unfurling, or feel the gentle brush of a feather on your cheek or arm.


Feathers themselves can serve as angelic signatures, especially when you see feathers where they wouldn’t normally be. If you see a feather, particularly a pure clean white feather, sitting somewhere that it would make no sense for a feather to be on its own, like your nightstand or office drawer, it is likely a message from your angels.


  1. Music


The songs of the heavenly choirs are almost indescribable—light and beautiful and resonant. So gorgeous and full of love they bring you to tears. When you hear the music of the angels, you will know. And if you do, it means your angels are about to speak to you or save you from danger, so be on alert. Angels may also send you messages or advice through human songs. Have you ever heard the same song five or six or even ten times in the same day in different places? Listen to the lyrics! It is likely your angels giving you a sign.




  1. Physical Sensations


Your body can tell you a lot when you pay attention, including when an angel is present. Because angels exist on a higher plane they can be near you without you seeing them at all—but your energy field and body will pick up on those higher vibrations. The most common physical sensation is a feeling of warmth or a tingling when an angel of energy healing is working on healing your body or chakras. You may also have goose bumps or feel a small amount of pressure in your head or back of the neck. Angel signs in the body are never painful! If you feel pain, something else may be at work.


Increase Your Angel Interactions


There are more angel signs, including light, rainbows, scents, and more. You can increase the frequency of signs from heaven and your ability to connect to your celestial guides and cultivate relationships with your angels by walking the path of light. After all, angels are made of that light. A daily practice of meditation, processing your emotions, and attending energy healing courses and workshops to keep your chakras clear and charged are all important parts of energy medicine, but they also expand your awareness and raise your vibration, making it a bit easier to communicate with the angels.


To find out more about angel signs and how to call on your angels for any type of help at any time, please check out my three-part live online healing and ascension course, Angels of Energy Healing, where you will learn how to access the healing energy of angels, and experience the life-changing power of unconditional love. Come join me today!

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