The Power of Discernment [Guest Post]

This is a guest post by Cathy Gabrielsen, one of Deborah King’s Master-in-Training students in the LifeForce Energy Healing® program.

I often feel like a new parent in the weeks or months after giving birth: filled with uncertainties, believing I should know but don’t know. But what I have learned studying Deborah King’s LifeForce Energy Healing is that you must take the time to discern—to distinguish between this and that, to identify what is needed. In the moments of discernment, you will find knowledge, peace, and power.


Trial and error works when dealing with a newborn. As a new parent, you learn to detect the difference between a cry for food and a cry for comfort, to recognize a smile full of joy from a smile full of gas. Discernment brings awareness not only to a new parent or a new healer, but also to everyone: you have within yourself the powerful ability to perceive what you need to know, what direction you need to take.


What can bring immense joy in life is the pause—the moments you take to simply observe, to admire beauty in nature or in the arts, to revel in the presence of love. Discerning is just that: knowing exactly what it is that brings you joy and peace, like a sleeping baby or a healed soul. Discernment is peaceful because discernment is knowing what brings you peace.


Uncertainty, inability, and confusion can deplete all that is good in your body, while pausing to feel the answers can bring power to the mind, body, and soul. Discernment conserves, preserves, and provides power. Energy is powerful and power is in the knowing.

Like you, I am clairsentient; I can feel into people and situations, just by using my body. I recently opened an energy practice. I know how you feel when I am with you. Discernment tells me. I can feel the ache in your joints or the pain in your head. I know I can feel you, and I know that I cannot heal you. But what I can do is empathize, acknowledge, and understand. I can be there to help you heal through discernment and celebrate your joy in knowing peace through the power of pausing.


I know what I am not; I am not special, gifted, or different. I am just like you. What makes us unique are simply the choices we make. I choose to discern, and have felt all the knowledge and clarity it brings. I am a LifeForce Energy Medicine Practitioner and Coach. I know I can feel, and I am there with you as a guide, divinely inspired in directing you to heal yourself. I know you will.


For those who need some help with discernment, I find the following steps helpful:

  1. Pause. (What is a pause? Simply quieting your mind and silencing your space.)
  2. Ask yourself the question.
  3. Pause. (Not for just a second! If you really want answers, you will take your time.)
  4. Listen. What do you hear in your mind, heart, and soul?
  5. Feel. What do you feel in your mind, heart, and soul?
  6. Know. Believe that what you hear, feel, and know is your truth.
  7. If you didn’t hear the voice of your soul, pause again.
  8. If you did not feel the truth in your body, pause again.
  9. If you heard, felt, and knew, but still didn’t believe, then pause again.
  10. If you heard, felt, and knew but still didn’t acknowledge your power, then Google the word “denial” and pause again.
  11. The answers, the knowing, the peace, and the power are in the pause.
  12. Like a crying baby, you may not know you need help. You may need a guide, a coach, or support. Get what is needed, and be sure to take the time to heal.

About the Author

Cathy Gabrielsen is one of Deborah King’s Master-in-Training students in the LifeForce Energy Healing® program. As a 32-year-old mother of two toddler boys, she had to battle breast cancer. Not being able to lift or cuddle her boys during her treatment, Cathy realized that the health care system didn’t support young women with cancer by providing in-home care for their children. She began a non-profit, called Cuddle My Kids.

You can learn more about Cuddle My Kids at

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