Have you ever paused in the middle of your hectic, busy life and asked yourself “Is this all there is?” Live the life of your dreams and experience the happiness, fulfillment and love you deserve – and spread that light to your loved ones, your friends, and the world. Deborah King has spent over three decades traveling the globe to study with masters in the field of energy healing and spirituality – and she will share her secrets with you through her fascinating, transformational courses. Activate your higher self as you learn advanced meditative techniques and explore the mysteries of the universe. Are you ready to take the next step on your journey to higher consciousness?

Your Chakras hold the keys to healing past traumas, building lasting relationships, breaking through financial blockages, unleashing creativity and achieving your goals on an abundant and energetic level.

Immerse yourself in ancient Vedic wisdom teachings and apply them to your daily life — as you remove energetic blocks, expand your consciousness, and facilitate your spiritual awakening.

In this illuminating 7-part video program, Deborah will guide you step-by-step through a powerful process for learning the healing art of meditation.

The only entry-level energy healing program of its kind, providing real-world, hands-on healing experience. Work with a partner to heal and receive healing when you join Level I or above.

Join Deborah King as she guides you on this important first step to healing the relationship you have with your Self. If you’ve been struggling in any area of your life, this program could put you on the path to healing and growth on a whole new level.

Join Deborah for a workshop on the healing power of forgiveness. As she always says, “Before you can learn to forgive others, you must learn to forgive yourself.”

Go back to the very beginning and join Deborah King as she shares the powerful story of healing that inspired her New York Times Bestselling book, Truth Heals.

An essential course for pet owners and animal lovers who want to enhance the health, longevity, and quality of life of their animal companions. Strengthen your bond and improve their life – and your own – through communication and energy healing!

Deborah King