Truth Heals

Recovering from Sexual Abuse and the Traumas of Your Past

Video series with Deborah King

Go back to the very beginning and join Deborah King as she shares the powerful story of healing that inspired her New York Times Bestselling book, Truth Heals.

Abuse can come in many forms, and the effects can last long into adulthood… health and weight issues, mental instability, addictions and even failed relationships can all be attributed to the negative energies associated with decades of repressed guilt and shame.

In this amazing video seminar, you’ll discover how to:

  • Overcome the traumas of your past
  • Heal your inner child
  • Detach from the energy of victimhood
  • Tap into knowledge from your past lives
  • Embrace life in the face of cancer and disease
  • Learn the healing power of forgiveness

Witness transformational healings and the spiritual initiations of members in the audience, and share in their journey to recovery.


$ 59

Gregg Braden

New York Times best-selling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time
“Deborah King reminds us that we’re born with nature’s most powerful instrument of healing—the gift to be able to sense and direct subtle energy through our bodies.”

Louise Hay

New York Times best-selling author of You Can Heal Your Life
“I have seen people stand in line for hours just to get a moment with Deborah King. People just love her and her healing work.”

While I am usually skeptical about claims of healing abilities, I am convinced that you have a true gift, and what you said about me was not in response to anything I said but was in fact true.

-Alan D, New York, NY

I was very moved and impressed when I actually felt a sensation of warm healing energy when Deborah worked with me. She reminded me of my own healing power within. It was so easy and natural.

-Eliot, Tampa, FL

I am overwhelmed by your generosity of time and healing! During our session you mentioned there is an old childhood memory that is stagnating my second chakra. I really feel an opening and a change occurring. Healing is taking place. You make a difference!

-Susan, Albany, NY

I came to your workshop because a lot of people were recommending and praising it. I found out everyone was right—you are amazing.

-Stem, Zimbabwe

I was extremely touched by your love and healing. I am determined to live my life differently.

-Patricia, Germany

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