Get Ready for Your Fantastic Voyage! How to Prepare for Your Astral Travel Adventure!

When you are about to take a big leap that you hope will change your life, what do you do? How do you prepare for a journey into the unknown that could be the most exciting adventure you have ever experienced? How have you prepared yourself in the past when you know a major turning point lies ahead? Entering college, getting married, having a baby, moving to a new city, starting a new career—these actions require courage and faith and you probably spent a lot of time and energy getting ready for them. Preparations deepen understanding and create new awareness. On the path to what is truly meaningful in life, it helps to have a compass!

Preparations are important for journeys of the spirit just as they are for stepping forward in the material world. I’m hoping you will join me in the coming weeks on a journey toward spiritual growth that is like no other—a fantastic voyage to the Astral Realms! Before we embark on this voyage beyond time and space, beyond your physical body, your ego, there are some steps I recommend in order to make this journey more empowering, more inspiring, and more affirming than any you have ever taken before.

Take a look at these ways to prepare a strong foundation for your spiritual expansion, your voyage across the Astral Realms:

  1. Meditation – When you meditate correctly and regularly, your brain begins to function in a much more coherent way, which allows you to access intelligence that is beyond regular waking consciousness. Meditation prepares you to go beyond the database of your ordinary senses and memory so you can receive the advanced knowledge and guidance you seek.
  2. Journaling – Journal writing opens the door to buried truths that must be uncovered for you to find and follow your true life path. The freedom and honesty of expression you experience in journaling helps you discover your truth, face your feelings, and learn to incorporate new awareness into your life.
  3. Cleansing Baths – The refreshing feeling of being immersed in water has spiritual as well as physical benefits. Like the ritual of baptism which symbolizes a rebirth of spirit and a rededication, bathing in water washes away layers of negativity and opens the way to renewal. The expression, “to come clean,” means to step into truth as well as to prepare yourself for a fresh new level of experience.
  4. Connecting with Nature – When you immerse yourself in the natural world, you experience the feeling of belonging to something larger than yourself. Standing in awe before the ocean, the mountains, the forests, even the intricate heart of a flower, provides the perspective you need to appreciate the vast network of the universe of which you are a part. If you long to access your Higher Self and explore the wisdom of the Astral Realms, practice opening your senses to Nature for the feelings of reverence and peace to be found there.
  5. Chakra Balancing – The health of your chakra energy system is vital to your well-being and the success of your spiritual journey. When your chakras are charged and balanced, you are fully supported by the exchange of energy from within and without. Your balanced chakras will give you the readiness you need to explore, discover, receive, and process the gifts you find on your astral journey.
  6. Setting Goals – One very important act of preparedness for any life endeavor is setting goals. What are you hoping to learn? What answers are you seeking? What do you want to discover about yourself and your purpose? Every traveler needs a plan of self-discovery to shape their route, a desire for knowledge and growth to guide them.
  7. Vision Boarding – A useful tool for achieving any personal dreams and desires is the power of envisioning. What do you see in your mind’s eye that calls to you? Your imagination has creative power not only to conjure beautiful images but also to make them real. When you surround yourself with the symbols of your best life, you invest them with the energy and love needed to manifest those dreams and ideals.
  8. Asking for Guidance – Learn to ask for help from your spiritual guides. You will need their infinite wisdom to help you navigate the higher spiritual realms you hope to explore. They can help you connect with your Higher Self and travel safely and successfully to discover the answers you most need to find. Your spiritual guides want to help and are only waiting for you to ask for their assistance. Take a few moments each day to tune in to your guides.
  9. Living in Gratitude – Recognize the immense power of gratitude to help you move toward creating everything you want and need. Gratitude nourishes your soul and gives you the strength to accomplish your goals and transform all your efforts. By practicing feeling grateful each day, listing the things you are thankful for, you move toward an attitude of gratitude that will soon become your natural emotional set point.

As you prepare for any work to raise your consciousness and grow in spirit—including your fantastic voyage to the Astral Realms!—think about the state of being that will best help you. How can you best open your heart and mind to receive the gifts that are waiting for you? Focus on being the best receiver you can be of the unconditional love that is your birthright. Accept that love with gratitude and prepare to reflect it back in keeping with all you will learn about yourself and the life you are here to live.

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Deborah King