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What do you want to change in your life?

Are you overwhelmed and looking for more peace? Are you unsure of your future or which life path is right for you? Are you seeking healing, spiritual enlightenment, or deeper satisfaction? Chakras are your secret weapons against living a life full of discontentment, disconnection, and fear. With the wisdom gained through opening these powerful energy centers, you can transform your behaviors and attitude to better live in alignment with your higher self and true soul purpose, and become the light bearer you were meant to be.

The Solution to Your Problems

Nearly everyone is searching for something these days. Many of my students come to me feeling generally underwhelmed with their careers or their relationships or their sense of purpose, and they don’t understand why they just can’t seem to get out of their slump or improve a certain aspect of their life. Others have an illness or injury that refuses to respond to traditional medicine, or something intangible like depression or weight gain or insomnia. Does this sound like you? Whatever particular problem is plaguing you, when you unlock the wisdom of your chakras, you’ll find the key to solving it so you can be on your way to a healthier and happier future.

In Sanskrit, the word chakra means wheel or vortex, and that’s what a chakra is: a spinning wheel or vortex of energy, pulsing and pushing energy in and out between your personal energy field and the universal field that interpenetrates all things. This energy exchange is necessary for your health as that new fresh energy cleans, balances, and nourishes you. Without it, your chakras and your energy field become weakened as does your psyche and body. Healthy chakras keep energy moving, therefore keeping you healthy.

Energetic Nourishment

Think of it this way: your energy field needs nourishment just like your body does, and the universal field provides that necessary food. When your chakras become blocked or distorted, you don’t get enough nourishment from the universal field, and just like when you don’t eat enough good food, your energy plummets, you become mentally foggy, your emotions go haywire, and you can eventually get sick.

Energetic nourishment is especially important because what happens in your energy field is reflected in your body. That’s how energy healing works: when you heal the energy field, you also heal the body. By correcting distortions in your chakras, energy healing can heal anything from headache to heartbreak, from diabetes to a broken ankle, from obesity to cancer. That’s how I was led to energy medicine: a cancer diagnosis that woke me up and helped me discover my true calling as a spiritual teacher.

My First Energy Healing Experience

I was a hard-charging attorney in my twenties, climbing the corporate ladder without regard for my health. I was addicted to the alcohol and pills I’d used to try to bury an abusive childhood, and I suffered from depression, eating disorders, and eventually, cancer. Unwilling to start with invasive treatments, I got permission from my doctors to explore alternative therapies and I had a spontaneous remission at the hands of an energy healer. I felt the cancer leave my body—that’s how powerful the healing experience was for me on that table. For confirmation, my doctor ran some tests, and sure enough, the cancer was gone.

I was so amazed and intrigued, I began studying with shamans, seers, and healers, learning as much as I possibly could about chakras and how energy affects health. The more I learned, the less I was surprised by my remission. Medicine men and women and healers around the globe have been practicing energy healing for centuries, and our early ancestors were in tune with their natural energy healing abilities as well. These healers and spiritual teachers understood that chakras hold the keys to your physical, emotional, and mental well being, and your spiritual growth.

What Happens to an Imbalanced Chakra

There are seven main chakras that roughly follow a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Each chakra governs different areas of your life and is connected to different parts of your body. When a chakra is blocked, the arenas corresponding to that chakra will become affected.

For example, the throat chakra is the source of your authenticity, the place from which you speak your truth. If your throat chakra is imbalanced, you may have difficulty speaking your mind and expressing your feelings, and may find that you are easily manipulated by others. If the chakra stays dysfunctional for long enough, physical symptoms like problems with the thyroid, neck, jaw, teeth, gums, or mouth can develop. This is why energy healing is so important—keeping your chakras clear, charged, and balanced is the best way to maintain your health.

The Higher Chakras

There are also the secret higher chakras, starting with the eighth chakra, through which you can gain access to higher planes, psychic abilities, and eventually Source itself. In my thirty years of study and practice I have been led by Spirit to become intimately familiar with these higher chakras through advanced states of meditation, and now I want to pass that knowledge on to you!

I’ve just released a beautiful free 3 video teaching series that contains the best of what I’ve learned about chakras in my three decades as an energy healer, spiritual teacher, and seeker of the light. In the first video lesson you’ll explore the mystical higher spiritual chakras I just mentioned, and how you can begin the process of activating them and moving toward an amazing awakening of spirit. In the second and third ones, you’ll learn all about the main seven chakras and how you can make them work for you. Hope you enjoy these videos!

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