Design the Life of Your Dreams with Astral Travel

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime? It’s the most inspiring and most important trip you will ever take. You won’t need an umbrella or a good supply of underwear. You won’t even need a ticket. This journey is the one that can take you from where you are in life to where you want to be. If you dream of a life that is higher, larger, greater, finer, and more beautiful than the one you are currently living, this trip is for you!

Of course, what I’m describing is the amazing experience of astral travel. What other means of transport can help you explore worlds as near as your home or as distant as the stars all while revealing fascinating secrets about your inner being. With astral travel you can discover the sacred intersection of your life purpose and the life of your dreams. If you want to realize your dreams, astral travel offers a path to the wisdom, experience, and knowledge you’ll need to achieve them.

Astral travel is an out-of-body experience (OBE) that can take you to the places you have always wanted to go and much, much more. Not only can you go to locations around the globe, visit sacred sites, and get a new perspective on your own neighborhood, you can also travel to other planets, visit fantastic realms of the astral plane, meet with your spiritual guides for instruction, and reconnect with loved ones and pets who have passed away. You can visit scenes from your past lives and learn vital information that will help you understand challenging aspects of yourself that affect you in your present life.

You may already have encountered a form of out-of-body experience in your dream life. Have you ever seen your physical body sleeping peacefully in bed while you are looking down from the ceiling? Have you dreamed that you were flying or had a visit with a spiritual guide or angel in a heavenly realm?  In the dream world, you roam free, totally separate from your physical body. When you set out to astral travel, the experience is different from dreaming in that you consciously leave your physical body—with greater awareness and with the intention to travel to certain destinations.

Consider the opportunities for growth in knowledge, experience, and understanding that astral travel holds for you. Just preparing to make the journey could help you achieve greater spiritual awareness and a chance to expand your capacity for love, forgiveness, compassion, and self-acceptance. What would it take for you to become an astral traveler?

You can prepare for astral travel by learning to raise your vibrational level—nurturing your astral body with light and positive energy. Learn to work through negative thoughts and fears. Know how to ask your spiritual guides and angels for help and protection. The best way to guarantee having great positive experiences in the astral planes is by having a solid meditation and prayer practice so you are grounded in the higher spiritual qualities of love and compassion. When you set out on your astral travels filled with love and with a strong connection to your Higher Self, you can visit breathtakingly beautiful spiritual realms and meet Beings of Light who are there to further your spiritual progress.

Ask yourself what you would like to accomplish if you could travel freely, consult the wisest teachers, discover the inner workings of your mind and heart, and read for yourself your soul’s history and future? How much could such guidance help you advance in happiness, harmony and service in your present life on earth?

What are some of the life-enhancing experiences that might come from your astral journeys? You can make your own list or contemplate just a few of these desirable outcomes:

  • You’ll discover that you can live the life of your dreams.
  • You’ll find new experiences that you never imagined possible.
  • You’ll face your fear and find the courage to do what you love.
  • You’ll find ways to help others follow their dreams, too.
  • You’ll discover how to truly love and accept yourself.
  • You’ll find ever greater beauty in the world around you.
  • You’ll feel happier and laugh more freely.
  • You’ll find a more profound connection to your divine Source.


The first step to making your dreams come true lies in following and exploring them with all the help that a loving Universe can provide. Could astral travel be your ticket to the life of your dreams? Why not climb aboard for a chance to find out?


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