What’s standing between you and the life you were meant to lead? Suppressing your true feelings and denying the pain and trauma of your past can wreak havoc on the life you are living today! Truth heals – it’s only by acknowledging and accepting your feelings that you can loosen the grip the past has on your mind, body, and spirit and get un-stuck – for good. The products on these pages will support you on your journey to physical, emotional and spiritual health. With master energy healer Deborah King as your guide, you’ll practice simple techniques and experience powerful teachings that will allow you to clear past trauma from your energy field, connect with your emotions, and clear, charge and balance your chakras. Get ready to live the life of your dreams.

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Free Download: Your Guide to the Life-Changing Practice of Energy Medicine.

Free Training: Take a short Journey through the mystical properties of Mount Shasta.

Master Healer Deborah King will be your guide as you apprentice in the field of Energy Medicine in this 12-session Online Certification Course.

Ready to reap the life-changing benefits of meditation- but not sure how to begin? Deborah gives you everything you need to get started in this fun and informative video download –she’ll even email you your own personal mantra.

Everything you need to begin reading chakras. This Chakra Pendulum Kit includes an incredible beech wood European Pendulum, an instruction sheet, and a full color Chakra Chart.

In this amazing, three-part ascension course, energy healer Deborah King takes you to the heavens to commune with the angels and experience an expanding consciousness and a deepening of your connection to Source.

Deborah King