Chakra Pendulum Kit


Open, clear and balance your chakras with this remarkable energy healing tool


Pendulums are the best way to increase your sensitivity to energy flow by acting as an amplifier, helping you access the unified field, as well as your higher self.

And after a little bit of experience, a pendulum can help you find the location of a chakra energy center and check its healthy activity level… on yourself, your friends and family and one day, maybe even your clients!

Pendulum Tips from Deborah


When you’re first learning to use a pendulum, I recommend one made of wood (preferably beechwood) with a conical shape. This will be best for giving you the information you’re looking for from chakras without distortions.

Carry your new pendulum around with you for a few days in a little pouch or your pocket so it begins to resonate with your energy. The first step in using your pendulum is to bless it. You’ll want to do this before each use.

For example, you might ask for your higher self and all the higher beings that are prepared to assist you to influence the movement of the pendulum as you work.

It is the movement of the pendulum that will guide you to the information you seek, so you will want to be sure you are open and available to assistance both from your own higher self and your spirit guides.

Enjoy this useful healing tool and get ready for healing and growth on a whole new level.

See you soon!

How to Use a Chakra Pendulum

Your Chakra Pendulum Kit  Includes…

  1. Beachwood Handmade Pendulum

  2. Protective Pendulum Pouch

  3. Chakra Charts

  4. Instructions For Use

  5. Downloadable Pendulum PDF Guidebook

Shipping and Handling not included in this price.

Deborah King