The Sweeping Breath

Step 1 – Invocation/set intention 

SweepingBreath1.pngSit in a comfortable position, preferably with your shoes off, as there are important chakras on the bottom of your feet. If you find you are sleepy, best to either take a nap first or plan to do this process at another time – you do need to be alert.


Invoke, out loud or silently, your higher self and any spiritual masters, angels or other beings that you resonate with and would like to have assist you. Their assistance will make your process more powerful.



Step 2 – Choose a person to recapitulate

SweepingBreath2.pngChoose anyone in your life, e.g., mother, father, partner, child, boss, friend or ex-friend, alive or dead. It can be someone you love deeply or someone you can barely stand; it can be anyone with whom you’ve interacted. Exclude anyone where the situation involved acute fear or violence.


Close your eyes and place the person you have chosen to recapitulate in front of you. Visualize them, their face, their body, their clothing. Take a few minutes for this step to let that person come into your awareness as clearly as possible.



Next, intend to visualize their surroundings, the place or the room they are in, and let that come into focus for you. This may or may not come into focus initially; sometimes, this occurs later.




Step 3 – Begin the “sweeping breath”

Breathe in as you turn your head from the center to the left and breath out as you turn your head past center and over to the right. Now, take another breath in as your head turns left, now another breath out as your head turns right. After the first breath or two, you will want to breathe through your nose. Keep picturing the person you chose; you may notice that they come into sharper focus or you may recall certain events with them that you have forgotten. Keep your internal focus on that one person you chose to recapitulate until it appears there is “nothing left” to process emotionally with that person.


The function of the breath in this practice is to restore energy. The shamans in this tradition teach that the human energy field contains cobweb-like filaments which are projected out of the luminous mass (what we call the auric field or the human energy field); they are propelled by emotions. Therefore, every situation or interaction where feelings are involved is potentially draining to the luminous body or human energy field. By breathing in from right to left while remembering a feeling, the breath picks up the filaments that were left behind. The next immediate breath is from left to right, with an exhalation; with it you eject any filaments left in you by the other person you are remembering.


By focusing on one individual at a time, there is a thorough retrieval of filaments and processing of attached stagnant emotions that are weighing you down and depleting you. It is the life-giving nature of breath that gives this process its cleansing capacity.




Step 4 – Disconnect

In order to disconnect, do 3 sweeping motions with the head in the same pattern but with no breath. Then, let your head come to rest in the center. This intentionally disconnects you from the person you have been recapitulating. This step is crucial to the process.



Review of Sweeping Breath

While you’re recalling the person, you breathe in and move your head from right to left, and pick up any filaments of that person’s energy left in your field. As you breathe out, your head moves from left to right and ejects those filaments just picked up from your field. It’s the breath that powers this process.

You will have more opportunities to practice the process with me and we will learn more advanced recapitulation methods soon.

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