Ram Dass: A Legacy of Equilibrium

Just as one will never fully understand life until experiencing death, it is impossible to respond to your Spirit’s higher calling without reading the works of Ram Dass. For over four generations, Ram Dass’ spirit has been lighting the way for millions of seekers, helping them to break free of traditional Western dogmatic bonds through his teaching and the example of how he lives his own life.

One of Ram Dass’ greatest gifts is his understanding that life is not black and white and, when seeking out the Divine, does not have to be either/or; moreover, the narrow classifications that we as humans use when defining ourselves are fences of our own construction, built using very the limited amount of knowledge we acquire during our time here in the physical realm.

To break down our walls, Ram Dass encourages seekers of all types — those seeking happiness, love, joy, meaning in life, etc. — to be present in every single moment of life. His famous book, Be Here Now, is Ram Dass’ legacy will be one of balance: reconciling Eastern and Western philosophies, that in death and dying we will discover life and living, and helping seekers at all points in their journey discover that the path to divinity is being present in every single moment of life.

If you haven’t read Be Here Now, I encourage you to pick up a copy on Amazon or your library. I’ve also listed below a few pieces from Ram Dass’ (very extensive) teachings that I have found to be particularly enlightening.

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Deborah King