Near-Death Experiences (NDEs)

light at the end of the tunnel


I have talked before about near-death experiences, such as my own on my first date with my husband-to-be, when I slipped into an icy river and almost drowned. What I haven’t told you about are the after-effects of such an experience, which almost always change a person’s life—usually for the better.

As there is often a choice involved as to whether or not they will return to their body—and obviously those who tell the stories of their NDEs have always chosen to return for one reason or another, when they do come back, they understand that they have a purpose in life, a reason for being here. The same is true for those who “hear” a voice telling them that it is not yet their time, as I did, no matter how much they would like to stay in the loving warmth and comfort of the Other Side. For many, an NDE is the beginning of their spiritual journey. They may make major changes in their life, such as, in my case, switching careers; others may begin or end a relationship, or move, although these changes may not manifest for years.

A woman named Alice nearly died after giving birth to her third child. In her NDE, she was lifted into joy and ecstasy, and was given a choice to remain or return to her body. She was being taught, and felt herself expanding and becoming part of All That Is. She came back with reluctance, and managed to squelch any aftereffects for 20 years, until her psychic sensitivities warned her she had to make major changes in her life or die. “My inner voice burst into activity, somehow picking up the loose threads of my near-death experience…. and I finally listened.”

The typical effects of an NDE can include stunning psychic abilities, an extended perceptual range, and heightened faculties in general. After an NDE, you may be visited by the dead, know in advance of pending deaths, or be aware of the exact moment someone dies. Often, the spiritual guidance that people receive on the Other Side makes it possible to get through whatever challenges they face when they return—whether it’s a long, arduous recovery from a car crash or the disbelief of others when they try to talk about their experience.

Everything that happens to you—whether you see it as “good” or “bad”—happens for a reason. It’s not necessary to come so close to death that you see yourself at your own funeral in order to find your life’s purpose, develop your psychic abilities, and learn to live a more fulfilling life, filled with love, peace, and compassion for others and for yourself.

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