Christine Prody, girlfriend of The Juice since before the criminal trial, and former aesthetician and cocktail waitress, is a pretty tough customer herself. The next door neighbor claims that he saw her fighting with O.J.—that she attacked him and tore a gold necklace off his throat. There have also been numerous allegations of drug use on her part. We can assume that where’s there smoke, there’s fire; chances are, Christine has plenty of problems of her own and is looking to get rescued.

Women are attracted to men like O.J. because deep down they’re afraid: afraid of being pushed around, of not being able to support themselves, of being uncared for, and they have a deep core belief that a big bruiser will be their fairy godfather. His girlfriend, like the rest of us modern-day men/women, has thousands of years of patriarchal beliefs built into her brain. She probably believes that a big, aggressive guy like O.J. will be her protector and her meal ticket.

Interestingly enough, most abuse victims are attracted to this type of guy. Unconsciously, they’re hoping to heal the original wound. Also, they believe that this big dude will protect them from further abuse in the future. They are blinded to the possibility that he may abuse them. They’re always sure, during the romance phase, that it won’t happen to them. Typically, women who have been abused hook up with abusive men, and repeat the cycle.