Leave the technology behind, for a few moments . .

What brought you to the point where you were ready to start the work of healing yourself? Was it a betrayal of some kind or a relationship crisis? Maybe it was a health scare, or simply a nagging desire for spiritual growth? What’s most important is that you are willing to face your personal emotional stew instead of burying those feelings. It means that you need some time and space to bring forth your emotional baggage—you know, the stuff that needs to be emptied out so your energy can flow more freely.

I bet you feel a sense of time pressure. We all are racing around with our noses buried in our latest tech gadget, making it very hard for us to live in the present moment. It was different before all the technology that we think is supposed to save us time. All of this equipment, in fact, makes us work longer hours because there is no getting away from it.

You have to give yourself the space in which to do inner work. Here is a technique that only take 10 minutes that helps you into the present moment and creates an inner spaciousness.

Spend 10 minutes outdoors. Most of us work under artificial light a lot of the time and use electronic devices that create disturbances in our energy field—phones, computers, pads and pods, television, microwaves. When we do go outside, we are either in the car or protecting ourselves so carefully that we rarely get any direct sunlight on our bodies. This creates a lot of abnormality in our metabolic functions and our sleep.

It doesn’t matter if the weather is bad or if you live in a city, the key is to feel nature for a moment. In a city, look at the sky and listen to the birds. When in the country, walk barefoot on grass or at the beach. Eat your lunch sitting with your back against a tree.

By spending ten minutes a day reconnecting with nature, you can get back a feeling of calm. When you are in a state of relaxation for ten minutes or more, you can get in touch with feelings that you have pushed down in your body. You will realize that you are actually upset about the conversation you had with your mother yesterday or the argument you had at work with somebody the week before or maybe a divorce that you experienced ten years ago. And those are all fertile emotional ground for your healing.

It’s summertime – go outside for a few minutes and enjoy!