High Energy at the Hay House I Can Do It! Event in San Diego on the May 14th weekend.

It was great seeing all of you in San Diego over the May 14th weekend. There were nearly 700 of you at my workshop and over 500 more I met at the booth.

Deborah King speaks to over 700 people at Hay House I Can Do It San Diego 2010.
Deborah King - I Can Do It 2010!
I Can Do It San Diego 2010!
Deborah King meeting people at her booth at the San Diego I Can Do It Conference 2010!
A Picutre of the audience at Deborah King's Truth Heals Workshop
Truth Heals Workshop - Deborah King - I Can Do It!

If you missed me in San Diego, I hope to see you soon at another workshop; here’s the link for my schedule.

In the meantime, check out my Hay House radio show, where you’re never just a listener, but always a participant!

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