Don’t Let Darkness in the Door!


Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of other people.
~ Carl Jung


What makes your psyche vulnerable to negative energy? Evil doesn’t knock politely, announce itself, and ask to be let in! Instead it finds a weakness in your energy field and your psyche, a “chink in your spiritual armor,” and squeezes through it.  Pride, ego, jealousy, recklessness, addictive behavior, low self-worth, any and all make you a target, and once that dark energy gets a foot in the door—if you don’t recognize it and do something positive to combat it—it can take you out!


Years ago I used to see a massage therapist I’ll call Cathy who was just starting a partnership with Martha, a friend she had made at massage school. They were each gifted in their own ways: Cathy had what appeared to be the early signs of the gift of healing; Martha was quite clairvoyant. Unfortunately, each was jealous of the other’s gift and would make snide remarks to clients about the other.


On top of their jealousy, Martha was greedy, always striving to make more money, have more clients, and get more praise than Cathy. She had the ability to be a good medical intuitive—but when she turned her vision to herself, she was blinded by her own ego, incorrectly thinking she would soon become a famous leader in her field. Cathy was insecure about everything from her abilities to her looks, and Martha took every opportunity to over shadow her. Each opened the door to darkness and soon enough the partnership was over. They tried to go it alone but in no time discovered that their clients disappeared. Both gals worked for a while out of their homes and ultimately drifted into other fields.


The “green-eyed monster” poisoned their relationship and destroyed their business.  They could have been lifted higher by shining in each other’s light; instead, their jealousy pulled them both down into deeper darkness.


By identifying and working through the lower level qualities – like pride, jealousy, insecurity, and ego, along with any unexamined pain and trauma from the past – you can protect yourself from internal and external forces that can drag you down and interfere with your journey to a higher level of consciousness. The key to overcoming darkness is to be able to recognize it, both inside yourself, and in the world around you. If Cathy and Martha had acknowledged their jealousy of each other and broken through the barriers they had erected to honest communication, they could have helped each other and become true healers.


What can you do to avoid the dark? You’ll want to spend time on practices that foster self-awareness, like meditation, journaling and healing courses – learn to trust the voice inside you that warns you when you are heading down a dark pathway or when a dark presence is near!


Through my work as a spiritual teacher, I’ve learned that the amount of darkness you hold onto depends on how much work you do to examine yourself; self-awareness is the key. When you can recognize the lesser qualities inside yourself you can bring them into your consciousness and process them, allowing the space where they existed to be filled with the light of higher consciousness.


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